I Am Who I Am Molded of Honor & Disgrace (No Matter What You Say or Do I Will Claim My Time & Space)

Life is death in slow motion and death is life in speed motion and what we call real is more like a reel spinning !

Matter is spirit solidified to let you dream yourself real, and spirit is matter liquidized to save you from the reel of your dream !


Who am I to be more spiritual than what simply matters?

Who am I to be more real than the reel itself?

Who am I to quit dreaming?

who am I to get real?

Spirit and matter are intermarried for eternity, they are not enemies as religion and science would like you to believe !

The horizontal and the vertical converge on the axis of an eternal flux of Hi & Goodbye ! Its called vibration and its the substance of existence !

And what is eternity? You think its a spiritual concept ? Look around you, space is nothing but eternity in disguise (if only you realize) !

The heavenly and the earthly converge on the cross point Adam (Adom) and this is no secret ! Its encoded in the very way you look and look, see and seem !

You think divinity is greater than Adam?!!

Adam is the center point of existence, the bench mark in the middle, The One !

The world’s egoistical view assumes that THE DIVINE is greater than what simply matters, and so they seek its greatness beyond the Adamic threshhold in the name of spirituality; and so they build huge holy temples and monuments to make Adam feel small and insignificant in God’s eye ! They belittle and demean Adam, mocking his frail mortal mold against which the Devil protested !

Look around you, can’t you see traces of the Devil’s ancient war against Adam?!! Can’t you see the diseases and weapons of misfortune all made to target Adam and make human life look cheap ! Can you see the atrocities that are being practiced in the name of God against the Adamic image in Syria?!!!

Adam isn’t great in that kinda greatness; just as One is not the highest number, but then it’s not the lowest either (its right there in the middle).

-10 -9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1-0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

0 (zero) or rather O, is the unknown God (the EGO-D) of infinity who might as well be anything and nothing. Its powerful yes, but only in as much as you empower the unknown over what you know, and its powerless if you simply understand this truth and negate its power on thought-level, and there is a way to do so (and this is what’s Fifthscience is all about).

0 is great in its mystery, but it has no value in history.

Adam is not the biggest and the greatest if you seek a God bigger and greater than knowledge – a God irrelevant to you (indifferent to your Adamic cause) !

Adam is the central point the mean average around which all else manifest.

The universe has no top or bottom per se, no physical end, so creation spreads out in all directions, from A point, point A !

Adam is the Sun that makes sides and direction possible, its the miracle of The Finite born from the womb of The Infinite (and this is the truth encoded in The Immaculate Conception Theory which is wrongfully taken at literal value) – the miracle of The Definite being born from The Indefinite !

The Sun’s light is a reference point in the endless space ! Light is both needed for the eye to see and for the image to be lit into sight.

You can depart eons away from the Sun in search for an extreme greatness beyond its middle one, only to discover that directions and extremities are defined by its light.
You will only know where you stand in space by virtue of the Sun’s light and without its light you will be left with no means to even measure the renowned greatness you’re seeking after.

Don’t be great, just be Adamic,

Don’t trade what you know for what you don’t in the name of GOD and the promised paradise, don’t exhaust your definite presence for an indefinite future !

Remember that God has subjected his great mystery to Adamic history, doesn’t that mean anything to you?

Adam is code for a matrimony between spirit and matter.

The high and the low meet on the matrix 01 ! Look around, everything you see and not see, from thoughts to objects to events are all scripted by this simple code !

The most expensive currency in time is time itself, and too bad it cannot be saved or overspent !

Currency comes from the term ‘current’ and it speaks the language of dreaming in a way relative to time – to history !

History = his story not yours, so beware a currency that doesn’t describe you ! Beware a currency that renders you history ! Well, yes ‘a currency that renders you history’ You give your presence in order to receive the Future Promise that a currency provides in return, but where is the meaning in the picture, where’s the element of life?!!

Time = emit; and emitting is an alive action (not a dead unit of value). Time is code which you cannot stop or reverse ; you can only imitate its value through script-currency (dream-paper) !

Who am I to save currency or give it away?

Who am I to think I can be more giving than time itself?

Behold the sun (the highest symbol of giving in time) !! Does the sun give away its rays to light a world into presence, or does it simple shine for what it is and the rest is history and geography?

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