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An Invitation to Death in Order that you Feel Alive !

Remember remember, never forget:

The challenge of the new world is knowing that nothing’s physically real, and that the rules no longer apply, without loosing your mind…

The Challenge has been summed up thousand years ago by Hermes Trismegistus when he prayed the soul stand unshaken in the presence of the truth-in-finality…

Wisdom was the path Hermes proposed for the soul to remain in touch with the point of balance as it surfs its way across the karmic oceans of dualities to arrive at the shores of a truth very very few are prepared to handle…

Let it be known unto you that:

Since the beginning of time, there’s only been one and only ONE SELF in existence revealing itself through many selves.

This Self is the only Definite, and everything else relative to it is Possible ! You and i are at best only possibly who we we think we are at a given moment in time !

The Possible to the Definite is like a shadow to the real object, a dream to a waking state…

This SELF is the only real ONE and every other form of oneness to it is a shadow of a presence made possible by the numeric illusion.

Everything that was, is or will be, can only ever emerge in a descriptive mode to this Self, forever latent to its Now and can only measure its integrity and realness by its reflective power of this NOW – a NOW which precedes any particular instance of now in existence by virtue of essence and not by virtue of any time-measured precedence.

This SELF can be compared to pure light, that through a prismic medium is translated into colors (dimensional manifestations of its presence).

The Trinity that account for the prismic medium is known exclusively to the authentic Gnostics as:

The Universal Mind, The Universal Soul & The Word (represented by human powers known as Spirit or Consciousness, Soul or Conception, Thought or Perception)…

The EGO is a pseudo self that attempts to high jack and divert the translation away from its course and essence it emerges to translate. It attempts to misuse the power of translation (The Power of the Word) against the goal of translation itself, (i.e. use it in denial of the core the translation originates to translate) by arousing and nourishing the deceptive language of multiplicity, using the numeric possibility (division and multiplication, addition and subtraction) to entrap the soul within scripts called events (eve-ends) with eve being the symbol of Soul.

The Ego however is not eve-ill in the absolute sense its been made to seem (there is no such evil ever – the kinda evil that is presented to be on a compatible battle with The SELF of all Selves) and accordingly the Ego is not meant to be assassinated but rather tamed; otherwise, where is the wisdom behind creation and the fall from Eden, behind the apple of knowledge?!! For, the Ego (after all) is responsible for your individuality and everything you hold to be you or yours at a given space and time – everything that anchors you to your spacio-temporal presence.


At the moment referred to as El-Qiama (The Awakening) – the moment of awakening and confrontation with the Higher Self, Part of the battle of the Ego is to try to prove somehow that you’ve been real, and that the world has been real. So you get caught in an ever decreasing argument loops.

It all starts off simple, you remember the world and then the truth attacks, ‘How could the world have been real, don’t be so stupid, where was it then, in space, how can it be in space, space can’t have a boundary to be within. You were living in your own mind, you made space so big so that you could hide the impossible edges. You have been hiding from yourself.’ ‘But everyone else thought it was real’ ‘ Of course they did, you invented them…’, and you can only realize this truth when you look from the Self’s EYE.

You’ll be shown how nothing really makes sense, the world is indefensible. Its made of the fabric of dreams and held together by logical absurdities.

You try to pick at nooks and crannies, something to grasp in order to defend that you were real. Like I remember the time when I did something so hard, what an achievement and what I had to go through. All that effort it must have been real, if it was my illusion then why didn’t I always win? And here comes the real horrific part – the blackhole of our core belief system…

The ego thinks that it can prove itself to be real via great deeds, hardship and suffering,

The pain tries to make it real if you see what I mean. Like a kind of martyrdom, ‘Of course it was real, did you see what you had to endure, would you have dreamt that?’ But yes you would…

At such moment, all the fluff drifts away. The years do not stick, time that made things seem permanent floats off. You may be 33 at such moment, but your life would seem to have taken only moments, a dream you woke from no less. So the ego goes searching for memorable things, big things. It’s hard to explain but if you did this or that, then it all must have happened.

And in that vain attempt here comes the real sucker punch:

Drifting into the core you seem to be in the presence of God, God communicates with you; like it was God who was telling you all the along that you were not real… At such moment you simply wanna fall (and risk it all) in return for a confirmation of your presence…

Your ego will tell you: remember you’re a Jew, a Christian a Moslem or whatever…Remember, you’re American or Chinese or whatever, remember you were baptized, remember you have a birthmark on your chest etc….

It will attempt to pull you back into the dream offerring you the role of all roles, the Messiah role – an invitation to death in order that you feel alive and present; and this is the ultimate test…

Nothing but a bloody vain attempt by the ego to try to suggest that it is real:

‘I am the messiah for God’s sake, I gave my life for them, I suffer here in the core for them, and I will go back and tell them the truth, I must be real!!!!

‘You are not a Jew, or Christian or Moslem ! You’re not American or Chinsese…. Huh what is a Christian – a Moslem – a Jew – an American – a Lebansese? you made that up in your delusion. None of it is real, none of it, and you are pathetic, who do you think you are?’

It’s horrific. Nothing holds in the core, you become the dreamer and the dream at once.

In the middle there is nothing other than you. In the middle you realize that the God you think you’ve been talking to is yourself, and I still wonder about that, I am the only one here?

Your only way out is to rest inside the Vision of the Self anchored by the Trinity of Selfhood and accept being the Selfless witness of it all, or fall into the View and become the Savior in the Dream on the expense of your true salvation (The Awakening).

Are you kidding me?!!

The messiah?!!! the saviour of mankind?!! the one who suffers the most?!! The one who is most loved?!!

The ‘biggest’ thing that a man could be?!!! That’s the essential ingredient of every dream ever…

Deep inside every man lies the Messiah complex, the temptation to becoming the hero of the greatest script…

Even the scribes of history, the Masons who have practiced the highest forms of secrecy forcing themselves to rest as unknown witnesses to the greatest events of their making in preservation of their vantage point, are in the end driven to enter the story and be known for who they are, they cannot but gravitate to lie inside their expensive golden tombs – the pyramids of their historic glory (or shall i say furronic)…

This is the core mathematics of crucifixion right here in the simplicity of this equation – the crucifixion of the Self on the cross point of the Ego, the crucifixion of eternity on the cross point of Space and Time; an offer that seems irrefutable cause deep inside you, you so wanna be something, you so wanna hold on to some reality of your own, you so wanna be some historic hero, you so yearn for the pain of crucifixion that makes you feel so real !

At such point, never being an authentic Gnostic could ever mean so much:

In the Gnostic texts there’s this one warning the knowledge of which justifies all the hardships of being a Gnostic:

“Beware absorbing power of the View, Beware the Image (the God-Image) when you behold it, do not be absorbed by it…”

At that moment, you do what you have to do, you be the Devil for Christ’s sake, but do not accept the Devil’s offer to be something inside the story of nothingness…

And i saw a vision where am being offered so much glory in the name of the greatness of the Story, am being offered to be the Messiah – a path that supposedly leads to a rendez vous with God – everything seems to be so perfectly pointing to the religious correctness of walking that path, only nothing of that everything is real (its all connected together by an absurd logic and held together by an ego so helplessly striving to BE on the expense of the very essence of BEING);

Something inside me revolted, some force of life beyond all thought patterns revolted to say “NO” !

I said NO to the path of martyrdom, NO to the offer that seems irrefutable; I said ‘NO’ to that great God of History outside watching me ! And then i saw myself packing all the books i ever read, like someone on his last day in the university ! Its like everything i ever learnt was meant to prepare me for that moment…

All this I talk about, the cycles. No knowledge can ever hold in the core. When you are there, that’s all there is, just you and no explanation. A timeless solitary existence.

What cycles, there is nothing but you, for a second it all seems like a sick cosmic joke…
Sure the cycles make sense, clever you, it’s feasible, and if the world was real then you would be right but the world is your delusion so…

‘Is there anything in the world that you couldn’t have imagined, is there anything that seemed so alien to you that you couldn’t have thought up…..?’


‘But I learned stuff from the Trinity of the Selfhood, they taught me to read my way into the unreadable, they must be the only knowledgeable reality that could ever measure in the wake of the immaculate Reality of the SELF of all Selves, cause they stand for the one power that can never be defeated in either world:


Existence = Consciousness = Vision

Remember ! You’re an eye before being a freakin hand or a leg !

You’re an eye before being a hand or a leg !

Remember this truth always !

Navigate through life like you would through a dream !

Have you ever felt like you’re awake when you’re still dreaming? For a moment it feels like your whole life had never really happened, like the physical world is not real.
But then how can it be real? How can you be that kinda real when you can’t even be in space; as space has no boundary to be with ‘in’ ! How can the boundless be bounding in any way?!! How can the finite fit within the infinite?!!! You see the very core logic of ‘reality’ as you know it to be doesn’t even hold !

You know that moment when you wakeup inside the dream and you realize that you’re dreaming ! You feel control over what you’re about to see, like you’re the script writer and the actor in one ! You’re no longer this finite entity that falls within the dream space but rather its like space and all events fall within you ! you no longer walk through dream events linear on your feet but rather fly through with your eyes – like all there is to ever be seen is in front of you (manifesting all at once) like a painting on your soul’s wall and you’re only moving your eyes through the NOW of the painting without any concern to what appears before or after what, for time is irrelevant to the mathematics of the NOW !

If you think that ‘The Future’ requires a lot of muscle power, you’re overthinking !
Don’t think : What am i to do next ?!!
Think: What am i to see next ! Vision is the defining power of anything that appears your way ! You provide events their meaning and form and not the other way around…

Don’t get caught up in the lower matrix of ‘reality’ feeding your energy to the ‘how’ machine when you can stand high on top of it all to be the Creator himself (the visionary), the one who decides the ‘what’ of it all…

The world’s on a race to frame you, to make you believe its real; and here you are always running out of time, for only in a race equation ‘time’ matters;
This is the viscious script of “being-in-time” – a reality which is referred to as history ! In this reality, you’re only real in as much as you serve the view blindly. You are defined for who you are by the eyes of THE OTHER ; and so its always been a war of definitions since the dawn of time (a hunger game of visions) to decide who’s who inside what – a pyramid scheme of eyes with the all seeing eye residing on top trying to claim divinity based on an old method it kept for itself and away from you.

Your reality can be nothing but a shadow of a presence inside someone else’s view; and if you allow the eye of this ‘else’ to meduse you into a dead object and overlook you, you’re history (serving his story not yours);

And unless you can rise beyond the defining power of the eye of THE OTHER you will only move and act as you’re scripted to at any given time (like a dreamer oblivious to his power over the dream); you’re fooled to believe that your actions today matter in building a future tomorrow; but after all you’re only helplessly seeking sight using your limbs like a blind person – seeking the meaning of life along the illusive paradigm of Give-in-order-to-receive, give your now and everything that ‘is’ for a promise of what ‘becomes’; sacrifice what you know for what you don’t in the name of knowledge.

You Simply Can’t Stand Under What You Can’t Understand !


We’re always regressing to ‘WHAT IS’ under the illusion of progressing to ‘WHAT BECOMES’ !
The Linear logic of the script is forever destined to de-script The Circular logic of the code, but the description can sometimes be decieving !

Every Beginning calls for an Ending ; and thus its not surprising that the Logic of Genesis calls for the Logic of The End Time Scenario and vice versa!

Heaven & Hell ?!!

Its an ancient code and History is the script that translates it, and as eternal is that code is, as infinite is space and time within which falls the translation;and mind you, the script never progresses towards the code, it can only regress to it…

The decision has already been made on code level, and the long awaited ending has preceded the beginning !

Now tell me how’re you supposedly going to depart the script straight up to heaven and see all the ‘weird crap’ yet maintain your sanity?

So the question is, can you be conscious and still go to heaven or hell ?!! HELL NO

You simply can’t stand under what you can’t understand !

Wanna know a piece of knowledge straight from the mind’s hidden agenda !

Don’t mind your mind’s tendency to extend backwards to the past or forwards to the future; it only does so to widen its territory of THE NOW.

Stay in the NOW for your mind’s sake if you wanna remain on top of your territory !


Information is Drugs

And to your information:

True Knowledge is NOT information; its not about how wide your eyes can pop open, but rather about how simple it is to shut down – renounce all what you see on the outer screen and revert back to the inner Projector (YOUR SELF).

Information = in formation (in the process of formation) ! which means the science of The Possible and not The Definite !

Knowledge cannot be about ‘what could be’

Knowledge is Re-collection !

Everything that falls within the realm of ‘happening’ (i.e. what happens externally) can only ever emerge in a descriptive mode (and never in an informative mode as it appears to be). It can only emerge to translate what precedes it internally.

describe = de-script

And i saw a house lit in the darkness (in the middle of nowhere) with strange sounds of music comin out from it.

I approached the house and knocked on the door curiously, a man wearing a scary mask and costume opened.

I asked: “Whose house is this? And what’s going on inside?”

He answered: ” Its the house of Jacob; and its been long since it has witnessed celebrations since Jacob has cried his vision out over his beloved Joseph…”

I asked: “celebrating what?”

He answered: “Celebrating the return of the long lost throne to the Children of Israel”

I asked: “And why are you wearing evil masks, is this like a costume party of some sort…”

He answered: “Cause evil is funny, we coded it and we know just when and how to decode it…”

I asked: “and so has the time come you mean?”

He answered: “Huh ! Don’t you know that the ending has preceded the beginning, and the judgment hour has preceded the cycles of its translation; and this evening has come long before that morning, otherwise what’s the point of the good wearing the face of the evil for the fun of it?”

I asked: “But How could this be?!!”

He answered: “Behold the stars above, some of them have long been dead, yet you can still see them, can’t you?!!”

There’s a Shadow just behind me, shrouding every step i take, making every promise empty, pointing every finger at me, There’s a shadow just behind me, Waiting like a stalking butler, who upon the finger rests. Murder now the path is must we, just because the son has come; Jesus, won’t you whistle, something but the past and done?! Why can’t we not be sober? I just want to start this over…

The Forbidden Mathematics of being Sober:

There’s a Linear polarity between the past vs. future that eternally preserves and decodes the circular code of the NOW !

This polarity exposes two different logics of causality each of which diverts on its own path to influence a world in itself. It influences how one would come to view reality. It is almost like the Blue Pill vs. The Red Pill in the Matrix.

matrixIt is said that The External to The Internal is like a shadow is to an object; and here lies the trick of THE LINEAR VISION which revereses this reality making the shadow world appear as the real world !

There are 2 ways to view a shadow:

1, The object could be viewed as moving ahead of the shadow (since its causing the shadow to move in the 1st place); and hence what is moving ahead can be said to be THE NOW in relation to what follows behind; and accordingly the shadow here can be said to be past in relation to the object.

2, The shadow could be seen as following the object; and hence what follows is relatively new to what precedes; and accordingly the object here can be said to be past in relation to the shadow.

OK lets consider that you’re actually just now beholding a given object x in motion, it should seem obvious beyond the shadow of a doubt that the object is the center of The Now and the shadow is a struggling past constantly trying to catch up to the object’s NOWNESS.

YET, assuming that you close you’re eyes and now you’re only trying to make sense of what you just seen !

The conceptual mind (we refer to as thought) has a tendency to reverse the direction of linear logic, in order to isolate, register and reinforce a given happening (because by doing so it justifies and reinforces its own pseudo presence)…

What mechanism does it employ to do so?!!

It tends to view past vs. future equations within a cause vs. effect context, by reading the effect as future relative to the cause that precedes it; and thus it reads the shadow as The Effect (The New or Now) caused by The Cause (The Old or Past) which is in this case, the real object…

Its literally a mechanism that renders anything including you history…

Now, how does all this relate to The Internal vs. The External equation !

The Explosion:

When The Internal travels on a linear stream Outwards (away from itself), it is actually traveling in a contra-vision mode (translating the essence of blindness); and The External (The Realm of Description) accordingly conspires to describe a reality in which vision operates in a reverse mode. In such reality, the Effect or the Shadow appears to be the Cause (The Real Object) ! The External Happening would appear to be in control of what is generated internally as though thoughts are aftermaths of actions and not the other way around, and knowledge becomes information (in a constant process of formation, dependent on what will happen next externally, never ever complete – always in need for the before and after to be made sense of…)

The Happening emerges within the context of The Unknown New or The Surprising New.

The Implosion:

When The Internal circulates inwards (towards itself) which is the mathematics of Real Vision, the external is automatically exposed for being the Past – the Shadow that is forever struggling to catch up with the Object’s NOW ! Accordingly, The Happening emerges within the context of The De-Scription i.e. translating or describing what you already know (What has already happened inside)…

Yet, if you ponder over both (the Explosion and Implosion) you will notice that in both equations, the Internal is the center stage, its what justifies the emergence of both worlds…