Monthly Archives: April 2014

Yes to Yes = NO

The mind tries to imagine the infinite, and that’s how it expands endlessly due to one thing, logic, the expansion cannot end.

But the mind simply gets fed up trying to see more and more space and ‘inverts its vision’ stops looking.

The mind’s reaction to the logic of infinity is the magical force that brings the finite into presence from nothingness; and accordingly, mind power is not measured by how much more you can know, but rather by the ability to withstand the tendency of wanting to know more !

‘The side step’. The manifest world is run by rules that are instantly and continuosly broken by the mind, coz those laws are only actually math in the mind, when manifest in ‘reality’ these rules seem unbreakable, they’re called, The Laws of Physics ! If you tried to see the infinite in ‘reality’, if you connected ultimate opposites then you’d destroy the universe ! The mind destroys the universe in every second and rebuilds it yet we cling on to ‘reality’ like parasites constantly needing reassurance that its real !

Yes to Yes = NO cause when you reinforce the obvious you’re only doubting it !