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Thoughts Are Liquid Events

Event comes from the term Eve

Genesis is code for Gnosis

Eve in Gnosis is code for Soul

Event = Eve End (A Solidified Form of Thought Aimed At Framing or rather Entrapping The Soul Within)

Soul in Gnosis is the thinking agency (and not The Mind, cause Mind in Gnosis that is symbolized by Adam is code for The Spirit – Absolute or Circular Consciousness that is beyond the Linear Streams of Consciousness associated with Thought);

MIND is an Agency that resembles Light, it diffuses the Shadows generated by Linear Vision. It is also referred to as Christ (code for Savior) since it saves the Soul from linear entrapment.

Psycho is a Gnostic term for a Soul that is haunted by dark thoughts (A Soul that has lost its ability to benefit from the Power of Salvation the Mind represents)…

Soul possesses the Alchemical power to transform a thought into an event by entertaining it, and has the power to prevent an event by negating the thought.

Thoughts you can say are liquid events…

Watch what you think !






POSSIBILITY is not what it appears to be:
POSSIBILITY IS not about considering the conditional logic that binds a series of external events or happenings to see if a particular script may or may not happen;
because the external logic of causality is like the shadow of an object in motion; the shadow may appear alive and moving but it has no life of its own independent of the object itself;

Possibility is not about what could happen tomorrow or in the next couple of hours (if such and such external conditions to this given happening are met);

Possibility is rather about The Internal Logic that controls what you perceive to be happening externally as ‘happening’ at any given moment in space and time.

How so? I shall explain…

Possibility relative to a given Event (or Happening) is like The Code relative to a given Script.

The Code makes Scripting itself possible; yet, The Code is neutral (indifferent) to the particular content of any given script,

The Code to a given Script is like light to a given object ! While Light permeates the visibility of the object and its motion, it’s not affected (neither positively nor negatively) by such visibility.

The Code to a given Script could also be compared to a Mirror relative to an Image reflected by it ! The mirror is indifferent to any particular image;

Thus, it is important to understand that any given Script (regardless of the grandity of its content) translates The Code only by virtue of it essentially being a Script, and not by virtue of any particular content specific to it…

So, let’s say a given Script says “the world is unfair…”.

The mere emergence of this given thought in mind (before even considering its meaning and/or implications over reality, now or tomorrow) translates The CODE, NOT by virtue of any unfair event or happening.


For now, it’s important you understand that by understanding the nature of The Code you possess more power and control over any particular Script than you think you do;


You are more likely to be prevented from benefiting from such power by falling into an ancient script which deceptively presents itself as a code.

What is that script?

It may go something like this: “Fate rules what will happen beyond any choice, and in the name of such script you waver your right to any power over all other scripts…”

Fate has always been a tough equation that renders any logic medused into stone by its mathematics !

Thus, allow me to remind you that Fate in the Forbidden Fifthscience definition is another word for WILL POWER ! In as long as you understand the true mathematics of WILL POWER, in as long as your choices converge with fate…

And when we speak Choice (relative to Fifthscience), we don’t mean choice over what emerges perceptually in the form of a physical action or happening, but rather choice over what precedes conceptually in the form of a thought…

Sounds a little confusing?!! I’ll explain:

Any Script (regardless of its particular content) translates The Code, because scripting itself cannot be made possible without coding. For, Scripting (you can say) is coding put into a purpose or an action…

Yet, at some level, The Script acquires a dimension of its own that confusingly appears as independent ! It does so in order that it sustains its presence ! Through acquiring a dimension of its own, the script projects a pseudo Code of Possibility that veils The authentic Code it originated to translate.

THE ESSENCE OF DECEIT: Translation conspiring against the core it originated to translate….

This pseudo code of possibility misleads the attention of the viewer away from the free and independent nature of The Code and into the binding and dependent particularity of the script itself.

Dimension comes from the term Demented which means something diverting away from the cause, purpose or function it originated for.

So, to put it in simpler terms:

Any Script originates to translate The Most VIRGIN OR IMMACULATE Model of Possibility (Which is Scripting itself) prior to translating any particular content relative to the script;

divergence happens on the viewer level, when The Script projects a pseudo logic of causality specific to its relative content rather than its absolute cause.

while the content of the Script is forever latent to the original cause of its emergence (The Primeval Possibility); and however demented, it still cannot but emerge de-script-ively of that cause which means no matter how far a translation conspires to depart away from the core being translated, even its departure cannot divert from the original plan – in other words, a well contrived lie remains at some level tied to the truth and expressive of it…

The script, in order to reinforce its particularity, somehow tries to escape the cognitive reality of The Code (The Viewer) by reinforcing the power of its content (The View) armed by an ancient weapon – a behavioral code of causality referred to as morality (Right vs. Wrong, Good vs. Evil) etc…..

However, remember: The Dimension of Translation possesses no life of its own if severed from the thread of purpose that connects it to the TRUTH it originated to translate (its dead and not as alive as it deceptively appears to be) anymore than a Shadow of an object possesses a life independent of the object itself.

YET, human perception is deceived by this Dimension and its Pseudo Logic of Causality (Momentum), and fooled to believe that the external events and happenings are what’s causing The Script to appear alive and in motion; and so The Script accordingly appears as though forever in the making (never complete) — always in the state of IN-FORMATION, never De-SCRIPTIVE as originally intended to be…

So, as a forgetful historical creature (who seem to have lost touch with the code of history) man is doomed to wait and wait and wait forever to experience the unraveling of the script in space and time, and whenever anything long awaited happens, it never really happens as one have conceived it would (its like man is forever chasing after a shadow thinking its a real object) … Little does he know that his endless waiting is in itself a bitter script that describes his ignorance and forgetfulness of the code…

Sounds complicated and confusing?!!!

consider a simple script “I Deserve to Be Punished…”

This Script translates The Code not by virtue of its content (i.e. I Deserve to be Punished!!), but rather by virtue of the mere logical possibility of its emergence — The Possibility of The Script emerging in mind into identifiable presence, regardless of any particular content its impregnated with…

Being committed to The Truth at Code Level, doesn’t impel or entail any commitment towards any particular content at Script Level…

In each and every split of a conscious moment, YOU define your reality by either entertaining a given script’s content or negating it…

Its up to you then if you choose to be absorbed by the world of “I DESERVE TO BE PUNISHED”or detached from it; Its like looking at a scene, the more you look the more you nourish and solidify its presence, and if you turn your eyes away, its over !

If you choose to be too absorbed, you forget that you have CHOICE (The Code) and you indirectly gravitate into The Mathematics of Fate;
The more you’re absorbed by the content of any given script (The View), the less conscious you become of the element of choice you possess towards the script’s content (As a Viewer); and so events dramatically unfold in your perceptual reality within the context of the Fatal Script you chose to allow, because the Absence of Choice is a Choice in itself.

When you grow absorbed into the content (or meaning) of a given Script, you unintentionally empower and sustain this meaning with Alchemical Mind Power, setting the bridge and the ground ready for The Script’s Content to develop from the conceptual to the perceptual…

and the more the content is translated perceptually, the more it gains momentum (via an external deceptive wheel of causality) that deceives The Viewer to believe that The View has an external power and life of its own independent of The Viewer; and this prompts the viewer to undermine and degrade its power and significance over The View – instead measuring it by inches and arms…

What is really meant by Momentum?

A Translation departing externally away from The Internal Core is like a wet mold of clay being exposed further and further to air. The more it is, it hardens and solidifies ! Similarly, a given script hardens by feeding upon accumulative preconceived notions of reality.

For example, if the content of a given script is “I DESERVE TO BE PUNISHED…”, the more you’re absorbed into it, the more you provide reasons for happenings and events to emerge into view within its context..

The bark of a dog near by would somehow feel like a punishment ! A person laughing across the lobby would seem as though he’s laughing at you — for a second the whole world may seem like its conspiring to punish you…

To be able to negate the content of a given script (at Core Level i.e. before its mold strengthens and solidifies) you must awaken to the internal power of choice granted to you on code level, which automatically translates immunity towards the external logic of Fate; and this requires wisdom, concentration and disentanglement from the karmic residues of hardened scripts; because Absorption is the enemy of Concentration…

You negate the content of a given script at core level, and it will seize to materialize on any further level (period).

This is God’s grant to Adam – This is the true meaning of God creating Adam in HIS liking ! He created Adam with The Unlimited Power of Free Will to Determine HIS Own Fate…
So long as you remain unconscious to this Power, God and Fate shall emerge into your reality as an enemy…

But you do not believe in such power!! Do You?

You cannot handle such freedom!!! Can You? You cannot fly outside the Cage !!

You’d rather make enemies with Fate.


Again, negating the content of a given script (at Core Level) is as simply as turning your eyes away from a scene. You will no longer see it (period)…
You can think of it as The Power to Refresh, Reboot, Regenerate your immediate reality instantaneously…
The more you’re attuned to SUCH POWER, the more you realize that Authentic Possibility is about the cognitive power to negate the Content of The Possible at thought-level, it’s not about the arm power of securing external conditions in order to make the possible possible…

The more you comprehend The Code of Possibility at Core-Level, the more you grow immune from falling victim to the content of any given script; because (as already mentioned), The Code is indifferent to the content of any given script coded by it…

Anytime you fall into the content of any given script, you automatically chose to waver your right to Choose; and as a result you plunge into the dimensions of translation like an Unconscious Dreamer lost inside A Dream; The Events of the dream (eventually) cave upon the dreamer like a Nightmare; and the true Nightmarish element is not relative to the darkness of the events themselves, but tp the Dreamer’s underlying loss of control over the dream…

And Fate (you can say) is the logical translation of such State of Loss of Choice — loss of ability to control the dream…

Once you negate the content of a given script at core level the script itself becomes like an empty frame, vacuumed off its image or content, it immediately collapses, allowing for its content to melt back into the core…
It’s like reducing the content into pure energy and recycling it…


Nothing and I mean NOTHING (in terms of the Script’s content) is essentially holy or sinful, good or evil, punishing or rewarding (NOTHING HOLY COMMANDING ABOUT ‘I DESERVE TO BE PUNISHED’) because truth at Code Level is utterly neutral to the content of any given script what so ever; and thus, its not altered (in any possible way) by your consciousness to the Power of Choice or lack of such consciousness.



E V I L = V E I L

The one and only true evil in the Truth-in-finality is your ignorance and deprivation of The Power of Choice (God’s Gift to You) — your inability to benefit positively from The Alchemical Mind Power (The Unlimited Freedom) that God grants you at Code Level…

Most people are bound to gravitate into the context of Fate (The State of Loss of Choice) under the erroneous assumption that the content of a give script like ‘I DESERVE TO BE PUNISHED’ is a reality beyond their power to control — i.e. its somehow God-sent; and so they raise their heads to the skies and Blame God for their misery and misfortune–some are more rebellious in their misery ! They throw a sword up in the air and It’s thrown back at them colored in red; and so they think they’ve blasphemed a Godly killing…

Let it be known unto u then that:

By virtue of the same divine impelling logic that allows you to believe that what’s happening to you (I DESERVE TO BE PUNISHED) is Fate, you can equally and logically be allowed by the same divine logic to negate such belief and move on;

and in so doing, I promise, you cannot possibly be breaching any Divine Truth at Code Level. If you think you deserve to be punished, know that true punishment is not about the content you think you deserve to experience, its about you thinking you deserve to live that context, or that its God sent to you…

You decide here & now that “Your Not Being Punished…”, and that’s it… Everything you encounter from here on after will seize to emerge within the context of punishment… You put your power into such decision and your wisdom in support — you do it wholeheartedly and YOU WILL SEE…

No Logic (not in the name of God or Any Sacredness or Holiness) could ever prevent YOU from negating the content of any script (at any moment in time) save your own ignorance and obliviousness to the Power you possess at code-level — you’re inability to benefit from God’s original gift to you; and this automatically renders you a victim at script-level — The Victim of Your Own IGNORANCE prior to being the victim of the events of any holy or moral script.

You are a Victim of Your own Blindness to The Original Code of Possibility; and such blindness is the one and only true definition of evil (EVIL is What you do to your own self at script-level by way of VEILING your power to practice the God Given Freedom at Code-Level).

God grants you access to HIS KINGDOM (The Code), which means God grants you the secret ingredient to POSSIBILITY — the secret ingredient to any possible script prior to the birth of its particular content.

You are the one who commit yourself to a given content in the name of God and Destiny…
God never impels you to such commitment!!

You decide to be a Savior (a Messiah in some End time Script) and God never asked this of you. Then when you are put on the cross, You ask God to save you from the script, “GOD!! WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME?!!!”

God simply refers you back to The CODE; and the real Messiah is a Messiah by virtue of his ability to negate the Messiah Script in every conscious moment, to negate any Savior role that comes on the expense of his true salvation !

God doesn’t meddle with scripts’ content; cause, that’ll be like God negating you the right to your own God Given Right –God doesn’t return gifts…

You return God’s gift in the name of modesty and compliance to what you erroneously believe to be His Holy Code ! His Will (Fate), then suffer the consequences of Ignorance & Egoism disguised by a mask of holiness and compassion…

If you decode the Logic of the Script, you can no longer be affected by it content in any possible way, even if the content implies your own physical death. You witness your death, you don’t die — You mock your death, you don’t cry (Ask Socrates!!!)

You decode the Logic of the Script, you cannot but negate its content; and then you have the instantaneous power to regenerate your reality.

It’s like waking up inside a dream, YOU control the dream events and not the other way around.

As a conscious Dreamer, YOU grow immune and indifferent towards the positivity or negativity of the content of the dream, because you are no longer entrapped within its events as a blind Actor, but rather only viewing it as a conscious witness who has the power to turn his/her eyes away from it at any given moment..
So long you’re behaviorally entangled on script-level, u’ll continue to be taken hostage by the polarity of good and the evil, punishment and reward, hunger and fulfillment etc….
Because a script’s content is like the story of aging. It has a bright beginning, a mediocare middle and a Sad ending….
Why does such story progresses from the brightness to the darkness, from the excitement of birth to the remorse of death; because of the effect of space, time and gravity which are modeled to resemble THE FALL AND DEPARTURE OF TRANSLATION FROM THE CORE…
If u chop a fresh bright green apple in half and leave it on the kitchen counter for a while, wouldn’t it turn dark?
Any bright story under the sun fades into darkness like the bright color of that apple, and nothing remains but the Sun in the end.
Space & Time are logically modeled to expose the erroneous potentials of translation; to demystify EVIL; and so the issue has never been about any particular evil you encounter at script-level; it has always been about the implications of your tendency to perceive such evil at code-level…
Any scripted content emerges by way of translating The Power of the Code (The Original Possibility); and then (as it progresses) it translate the possibility of its own content instead — the possibility of translation diverting away from the object translated — The Possibility of Fading — of Departure — of Death…
You proclaim yourself in this moment “miserable…”?!! Well, u have an equally logical reason to proclaim yourself in this same very moment “joyful…” (right here right now);
You have the POWER to refresh the Script at any given moment, without ever being endebted to The Truth by any justification.
You’re not playing God by practicing such power, you’re being GOD; because, GOD is about being not playing; and HE created you to BE…
The Code is GOD’s EYE ON TOP OF THAT FOREVER MISINTERPRETED PYRAMID OF THE MIND, THE SOUL &THE WORD and this Eye is not watching you for error, because error is the language of scripts; and the Code is neutral to any given script.
You have the instantaneous power to negate the content of any Given Script at any given time.
The code is untouched by your negation – GOD is not behind what you are experiencing from Good or Evil, sadness or joy.
God gave u access to THE CODE for you to be able to decode any script; and u have the full and unlimited power to code or decode any script for your own benefit or against it…
But u insist on seeing negativity and blaming God for it; AND while you continue to do that keep in mind that in doing so, you’re not expressing the truth of a real negativity that exists somewhere out there, but rather you’re only expressing your Loss of Choice over the script — THE ONLY TRUE EVIL IN EXISTENCE — BECAUSE THE GOD IN YOU CAN FORGIVE ANYTHING, BUT CANNOT FORGIVE LOOSING HOPE IN GOD’S MERCY — AND MIND YOU, GOD NEVER GRANTS ONE THE POWER TO ASK A QUESTION BEFORE GRANTING HIM THE POWER TO ANSWER TO HIS OWN QUESTION…

The challenge of the new world is knowing that nothing’s real, and that the rules no longer apply, without loosing your mind…

Consciousness is circular ! It has no beginning or end ! It creates itself by itself, but it has to man-ifest through a Linear mode a Dream-Like Reality – a Story – else known as His-Story…

The story of the Finite being born from the womb of the Infinite, and the forbidden yes embedded within the allowed no…

no = know !

The ‘no’ had to be translated in a dream-like ‘yes’ to become knowledgeable. Something had to appear like its holding still for any experience to emerge, for any story to be told…

However, the Dreamer is never meant to loose himself to the dream; and the code of awakening forever remains in the simple absurdity that characterizes the dream we so hold as real:

How can the Linear (The Finite) be born from the Circular (The Infinite)?

Do you enter a dream, or do you just find yourself in the middle of it?!! And do you exit a dream or do you just wake up to realize you never really entered to begin with ?!!!

Where is Justice in a reality where nothing really holds?!!!

Justice is when you rea-lize rea-lity is a dream and that you’re dreaming ! Only then would the absurdity of the story known as his-story make any sense…


Justice is to be conscious and to be conscious is as simple as seeing reality in the ‘just is’ mode (as would you see a dream knowing that you’re dreaming) -

no why? what? where? when? – the Forbidden Simplicity of Being without an impelling need to Become anything. Its called Lucid dreaming…

Suffering and Joy are both scripted by the same code ‘To Be’ and guess what? The Code is neutral to both, because a code is neutral to any script !

po larity = pro clarity – it is po sitive;

yet the negativity is born when he who suffers inside the dream defines suffering by a dream definition of joy and he who’s rejoice inside the dream defines joy by a dream definition of suffering and both ultimately suffer being oblivious to the reality that they are dreaming; its when the dream becomes so real that it hurts…

Look at the world as is, everyone who’s crying deserves to cry; no what or why ! and remember, Adam’s fall from Eden is code for an ancient tendency to overlook the obvious or shall i say over-dream the dream

the obvious is so simply obvious that its concealed behind the complex mathematics of doubt (the mystery of obviousness) !

It is said that the best way to hide an object is by placing it in front of the eye.


because its in the nature of the Eye to hide the I

Because you cannot just be the witness (the I), you’re inclined to judge what you see, to add your latent ‘IS’ to what already IS;

and this is how you fall from the Eden of the Conscious Witness to the Hell of the Behavioral Actor inside a story which you fear its ending..

What is Doubt?!!

Doubt is as simple as saying existence exists (its as simple as reinforcing the obvious)…

Since consciousness is both male and female, it had to man-ifest primarily via a script called: Adam and Eve.

The process is symbolized computationally by the Binary Code which is to a pc what consciousness is to a human.

01 before being numeric values, they’re symbols for The Circular and The Linear O I, with O being a representation of the Infinite, and I of the Finite,

The First and Foremost translation of a Circle is a Line …

Line =  a Knower vs. Object of Knowledge held together and apart by the polarity  of knowledge

(pt A —————————- pt B)

The Knower and the Object of Knowledge gravitate towards one another to hold a line in space yet they’re held apart by a polarity that prevents them from melting into one another.

Understanding the nature of this pull/push equation is key to understanding the Code of dreaming while being aware you’re dreaming…

Justice = Just Is

from the infinite view all ‘just is’, all’s happening inside the IS (no beginning, no end, no past, no future) just is. The Linear Finite is at best a description of the ovewhelming circular infinite.


Time is thus (you can say) made by smashing the NOW into deceptive bits and lining them up, moment by moment, recollecting what already is through seeing it in the ‘becoming fashion’ – registering and measuring space intervals in between pieces.

There’s no time passing,

Why?  Time cannot be hurried or slowed ! Peace is when you realize this simple fact:

Its like jumping up and down saying yeha only to realize that this was always what you were meant to do right this moment this place

In the Infinite, which is ALL, there are no mini ‘nows’, or ‘moments’, there’s only one complete NOW !

Thus, in finality there’s no time cz the moments that make up the future and the past are ALL in one and the same place, not that it’s a place (if you know what i mean)

Everything’s ‘timelocked’ as time is a mechanism in place to stop everything from happening in the same ‘now’ !

You can think of it as a logical spell that prevents magic from happening. It somehow stands in between what you think when you think it and what you see when you see it…

However, its like the apple that is both the curse and the cure…

For, Nothing can be experienced without ‘time’;

The question is:

‘how do we escape the laws of physics without blowing our minds?’

The answer to this question constitute the matrix of the world to be and the acceleration factor that is preliminary to it and which smashes the logic of coincidence by collapsing the illusive interval between what you think you’re seeing and what you see you’re thinking…




There’s always a causal connection between what you’re thinking at a given moment in space & time and what you’re experiencing.

At first glance, it would seem as though the external triggers the internal (i.e. your thoughts are generated by what you experience) but in reality its the other way around.

According to Fifthscience, the external emerges in a de-scriptive mode to what precedes it internally, and not in an informative mode (i.e. not to reveal what will happen externally next but rather to reveal what happened internally already).

When you’re thinking, what’s happening is that you ‘re actually viewing an image in mind ! When you entertain a given thought (whether positive or negative), you’re basically providing more and more grounds for a given image to be processed (i.e to translate further and further from the metaphysical to the physical – from the conceptual to the perceptual).


In a situation of vision:

There’s you (The Viewer),

there’s the thought (the image being viewed)

and there’s an agency that links the two together (you can either think of it as sight or as light). Both are essential interactive elements of vision.

What stands for the agency of light when we’re speaking internal vision ?!! How is a given thought illuminated ?

This light is internal, its being emitted from within your self (The Sun of your Self-Consciousness).

The Sun is not only associated with light and sight but also with another agency referred to as time.

Emit = time

A given thought is like a mental happening (an event that takes place in mind). time you can say is the mental space required for this event to take place.

Time awareness is triggered by a motion stirred within the vortex referred to as self consciousness ! You can visualize the process as similar to a ripple effect occurring within an ocean.

A motion stirred within consciousness is called an e-motion; e-what?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

e ve

e ror

e vil

e go

an e-motion immediately calls for a matrix of translation that originate on a mental level and extends outwards towards more and more physical grounds. It does so by activating the Apple of Knowledge equation: The Viewer vs. The View equation.

So you can think of a thought as a unit of translation triggered by an e-motion and that immediately awakens the possibility of time and history (else known as eve’s possibility = event).

Thoughts however are not as numerically divided and separated as time is made to seem when we speak minutes and seconds; they are rather more smoothly interwoven and inter-layered ! They resemble more an original concept of time akin to sand passing through an hour glass as opposed to a digital clock ticking.

The Self is the Emitter of Time and it thus precedes any mental event (i.e. precedes any thought). Accordingly any given thought can only emerge de-scriptively of that self and is never meant to cause a migration from The Viewer into The View as 99% of humanity are inclined to do when they think.

We tend to be too absorbed by the overwhelming nature of thought to ever examine the agency of thought itself, like being too absorbed by the image reflected by a mirror to ever question the mirror’s power of reflection or notice the dust and scratches on its surface.

Thus, its important to remember that anything and everything that falls within the equation of vision is latent to the ‘true happening’ and describes the self (the viewer that precedes) i.e. and its in the essential nature of a Description not to overshadow the object described; its only meant to aid a better perception of that object.

Any thought that ever occurs in mind is latent to the self just as a translation is to the object being translated(i.e. any view is latent to the viewer) and thus has no power over the self.

From here, it’s key that you understand the following:

Not only you have control over what emerges in your external reality in the form of events and happenings, but also you have a choice over what calls for such emergence-y on an internal level !

In other words, thoughts possess no substantial power over you as they deceptively claim to do. Their internal power comes from their threatening implications over your external reality  and not from actual power over it (in other words its YOU who grant thought the power to materialize) !

Going back to The Vision Equation (The Viewer vs. The View polarity) , its important as a viewer to always remember that you have a say over what you choose to view – a choice whether you wanna keep viewing or simply turn your eyes away !

The more you choose to entertain a given thought, the more you nourish its translation into more and more perceptual grounds, and if you choose otherwise, a thought is simply negated at mind level, and its chain of translation is prematurely aborted.

Most people are too overwhelmed by the metaphysical nature of thought to realize they have such choice (i.e. its ghostly nature). They have a tendency to surrender to a given thought and/or to feel threatened by it; and this has an alienating effect on the viewer within. It taxes the viewer in you and drags it to gradually loose its integrity to the view (i.e. the situation where the creator falls victim to his own creation, forgetting that it was his creation to begin with).

This sums up the story of Adamics and the true meaning of THE FALL from the Eden of Divine Consciousness into the hell of beastly behavioral existence !

This also explains the status of the Children of Light in this world (The Most Ancient Viewer), they make the world go round through their  vision, yet they seem so alienated by the view. They influence the world’s events through their thoughts, yet they are made to feel by the world so insignificant and almost absent !




I Am Who I Am Molded of Honor & Disgrace (No Matter What You Say or Do I Will Claim My Time & Space)

Life is death in slow motion and death is life in speed motion and what we call real is more like a reel spinning !

Matter is spirit solidified to let you dream yourself real, and spirit is matter liquidized to save you from the reel of your dream !


Who am I to be more spiritual than what simply matters?

Who am I to be more real than the reel itself?

Who am I to quit dreaming?

who am I to get real?

Spirit and matter are intermarried for eternity, they are not enemies as religion and science would like you to believe !

The horizontal and the vertical converge on the axis of an eternal flux of Hi & Goodbye ! Its called vibration and its the substance of existence !

And what is eternity? You think its a spiritual concept ? Look around you, space is nothing but eternity in disguise (if only you realize) !

The heavenly and the earthly converge on the cross point Adam (Adom) and this is no secret ! Its encoded in the very way you look and look, see and seem !

You think divinity is greater than Adam?!!

Adam is the center point of existence, the bench mark in the middle, The One !

The world’s egoistical view assumes that THE DIVINE is greater than what simply matters, and so they seek its greatness beyond the Adamic threshhold in the name of spirituality; and so they build huge holy temples and monuments to make Adam feel small and insignificant in God’s eye ! They belittle and demean Adam, mocking his frail mortal mold against which the Devil protested !

Look around you, can’t you see traces of the Devil’s ancient war against Adam?!! Can’t you see the diseases and weapons of misfortune all made to target Adam and make human life look cheap ! Can you see the atrocities that are being practiced in the name of God against the Adamic image in Syria?!!!

Adam isn’t great in that kinda greatness; just as One is not the highest number, but then it’s not the lowest either (its right there in the middle).

-10 -9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1-0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

0 (zero) or rather O, is the unknown God (the EGO-D) of infinity who might as well be anything and nothing. Its powerful yes, but only in as much as you empower the unknown over what you know, and its powerless if you simply understand this truth and negate its power on thought-level, and there is a way to do so (and this is what’s Fifthscience is all about).

0 is great in its mystery, but it has no value in history.

Adam is not the biggest and the greatest if you seek a God bigger and greater than knowledge – a God irrelevant to you (indifferent to your Adamic cause) !

Adam is the central point the mean average around which all else manifest.

The universe has no top or bottom per se, no physical end, so creation spreads out in all directions, from A point, point A !

Adam is the Sun that makes sides and direction possible, its the miracle of The Finite born from the womb of The Infinite (and this is the truth encoded in The Immaculate Conception Theory which is wrongfully taken at literal value) – the miracle of The Definite being born from The Indefinite !

The Sun’s light is a reference point in the endless space ! Light is both needed for the eye to see and for the image to be lit into sight.

You can depart eons away from the Sun in search for an extreme greatness beyond its middle one, only to discover that directions and extremities are defined by its light.
You will only know where you stand in space by virtue of the Sun’s light and without its light you will be left with no means to even measure the renowned greatness you’re seeking after.

Don’t be great, just be Adamic,

Don’t trade what you know for what you don’t in the name of GOD and the promised paradise, don’t exhaust your definite presence for an indefinite future !

Remember that God has subjected his great mystery to Adamic history, doesn’t that mean anything to you?

Adam is code for a matrimony between spirit and matter.

The high and the low meet on the matrix 01 ! Look around, everything you see and not see, from thoughts to objects to events are all scripted by this simple code !

The most expensive currency in time is time itself, and too bad it cannot be saved or overspent !

Currency comes from the term ‘current’ and it speaks the language of dreaming in a way relative to time – to history !

History = his story not yours, so beware a currency that doesn’t describe you ! Beware a currency that renders you history ! Well, yes ‘a currency that renders you history’ You give your presence in order to receive the Future Promise that a currency provides in return, but where is the meaning in the picture, where’s the element of life?!!

Time = emit; and emitting is an alive action (not a dead unit of value). Time is code which you cannot stop or reverse ; you can only imitate its value through script-currency (dream-paper) !

Who am I to save currency or give it away?

Who am I to think I can be more giving than time itself?

Behold the sun (the highest symbol of giving in time) !! Does the sun give away its rays to light a world into presence, or does it simple shine for what it is and the rest is history and geography?