Thoughts Are Liquid Events

Event comes from the term Eve

Genesis is code for Gnosis

Eve in Gnosis is code for Soul

Event = Eve End (A Solidified Form of Thought Aimed At Framing or rather Entrapping The Soul Within)

Soul in Gnosis is the thinking agency (and not The Mind, cause Mind in Gnosis that is symbolized by Adam is code for The Spirit – Absolute or Circular Consciousness that is beyond the Linear Streams of Consciousness associated with Thought);

MIND is an Agency that resembles Light, it diffuses the Shadows generated by Linear Vision. It is also referred to as Christ (code for Savior) since it saves the Soul from linear entrapment.

Psycho is a Gnostic term for a Soul that is haunted by dark thoughts (A Soul that has lost its ability to benefit from the Power of Salvation the Mind represents)…

Soul possesses the Alchemical power to transform a thought into an event by entertaining it, and has the power to prevent an event by negating the thought.

Thoughts you can say are liquid events…

Watch what you think !

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