Life is death in slow motion and death is life in speed motion and what we call real is more like a reel spinning !

Matter is spirit solidified to let you dream yourself real, and spirit is matter liquidized to save you from the reel of your dream !


Who am I to be more spiritual than what simply matters?

Who am I to be more real than the reel itself?

Who am I to quit dreaming?

who am I to get real?

Spirit and matter are intermarried for eternity, they are not enemies as religion and science would like you to believe !

The horizontal and the vertical converge on the axis of an eternal flux of Hi & Goodbye ! Its called vibration and its the substance of existence !

And what is eternity? You think its a spiritual concept ? Look around you, space is nothing but eternity in disguise (if only you realize) !

The heavenly and the earthly converge on the cross point Adam (Adom) and this is no secret ! Its encoded in the very way you look and look, see and seem !

You think divinity is greater than Adam?!!

Adam is the center point of existence, the bench mark in the middle, The One !

The world’s egoistical view assumes that THE DIVINE is greater than what simply matters, and so they seek its greatness beyond the Adamic threshhold in the name of spirituality; and so they build huge holy temples and monuments to make Adam feel small and insignificant in God’s eye ! They belittle and demean Adam, mocking his frail mortal mold against which the Genesis D-evil protested !

Adam isn’t great in that kinda greatness; just as One is not the highest number, but then it’s not the lowest either (its right there in the middle).

-10 -9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1-0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

0 (zero) or rather O, is the unknown God (the EGO-D) of infinity who might as well be anything and nothing. Its powerful yes, but only in as much as you empower the unknown over what you know, and its powerless if you simply understand this truth and negate its power on thought-level, and there is a way to do so (and this is what’s Fifthscience is all about).

0 is great in its mystery, but it has no value in history.

Adam is not the biggest and the greatest if you seek a God bigger and greater than knowledge – a God irrelevant to you (indifferent to your Adamic cause) !

Adam is the central point the mean average around which all else manifest.

The universe has no top or bottom per se, no physical end, so creation spreads out in all directions, from A point, point A !

Adam is the Sun that makes sides and direction possible, its the miracle of The Finite born from the womb of The Infinite (and this is the truth encoded in The Immaculate Conception Theory which is wrongfully taken at literal value) – the miracle of The Definite being born from The Indefinite !

The Sun’s light is a reference point in the endless space ! Light is both needed for the eye to see and for the image to be lit into sight.

You can depart eons away from the Sun in search for an extreme greatness beyond its middle one, only to discover that directions and extremities are defined by its light.
You will only know where you stand in space by virtue of the Sun’s light and without its light you will be left with no means to even measure the renowned greatness you’re seeking after.

Don’t be great, just be Adamic,

Don’t trade what you know for what you don’t in the name of GOD and the promised paradise, don’t exhaust your definite presence for an indefinite future !

Remember that God has subjected his great mystery to Adamic history, doesn’t that mean anything to you?

Adam is code for a matrimony between spirit and matter.

The high and the low meet on the matrix 01 ! Look around, everything you see and not see, from thoughts to objects to events are all scripted by this simple code !

The most expensive currency in time is time itself, and too bad it cannot be saved or spent !

Currency comes from the term ‘current’ and it speaks the language of dreaming in a way relative to time – to history !

History = his story not yours, so beware a currency that doesn’t describe you ! Beware a currency that renders you history ! Well, yes ‘a currency that renders you history’ You give your presence in order to receive the Future Promise that a currency provides in return, but where is the meaning in the picture, where’s the element of life?!!

Time = emit; and emitting is an alive action (not a dead unit of value). Time is code which you cannot stop or reverse ; you can only imitate its value through script-currency (dream-paper) !

Who am I to save currency or give it away?

Who am I to think I can be more giving than time itself?

Behold the sun (the highest symbol of giving in time) !! Does the sun give away its rays to light a world into presence, or does it simple shine for what it is and the rest is history and geography?

So what is Fifthscience?

Fifthscience is an ancient and exclusive mind science that is based on a forbidden Gnostic logic !

Gnosis (you can say) is the forbidden religion of the mind that most ‘holy institutions’ denied and defied along history for reasons not so holy !

Fifthscience is inspired directly by THE CORE – the Eye of Time – the SUN of Consciousness that has witnessed the rise and fall of empires upon empires of religions, philosophies  and thought-systems across the eons and since the dawn of history !

Fifthscience discloses THE SECRET link between The Heavenly and The Earthly in a forbidden simplicity, revealing the timeless code that binds the two seemingly separate worlds together in an unprecedented logic that sends the mind into awe.

It aims at exposing in mathematical intricacy the ancient encoded mechanism via which the human mind  perceives existence and reality and the relation between this mechanism and the binary code that later came to constitute computational language and virtual reality !

Along the way,  Fifthscience aims to reveal at mass scale and in astounding proof how the Law of Attraction really works in an intricacy that rises beyond what’s been hyped up so far around this law on the media and in fast food self-help book market !

It also aims at decoding the cognitive code underlying the theological genesis account as reflected in most religions by the alleged fall of Adam, the bite from the tree of knowledge that lead to the notorious fall of Adam and Eve from Eden!

The material to be revealed is explosive; its guaranteed to blow your mind ! You will never see reality the same afterwards ! PROMISE

My name is Æthero ! I am who I am you can say, molded of honor and disgrace, no matter what you say or do, I will claim my time and space !

I am deeply honored to have been presenting Fifthscience to the world for sometime now to the best that my budget and resources could serve, although my hopes and expectations for this presentation are much much higher!

Although, my career interest in life may have been somewhere else, I learnt along the way to keep an eye out for Beauty wherever it hides or resides.

Ever since my early childhood, I’ve been raised to believe that I possess a unique eye for beauty, and most of my free time I spent sketching images onto scrap paper with a BIG blue pen, only to end up tearing up or throwing away whatever I sketch. People who saw what i did told me i am an artist and i should pursue the career of an artist, but i somehow knew deep inside that this was not my destiny.

Rarely did I ever frame or collect my sketches and drawings, and I was always surprised to see them on some wall or inside a drawer that was not mine.

I never understood this urge within me to Let Go of whatever I do or own. However, this Let Go spirit has somehow enabled me to venture deeper and deeper into the Secrets of Beauty itself, without getting lost and confused by the frame of technicalities and formalities.

Most importantly, it has helped me to recognize Authentic Beauty upon encountering it, to learn how to appreciate its true worth, and to endeavor to express its logic into words, without letting my limited writing skills discourage me or get in the way. Last, but not least, it has taught me to aspire to be generous in spirit, and to pass on what I know unto others (today, before tomorrow), without expecting much in return or claiming authoritative ownership over thoughts and ideas. For many years now, I’ve been doing so through online and offline publications and prints, social media networks and more !

For I believe that beauty as such, no matter how long it is kept exclusive, cannot but revolt in the end, one way or another; and it is my honor and privilege to serve this revolution, whilst it still needs my humble services.

I was raised to believe in the divinity of Ancient Greek philosophers like Pythagoras, Plato and Aristotle and Gnostic Sages like Hermes Trismegistus, Enoch and Seth and other Timeless Gnostic Minds. Don’t ask my why? I don’t like to discuss my religious frame lest it undermines the grandity or universality of the image itself.

After many years of studying the masterpieces of these timeless minds, one day I happened to come across a Gnostic resource entitled The Exclusive Fifth Science. The rest, for me, is history.

For more than two decades now, I’ve been decoding the logic of this unique Spiritual Science (off and on) and what I have discovered (so far) is beyond amazing.

It was not until mid 2008 that my impressions of this science began to revolt on paper and in sketch form. Eventually, however, I began to organize and develop my notes on this science further and further until I felt that I could no longer keep this material to myself. Thus, I embarked upon Project Fifthscience.

YES I finally chose to go public with this knowledge ! I launched (a social network aimed to introduce fifthscience and in no time it gathered more than 5000 dedicated members from around the world), but soon the network drifted off the main goal set for it; and i realized it was not the appropriate approach to begin with which prompted me to take it offline.

After a while of sitting back and assessing the situation all over I decided to go officially public with Fifthscience on a level and scale that honors its universality and importance ! My plan for Project Fifthscience is to reach you beyond the frames of introductions ! If you do not care for books that are not on the best seller shelves, then i care for this book to be on those shelves ! I will not be modest about my expectations; I’ve never liked this vegetarian modesty that hides the spirit of failure or egoism; i prefer good all arrogance instead.

I dedicate Project Fifthscience to you. Yes, I dedicate it to you, whoever you are, and to whatever culture, religion, race or country you belong, whether you are this rich spolied person who needs to be spoon fed or this book warm who never stop searching, i dedicate it to you unconditionally and unexceptionally, for, this Spiritual Science is not a religious science, and it belongs not to me or to any specified identity. It belongs to The Universal Mind, The Sun of all Religions and Philosophies, that existed long before any religions.- The Vortex of Divine Consciousness and the source of all identities that we wear and tear accross our journey in space and time !

I present to you the heart of my 20 yr. expedition. Unfortunately, I am not a professional writer with amazing writing skills and I don’t own a media company or television or even close to someone who does. I am just an ordinary person who has promised myself, at one time, to live to tell the great story I am telling you today, in my humble words.

One Last Word:

Fifthscience is an outcome of a unique individual effort.However, it is anything but a personal interpretation of a spiritual text. There’s no room for poetry in my endeavor (with all due respect to poets); i am a lover of logic and mathematics.

Fifthscience is based on real substance that holds a consistantly clear and precise logic – an intricate logic that resembles mathematics in its technicalities, more than an average philosophical or theological perspective.

It is the product of years and years of seclusion, dedicated to decoding the logic of a few number of pages that I find worth the trade of a whole world of career opportunities.

Also, do keep in mind, at times, that I am, at my very best, an average skilled writer, with English as my second language, who is trying to express a very non average logic that is beyond regular esotericism. After all, I am just an ordinary person striking a chord. I am not (by any means) a professional composer…

So Again What is Fifthscience?

Fifthscience is an ancient mind science. Historically, it has been withheld from mass consciousness due to its Reverse Logic that exceeds conventional mind capacity.

According to Fifthscience, the psychological mind has a Behavioral Tendency to perceive reality in an inverted mode, reminiscent of the manner in which the eye registers an image prior to sending it to the brain, which then sets it upright.

Fifthscience intricately exposes the mathematics of this type of perceptual error, tracing its origins to the mind’s primeval relationship with The One, both as a concept and  as a numeric value.

To override the gravitational power of this erroneous tendency (which is theologically paralleled by the alleged symbolic Fall of Adam from The Garden of Eden), the mind must deactivate its numeric logic (which is in turn paralleled by The Psychological Ego that has been for centuries now nourished by the Forbidden Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge).

Our primary goal in Project Fifthscience is to introduce this Mind Science in a simple and comprehensible form that reflects its universal nature.

Fifthscience, as a pure text, is beyond the average comprehension. It consists of densely compact wording of high intricacy.

However, as you shall discover, the core logic that constitutes this Spiritual Mind Science is exceedingly simple and self-evident.

Like oxygen, it penetrates deeply into the mental system, detoxifying it from its acquired synthetic residue, if not completely resetting it.

This happens to such an extent that it is not likely that the logic of this ancient  Mind Science be accepted or rejected as would a religious belief, neither  can it be tested or judged for validity by any equivalent or competitive philosophical school of thought. There’s always a leap of faith required at the start of anything, but the real question is how powerful is what comes afterwards and how far it can justify that leap !

Fifthscience cannot be easily questioned; it can only be registered and its cognitive effect is instantaneous, intuitive, and  irretrievable. Like sunlight in its boundless omnipresence, the primeval substance of this Spiritual Mind Science could easily go unseen; for, once you direct your vision towards it, your eyes might helplessly chase to frame a binding image, yet your mind will peacefully rest inside the boundless frame of its overwhelming presence.

Why Fifthscience today?

For many centuries now, ethical and moral codes of conduct have physically protected humanity from self-destructive behavior.

However, if these codes have been able to claim any success in this respect, it has  only  been due to their Suppressive Behavioral Logic, which has always been dogmatically enforced by religious institutions upon The Human Psychosis by virtue of the notorious duality of Good vs. Evil.

This is historically evident through the manner in which prominent religious  institutions have always handled The Gnostic Spirit across time. They have done so by continuously  and rigorously investing in: Suppressive Behavioral Resistance.

This point shall be elucidated in greater depth as we proceed to reveal more on The  Gnostic background Fifthscience and the manner in which religious institutions are known to have historically received The Gnostic Doctrines.

We will see how they would still do so, even at this very advanced moment  in  time and even though we supposedly live in a world of democracy and religious freedom.

For now, it is enough to keep in mind that human history (until this very moment), has shockingly proven that The Past generally possesses a stronger hold over The Present than does the present itself. Hence, when faced with powerful historical identities like The Religious Identity, no identity could ever compete.

Accordingly, religious behavior continues to globally dominate, only disguised by a mask of modernity. Call it whatever you wish: pragmatism, diplomacy, humanitarianism, vegetarianism, whatever… In short, a fairly Old Identity tends to rule over any Relatively Newer one, and not the other way around, contrary to what might seemingly imply to an average modern understanding.

This happens despite the progressive nature of history itself, and regardless  of the industrial, scientific and technological advancements that have significantly shaped The Modern Identity and altered the daily mathematics of human experience in space  and  time.

The Ancient Equation remains forever the same, untouched.

Accordingly, The Antecedent Identity, which was once enforced upon humanity  in  the  name of religion (thousands of years ago), has not yet been overpowered  by  any measurable Successive Identity.

No mentionable identity has yet succeeded in overcoming the strong psychological grip that the religious identity has held over the human psychosis; the proof is that the world is still (even at this very moment) suffering at its very heart in The Middle East from behavioral wars of a religious nature.

Nevertheless, as the notorious year 2000 came to pass without any major apocalyptic  event taking place, the moral and ethical structure, which had been sustained by conventional religious ideologies, gradually started to collapse. As a result, the dormant Powers of The Mind started to progressively awaken from their millennial religious coma. Accordingly, human behavior, ever since, has been gradually unleashed from its moral and ethical  chains.

However inspiring this might sound, it is as yet a double-edged sword,for humanity, ever since, has been witnessing an accelerating gravitational attraction towards some mysteriously pre-religious identity – an attraction that is venting through a growing human interest in primeval spiritualities like Alchemy, Occultism, Ancient Wisdom, Mind over Matter, Psychic Powers, Mysticism, and Alternative Schools of Thought that promote natural living and self healing possibilities like Macrobiotic, Meditation and Yoga.

This Mysterious Identity seems to be energized by an identity that is seemingly yet even stronger than the notoriously religious one (knowing how The Religious Mind is historically renowned for silencing and suppressing any comparable human endeavor to call upon The Mysterious or The Unknown).

This global phenomenon is accelerating along with the advanced communication technologies headed by the internet and its search engine protocols and algorithms , which continuously strive to diminish the obstacles of space and time and gradually  connect people together based on cognitive identification factors.

This book in its progression of decoding the cognitive logic of Fifth Science and its strong relativity to the Ancient Binary System (The Zero and The One that constitutes the base language of digital technology), reveals the theological origins and nature of this Primeval Identity.

It outlines its logic in The Gnostic Theology, and traces its origins back to a Lost Human History that dates back to The Pre-Historic Times of Atlantis and Lemuria. It extends even further back in time – to the moment of creation itself, which dates back millions and millions of years prior to the 7000 yr. time margin wrongfully deduced from any conventional literal reading of the Genesis Account.

All of this, and more, renders FifthScience is more than a mere spiritual recipe or yet another further attempt to invest in the modern trend of revival of ancient mysticism. Most importantly, it is certainly much more than a self-help guide or resource that promises a cornflakes recipe for a sudden spiritual awakening.

FifthScience does not thrive on the enigma of an ancient secret exposed or the mystery  of  a spiritual discovery of some sort.

It simply rests on the exquisiteness of an exceptional logic that the mind intuitively recognizes as its own, at the very instant it is exposed to it.

This renders Fifth Science more than a conventional Mind Science. It is, instead, a timeless mind creed.

As we make this ancient and exclusive knowledge available to you, here and now, we invite you (mind and soul) to reclaim your original share in it, equally and impartially, whomever you are and to whichever nationality, race, religion or culture you belong, free of any psychological entanglement, free of any form of liability towards any hidden agenda  of  any sort, free of any spiritual or religious allegiance to any authority but The Intuitive Logic of The Mind.

For the core purpose behind any form of Authentic Gnostic Revelation is Gnosis —the  Greek term for substantial knowledge.

Knowledge in The Gnostic definition means recollection – recollecting that which originally belongs to you in the first place. No doctrine on  earth could ever make you acquire that which has never belonged to you since the beginning of time.

As The Great King Solomon once said: “Nothing is new under the sun…”

The Spiritual Mind Science we place before you today, however peculiar it may seem, is not new. It was known and practiced millions of years ago in Atlantis and even way back before that. From here, more on Authentic Gnosticism and The Lost History of Atlantis shall be revealed along the process, as well.

Along the journey of decoding the ancient logic of Fifth Science, certain Gnostic Doctrines that are deemed by such logic as granted, and which may be considered (to an average reader) as somewhat mysterious, are ultimately demystified. Most of these can be traced back to the Ancient Greek philosophical heritage (none of which is doctrinal in any  religious, traditional or customary sense).

Even more, a hidden link that conjoins the fundamental Theorems of at least three Ancient Greek philosophers is unraveled. These Theorems, which might contrast to an average philosophical discernment, coincide within Fifth Science like scattered verses that  belong  to one prophecy, in an immaculateness that transcends conventional philosophical expectations.

Hence, FifthScience ultimately sheds a new light on a lost chapter in the history of Ancient Greek Philosophy, which depicts those philosophers as each wandering in his own separate planet.

Nevertheless, the mystical aspect of this revelation, bordering resolutely and strictly with respect to what serves to elucidate Fifth Science (without any preachy or mundane lecturing), in no way undermines the theoretical integrity of the logic that unifies those philosophers’ theorems within the matrix of this novel Spiritual Mind Science.

Again, the substance you are about to be exposed to herein cannot be easily ignored or overlooked.

Like sunlight, The Logic of this ancient Spiritual Mind Science translates into immediate vision both on the level of The Preceptor and The Object of Perception — not a promise to a view.

Yet, even more, this Gnostic Spiritual Mind Science has the power to touch even the most doubtful and skeptical of minds. Certainly, it is potentially life-transforming for you and for many others, provided that you receive it with a free and open mind, dedicating moderate time and effort to register its logic and to allow its detoxifying substance to work its way through your spiritual system.

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