Remember ! You’re an eye before being a freakin hand or a leg !

You’re an eye before being a hand or a leg !

Remember this truth always !

Navigate through life like you would through a dream !

Have you ever felt like you’re awake when you’re still dreaming? For a moment it feels like your whole life had never really happened, like the physical world is not real.
But then how can it be real? How can you be that kinda real when you can’t even be in space; as space has no boundary to be with ‘in’ ! How can the boundless be bounding in any way?!! How can the finite fit within the infinite?!!! You see the very core logic of ‘reality’ as you know it to be doesn’t even hold !

You know that moment when you wakeup inside the dream and you realize that you’re dreaming ! You feel control over what you’re about to see, like you’re the script writer and the actor in one ! You’re no longer this finite entity that falls within the dream space but rather its like space and all events fall within you ! you no longer walk through dream events linear on your feet but rather fly through with your eyes – like all there is to ever be seen is in front of you (manifesting all at once) like a painting on your soul’s wall and you’re only moving your eyes through the NOW of the painting without any concern to what appears before or after what, for time is irrelevant to the mathematics of the NOW !

If you think that ‘The Future’ requires a lot of muscle power, you’re overthinking !
Don’t think : What am i to do next ?!!
Think: What am i to see next ! Vision is the defining power of anything that appears your way ! You provide events their meaning and form and not the other way around…

Don’t get caught up in the lower matrix of ‘reality’ feeding your energy to the ‘how’ machine when you can stand high on top of it all to be the Creator himself (the visionary), the one who decides the ‘what’ of it all…

The world’s on a race to frame you, to make you believe its real; and here you are always running out of time, for only in a race equation ‘time’ matters;
This is the viscious script of “being-in-time” – a reality which is referred to as history ! In this reality, you’re only real in as much as you serve the view blindly. You are defined for who you are by the eyes of THE OTHER ; and so its always been a war of definitions since the dawn of time (a hunger game of visions) to decide who’s who inside what – a pyramid scheme of eyes with the all seeing eye residing on top trying to claim divinity based on an old method it kept for itself and away from you.

Your reality can be nothing but a shadow of a presence inside someone else’s view; and if you allow the eye of this ‘else’ to meduse you into a dead object and overlook you, you’re history (serving his story not yours);

And unless you can rise beyond the defining power of the eye of THE OTHER you will only move and act as you’re scripted to at any given time (like a dreamer oblivious to his power over the dream); you’re fooled to believe that your actions today matter in building a future tomorrow; but after all you’re only helplessly seeking sight using your limbs like a blind person – seeking the meaning of life along the illusive paradigm of Give-in-order-to-receive, give your now and everything that ‘is’ for a promise of what ‘becomes’; sacrifice what you know for what you don’t in the name of knowledge.

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