You Simply Can’t Stand Under What You Can’t Understand !


We’re always regressing to ‘WHAT IS’ under the illusion of progressing to ‘WHAT BECOMES’ !
The Linear logic of the script is forever destined to de-script The Circular logic of the code, but the description can sometimes be decieving !

Every Beginning calls for an Ending ; and thus its not surprising that the Logic of Genesis calls for the Logic of The End Time Scenario and vice versa!

Heaven & Hell ?!!

Its an ancient code and History is the script that translates it, and as eternal is that code is, as infinite is space and time within which falls the translation;and mind you, the script never progresses towards the code, it can only regress to it…

The decision has already been made on code level, and the long awaited ending has preceded the beginning !

Now tell me how’re you supposedly going to depart the script straight up to heaven and see all the ‘weird crap’ yet maintain your sanity?

So the question is, can you be conscious and still go to heaven or hell ?!! HELL NO

You simply can’t stand under what you can’t understand !

Wanna know a piece of knowledge straight from the mind’s hidden agenda !

Don’t mind your mind’s tendency to extend backwards to the past or forwards to the future; it only does so to widen its territory of THE NOW.

Stay in the NOW for your mind’s sake if you wanna remain on top of your territory !


Information is Drugs

And to your information:

True Knowledge is NOT information; its not about how wide your eyes can pop open, but rather about how simple it is to shut down – renounce all what you see on the outer screen and revert back to the inner Projector (YOUR SELF).

Information = in formation (in the process of formation) ! which means the science of The Possible and not The Definite !

Knowledge cannot be about ‘what could be’

Knowledge is Re-collection !

Everything that falls within the realm of ‘happening’ (i.e. what happens externally) can only ever emerge in a descriptive mode (and never in an informative mode as it appears to be). It can only emerge to translate what precedes it internally.

describe = de-script

And i saw a house lit in the darkness (in the middle of nowhere) with strange sounds of music comin out from it.

I approached the house and knocked on the door curiously, a man wearing a scary mask and costume opened.

I asked: “Whose house is this? And what’s going on inside?”

He answered: ” Its the house of Jacob; and its been long since it has witnessed celebrations since Jacob has cried his vision out over his beloved Joseph…”

I asked: “celebrating what?”

He answered: “Celebrating the return of the long lost throne to the Children of Israel”

I asked: “And why are you wearing evil masks, is this like a costume party of some sort…”

He answered: “Cause evil is funny, we coded it and we know just when and how to decode it…”

I asked: “and so has the time come you mean?”

He answered: “Huh ! Don’t you know that the ending has preceded the beginning, and the judgment hour has preceded the cycles of its translation; and this evening has come long before that morning, otherwise what’s the point of the good wearing the face of the evil for the fun of it?”

I asked: “But How could this be?!!”

He answered: “Behold the stars above, some of them have long been dead, yet you can still see them, can’t you?!!”

There’s a Shadow just behind me, shrouding every step i take, making every promise empty, pointing every finger at me, There’s a shadow just behind me, Waiting like a stalking butler, who upon the finger rests. Murder now the path is must we, just because the son has come; Jesus, won’t you whistle, something but the past and done?! Why can’t we not be sober? I just want to start this over…

The Forbidden Mathematics of being Sober:

There’s a Linear polarity between the past vs. future that eternally preserves and decodes the circular code of the NOW !

This polarity exposes two different logics of causality each of which diverts on its own path to influence a world in itself. It influences how one would come to view reality. It is almost like the Blue Pill vs. The Red Pill in the Matrix.

matrixIt is said that The External to The Internal is like a shadow is to an object; and here lies the trick of THE LINEAR VISION which revereses this reality making the shadow world appear as the real world !

There are 2 ways to view a shadow:

1, The object could be viewed as moving ahead of the shadow (since its causing the shadow to move in the 1st place); and hence what is moving ahead can be said to be THE NOW in relation to what follows behind; and accordingly the shadow here can be said to be past in relation to the object.

2, The shadow could be seen as following the object; and hence what follows is relatively new to what precedes; and accordingly the object here can be said to be past in relation to the shadow.

OK lets consider that you’re actually just now beholding a given object x in motion, it should seem obvious beyond the shadow of a doubt that the object is the center of The Now and the shadow is a struggling past constantly trying to catch up to the object’s NOWNESS.

YET, assuming that you close you’re eyes and now you’re only trying to make sense of what you just seen !

The conceptual mind (we refer to as thought) has a tendency to reverse the direction of linear logic, in order to isolate, register and reinforce a given happening (because by doing so it justifies and reinforces its own pseudo presence)…

What mechanism does it employ to do so?!!

It tends to view past vs. future equations within a cause vs. effect context, by reading the effect as future relative to the cause that precedes it; and thus it reads the shadow as The Effect (The New or Now) caused by The Cause (The Old or Past) which is in this case, the real object…

Its literally a mechanism that renders anything including you history…

Now, how does all this relate to The Internal vs. The External equation !

The Explosion:

When The Internal travels on a linear stream Outwards (away from itself), it is actually traveling in a contra-vision mode (translating the essence of blindness); and The External (The Realm of Description) accordingly conspires to describe a reality in which vision operates in a reverse mode. In such reality, the Effect or the Shadow appears to be the Cause (The Real Object) ! The External Happening would appear to be in control of what is generated internally as though thoughts are aftermaths of actions and not the other way around, and knowledge becomes information (in a constant process of formation, dependent on what will happen next externally, never ever complete – always in need for the before and after to be made sense of…)

The Happening emerges within the context of The Unknown New or The Surprising New.

The Implosion:

When The Internal circulates inwards (towards itself) which is the mathematics of Real Vision, the external is automatically exposed for being the Past – the Shadow that is forever struggling to catch up with the Object’s NOW ! Accordingly, The Happening emerges within the context of The De-Scription i.e. translating or describing what you already know (What has already happened inside)…

Yet, if you ponder over both (the Explosion and Implosion) you will notice that in both equations, the Internal is the center stage, its what justifies the emergence of both worlds…


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