The Exegesis of SOUL (The Cradle of Reality As We Know it to Be) !

Technically speaking (from our linear view) there’s a major issue with the definition of paradise or the afterlife which usually always assumes a certain inconceivable ability to leapfrog the realm of thought altogether and land somehow on some pathetic nirvana.

Its beyond me the amount of ignorance expressed when you hear some Far Eastern Hobby Spiritual tourist wearing beads and some ethnic clothing claiming a nirvana beyond the polar dimension of thought (some transcendental yoga of some sort that somehow is supposed to transport one above and beyond the realm of thought altogether).

Many have sat on mountain tops for years in self opposed deprivation and meditation and never saw squat. Not to mention monotheist freaks who believe they’re only here on earth visiting in preparation for a ghostly realm they call ‘paradise’ where they’d be offered endless pleasure experiences which ironically bear extreme resemblance to ones that they can perfectly experience here on earth if they just had enough money, moral freedom or access to nightlife. Plus, I really don’t see how anyone can even begin to know they’re experiencing a heavenly pleasure of some sort without falling within a dimension that impels him/her to think and process what’s going on.

You see thought is tied to 010101 (duality/polarity), immersed in time as in that thought is a linear process, ‘ I – think – I – will – eat – soon. You see there’s always an ‘I’ posing as a numeric registration of presence as opposed to the completely loose sense of existence usually imagined to be the atmosphere up there in paradise.

But can’t you see, in such an atmosphere you can’t hold a thought to begin with, much less know that you exist !

Consciousness can be seen metaphorically as water, it has no form of it’s own if ‘unsupported’, but then if you restrict it, freeze it, you can make it to be of any form you like. The idea is that when for some reason, God needs to enlighten someone, then God will draw them close to the infinite, so they can see more. See the whole cycle of what we are, see oneness.

But then it’s much like a small boy pulling fish out of a small pond, a lofty view to see the world but it’s indeed the fish out of water, there is no oxygenated water and so they suffocate. When consciousness is unsupported by it’s cradle reality (The Realm of Soul or Thought), reality simply falls apart, the ice melts, the definition/format is lost.

It’s a simple fact, a simple paradox ! Consciousness cannot exist unsupported ! That’s not how it works!!!! It’s more like taking a snowman out of the deep freeze.

When you lose the world you lose yourself and ironically most far eastern and monotheistic schools of thought gravitate towards calling such absurd lunatic state a Nirvana or paradise, no one realizes how dependent they are on reality.

Heck, many spiritual folks think that one day they will be able to do magic…. Do you realise how dangerous magic is?

You see the problem is the mind, magic is like a solvent that destroys glue, with glue in this example being logic, that which binds reality together, keeps all the atoms in place.

If you can break the rules then the mind, as usual, starts to question, what then is reality that it can be manipulated by mind….. what then is real….and on intellectual realization standing in a place that can’t even hold you due to your ‘magic’, you spin, you question, what is real, who am I where am I?

You become insane.

No one can stand under something they can’t under stand.

You simply cannot understand what you’re asking for when you seek a paradise or a nirvana above and beyond the Realm of Thought ! This brings us to the subject of this post which is


Realm of Soul in Gnosis is the realm associated with Thought ! Yes, It receives its light from the Realm of Spirit (Realm of Absolute Consciousness), but its coded in such a way, where like a fish, it needs oxygen but cannot survive in an oxygen-outside-water equation.

The Paradoxical nature of Soul’s existence (as you will discover more and more in this post) is responsible for life and reality as we know it to be ! Soul is what makes the universe go around ! There is no paradise above or beyond Soul’s realm and its pure self deceit to think or believe otherwise ! The best you can reach of paradise ever would still be a state of soul reflected by a human equation characterized by thought and perception !

Let’s delve into the Gnostic definitions of SOUL for a better understanding of what i mean:

Soul ?!!

The most ancient feminine power in existence; and trust me it has little to do with the conventional idea of femininity !

Another Gnostic term for Soul:


Soul is also symbolically known as Eve !

Eve is where the term evil (Eve-Ill) comes from. It is also where the term Event (Eve-end) comes from.

Evil (at core level) is the state of a soul’s illness ! An Eve-ill soul is also known as a psyche; and most manifestation of evil in existence is accordingly tied to human psychological states and their respective behavior in space and time !

Event is a script which, the more is descripted (described) the more it entails an ending or a death equation to the Soul !

If you wanna imagine how so, think history progressing towards and endtime scenario in the eyes of someone who thinks he deserves to go to hell…

If you wanna know how so exactly :

Simple !

The soul’s origin is circular O !

Imagine a hollow circle spinning along a linear axis O_______ in the hope of getting filled somehow; and along the processs, it’s somehow forced to stretch and unfold into a line !

Wouldn’t that mean the end of its circleness ?!!

Similarly, an event is coded to stretch the Soul along a directional linear motion glued together by a causal logic that works against the soul’s circular code of being.

Remember this cause it justifies why the Soul is also known in Forbidden Gnostic Texts as

The Martyr of All Martyrs !

For, as the Soul stretches along a linear causal axis, it somehow martyrs its eternal essence, and as it coils upon itself in an act of resilience, it is somehow forced to martyr its desire to be in motion (its tendency to be fulfilled).

However, in this very simple paradox lies the secret to life mapped out in the most ancient polar activity expressive of the birth of life itself – the heart beat !

Implode vs. Explode is the code of existence that is relative to LIFE.

Explosion leads to creation, Implosion leads to regeneration through annihilation (returning back the creation to its vortex, salvaging and recycling its energy, allowing it to integrate within a newer life equation) !

For, mind you, the Creation Moment is not a historical moment, but rather its a code that scripts how the universe operates momentarily !

Imagine the universe as a Giant human being breathing momentarily.

In every breath something is created and another destroyed !

History accordingly illusively appears as progressing away from the creation moment on a linear axis, when its only spiraling in circles around that moment; and those circles are called cycles of creation and destruction (and who’s to deny the Fall of Atlantis that was followed by the rise of a new Adamic cycle in ancient Egypt and Greece) !

There’s tons to be said on this subject, yet elaborating any further at this moment is beyond the scope of this article. For now, Its important to realize that there’s an implosion in every explosion and visa versa !

Our limited directional logic is responsible for the illusive polarity highlighted between the two.

So you can say an implosion is an inverted explosion and an explosion is an inverted implosion depending on the direction each is seen from (yet miraculously they both account for what a beat is which is the most raw expression of Life and a unified reality that is beyond duality).

After all, opposite directions cancel one another to the advantage of a unity that is forever ruling above and beyond.

Going back to SOUL and the reason why an event is an eve-end :

An event or script unfolding along a directional axis works against the eternal non-directional essence of Soul. Behold the Universe ! Its a perceptual representation of SOUL. Do you see any directions?!!!

An event thus works towards framing the soul as a numeric value (caving in upon the soul) !

Soul, upon entering a linear script assumes a pseudo finite presence that contradicts its infinite essence ! This finite presence can be compared to an empty frame that caves in upon the soul in an attempt to contain it (suck the meaning of it) !

The Soul is torn between its desire to enter the frame and be something in particular (individuality) and its intuitive need to escape the frame in an act of Salvation (preservation of its original essence).

It’s thus important to realize here that events occur in a breath-like mode along such polarity as opposed to the accumulative snowball we imagine ! An event begins with the soul’s entering a script as a finite presence and regenerates (i.e. melts and integrates in another context) with the soul coiling back upon itself. Events are not as sequential as history wants you to believe. Reality (so to speak) reboots momentarily by virtue of a logic beyond the linear logic of causality that history emphasizes, yet the ego so desperately attempts to glue events together like scenes that belong to one big movie in an attempt to entrap the soul and anchor itself into what we call a fixed reality (a past, present and future continuum).

The implications of this axiom are enormous ! The freedom embedded in knowing this fact is one that every Soul deeply yearns for. Its the freedom of a dreamer who realizes he’s dreaming just in time for a new dream and just before the old dream turns into a nightmare .

Realize then that You are perfectly able to dethread the binding force of the past and the future from the NOW and like a phoenix be a new person within a new equation at every beat of a conscious moment;
but NO ! you prefer to be this historical persona who is tied to this particular past and that particular future (despite how binding that is and despite all the pain involved with such demented sanity) !

At least just remember, your Soul is coded to resemble infinity which works against the finite nature of those scripts you so want them to be real and to fit together !

Another Gnostic term for Soul is:

The Moon

Soul is compared in Gnosis to the Moon whose mere appearance is made possible by the light vs. darkness equation !

Once more, we see highlighted in the Moon analogy the impossibility of soul expressing its soulness in a nondual realm, despite its nondual essence or origin ! For, while darkness is the very element that highlights the moon’s appearance, the irony is that without the light that the moon reflects from the sun, this appearance would be impossible.

The element of EGO is strongly present in this analogy too  - the seductive nature of darkness that accentuates the moon’s luminosity (Crowning him as the Sun of Darkness in the Sun’s illusive absence). Again, the concept of martyrdom associated with soul clearly presents itself once more in this analogy as a path for salvation. For, as the dawn of a sunrise approaches (Consciousness, Awakening, Salvation), the moon martyrs its presence returning back the light to its source (the sun) !

Another Gnostic Symbol for Soul is:


With O (standing for zero, emptiness, wOmb, a space to be filled, a receiver of objects) !

This symbolism reveals the essential nature of the Soul which is to want more and more (never to be fulfilled) i..e. to want to see more, to want to get more, to want to experience more, to want to fill its hollowness more and more and more, and most dangerously to want to know more (and i say dangerously since this tendency is the mother of all eve-ill tendencies theologically associated with The Forbidden Fruit of Knowledge that Eve was tempted to taste from – the symbolic act that led to the most ancient Eve-end HISTORY (HIS STORY – THE DEVIL’s STORY) The Fall of Adam & Eve from the Heavenly equation of absolute Light to the dual realm of thought characterized by Light vs. Darkness scripts i.e. the swinging realm of polarities).

Another Gnostic Term for Soul is:


In Arabic, Eve is referred to as ‘Hawwaa’ from the term ‘Ihtiwaa’ (To Contain) ! Soul’s emptiness is most similar to space, its infinite yet it contains finite objects which is another logical absurdity that reveals once more the paradoxical nature of soul’s journey !

Its also important to keep in mind that Time is a Soul currency ! Theologically, it is said that the clock of time was set into motion upon the Devil’s request for time to prove his own vision of a God greater than the one who chose to manifest his greatness in the Adamic mold ! Accordingly, history (His Story i.e. The Devil’s Story) is marked by the pressure of time !

However, time itself is made of from the fabric of Soul and tells her story. Time and space are the walls of the Soul ! They both reflect the paradox of the infinite being able to host the finite. Time is supposedly made of finite numeric values progressing ad infinitum…

Another Gnostic Term for Soul is:


Soul is also referred to in Gnosis as destiny; and mind you, destiny differs from Fate. If Fate is a movie, destiny is its scenes.

Destiny is usually associated with destination; and destination invites an element of direction or choice into the picture, which differs from the picture of FATE (knowing that Fate presents itself as beyond choice ) !

From here, the path of the soul is (you can say) both privileged and plagued by the element of choice; and i say privileged, cause choice is what provides individuality and particularity to a given soul, and i say plagued cause choice is the parent of division and separation; for, its built on the equation of duality ! After all, one chooses between 2 diverging linear paths; and here is where all dualities penetrate in i.e. the concept of right and wrong, good and evil (you name it) they all enter from this particular loop hole.

Another Gnostic Naming for Soul is:


Speaking of choice, diverging paths, right and wrong, its impelling at this point to introduce another ancient term for soul which is Sophia.

Sophia is also a Greek term for Wisdom (from where the term philosophy comes from – the pursuit of truth = wisdom).

Wisdom differs from knowledge.

Knowledge in Gnosis is not about adding information or experience ! It is rather the fruit of a long path of negating what you think you know, that supposedly leads into a direct encounter with the Divine. It’s a path highlighted by letting go and saying no.

“existence is not an added meaning arrived at via vision…” (Fifthscience)

The conventional image of knowledge is usually associated with an addition equation.
Information = In Formation (something forever in the process of being formed and always demanding more to be completed) ! Information is progressive in nature, its dependent of space and time and a linear experience, and once the journey of an individual in a given life time is halted, information evaporates like it never existed ! Whereas wisdom (The Path of Sophia or Salvation) is regressive ! It is a state of recollecting and negating as opposed to collecting and accumulating, and it signifies a power that the soul harness throughout many lives and carries along from one life to another.

Wisdom is a regressive spiral path that the soul takes to maintain at-one-ment with its source or essence, and this path basically entails the melting down of the ego as opposed to its nourishment (i.e. letting go of the spacio-temporal glue which crucify the soul’s freedom anchoring and binding scripts to the historical ground, binding events through sequential logic of causality that is devoid of true reason.

Remember though the paradoxical nature of things when we speak soul ! There is a greater wisdom behind everything in knowledgeable existence and the Ego is no exception ! From here, the idea is not to become egoless (for that is simply impossible) but rather to learn how to tame the EGO and put it into the service of a greater picture.

Wisdom as a power can be summed up by the soul’s potency to trace the light within dark equations driven by an innate certainty of the sun’s presence and the brightness of a new sunny day ! So there’s a lot of will power and faith entailed in the picture of wisdom as opposed to precise mathematical certainty ! There’s also hope that grants patience to endure the cloudy view under the promise of verifying the why part of what happened which may not be as clear at the time it happened ! The end path of wisdom is a state where the soul no longer asks what, where, when or why (i.e. being able to see the brightness of the code in every script no matter how dark). Accordingly, wisdom can be measured by the Soul’s ability to hang in in the middle of a polar swing refraining from responsive behavior (influenced by a let go spirit) until the moment when a full justification is revealed as to why what happened happened.

In short, wisdom requires the soul to work against its temptation, undoing rather than doing under the formula of Action in Inaction (saying ‘no’ to an impelling need to act and react), until the right action forces its mathematics smoothly.

More about Soul:

If you wanna know what Soul looks like, simply take a look around ! The Universe (Space and Time) is a perceptual representation of SOUL. A Hollow presence so embracing to every form, motion, event and story to the point of almost not existing !

At this point we should mention soul’s language:


Its really important to realize that Time is a concept strongly related to Thought. Any sense of time is paralleled by a motion on thought level (in such a way where if you don’t change thoughts you won’t feel time passing).

So you could say one can potentially be as aware of a minute as much as he’s able to change thoughts per seconds !

Now what is thought? What is the core logic of its nature and behavior?!!

A thought (you can say) is an empty frame modeled in nature after the Ego (a relative numeric emptiness) that invites a numeric instance of value or meaning to fill it and via which it can reinforce its presence through. When you say ‘reinforce’ the image of doubt automatically enters the picture. Ego is compared to the shadow that reinforces an object’s obvious presence by casting a shadow upon it (an emptiness that resembles it). When you second think the obvious, you’re doubting it or triggering the ‘what if’ equation of its ‘non presence’.

Thus, Ego is built on the logic of pressure and entrapment, entrapping what is essentially free and boundless within a binding environment.
The realm of soul is referred to as Conceptual ! Concepts are timeless; they are like color to an object, they enter any time, any place gently detached from the historicity of the object or its occupational weight of presence at a particular space x time x !

Its not by accident that the term conception is associated with impregnation; it comes in reference to the free mechanism of creating as opposed to any particular creation !

Concepts are thus circular and full of color, while thought (The Language of the Ego) is an empty linear unit of value that borrows color from concepts to enter history and maintains historicity through particularity ! The form of knowledge relative to thought is linear, its constituted by numeric intervals of an ‘i’ ! I want… I am doing…. I think… I am eating etc. – never a boundless sense of presence.



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