So Brutally Divine ! God’s Hiding in You Away From Godhood !

The mind has to shift polarity in order to maintain presence !

Thinking is a movement, if it ever we stop thinking, then its like we’d cease to exist !

We may sleep cause we’re fragments, and even then, dreams are but a visual form of thinking… We sleep so that we can be woken by the whole, but then if the collective mind as a whole ever stopped thinking, if it ever slept (so to speak), if it succumb to the infinite nothingness, then it could never reboot, as nothing stays nothing, nothing can come from nothing.

A soul seeking a unity that is beyond conception, is hell in itself.


Simple !!! Cause, in such hypothetical nirvana time would reel in, the finite would become infinite, thought would slow down to a stand still and the two opposite aspects of the one would collide to annihilate each other ! THIS IS YOU CAN SAY THE MAXIMUM OF HELL TO IMAGINE !

And here comes the ever so forbidden wisdom behind the symbolic FALL from Eden ! Believe it or not, this world we’re in (as we know it to be) in the very laws we’re so dying to break, in the manner its spread out and scattered apart by times and distances, in the way space allows for motion and change within, in the way time is somehow locked up from happening all at once, is HEAVEN in disguise !

Think of it, its a world so loving and embracing that it protects you from your own self, it preserves you into something against your own self destructive ‘spiritual’ yearning to wanna melt into nothingness !

Can’t ever not despise the vegetarian modesty we humans are forever so proud to express when we direct our vision up to the skies, to some heaven so far and above this world into some divine magic so beyond to the point that we trip and fall at the slightest hint of human logic… Paradise?!! No thanks, not for me….

The only way to survive, and yes to end the pain of solitary was to separate and scatter ! Yes, your mind had to destroy absoluteness, hide from it somehow or it would be THE END ! And what wisdom is to force your mind into something its so dying to escape from by default mode ?!!!

All that was so lovingly collected and re-membered (the selfless self we so desire to melt into – that nirvana —- the yoga poetry) had to be dropped in an instant, the reassembling mind had to explode ! Bang ! Big Bang ? !!! (Hide). Yes, God is hiding inside you away from Godhood ! So Brutally Divine, isn’t it ?!!

Evil’s plan has always been to protest the God in Adam by praising a God so above and so beyond; and voila (let me introduce you to the mother of every earthly brutality) ! Its plan is to cripple you on earth by the promise of another world so above you and a divinity so beyond you that all you can do really is literally sit down and pray, die waiting ; this is all to belittle Adam in you, using the notion of The Fall as an evidence of defilement ! So you believe the Fall down is bad?!! But then aren’t you the one who’s seeking a paradise beyond directions?!!

Taxing the Soul is a Devil’s expertise ! Ironically its adopted and endorsed by every religious system on earth ! You see this Devil wants you to be more spiritual than what simply matters ! He wants you to be too holy to be on this earth anyways !

You see, the fall is a survival mode.

What does that mean in ‘reality’, it means that all traces of a Godhood beyond Adam had to be purged from the mind – all had to be sacrificed for the sake of BEING (this miracle that is too obvious to see, too encompassing to sense) !

So you think ‘Satanaku’ lead Adam out of heaven? Satanaku is a useful script that is blind to its own code. Blindness is not a reality, its a state !

Divinity above Adom (Adam) is hell, I have described this many times.

The fall, the scatter was undertaken to escape the hell of not being anything. If you are to melt back into such state, there won’t be much of you left to know you exist in the first place; and between existing and being a piece of crap on this earth and not existing at all, tell me now what would you choose or how would you ever stand to fathom your choice to begin with.

You never quit moaning and groaning do you ?!! You never quit complaining about the hell you take this world to be ! Try not existing at all and then come back and tell me stories about heaven and the other world…

This world in any state is indeed heaven in comparison to eternal solitary insanity.
‘Holiness’ never quits crucifying you in the name of an unknown God, taxing every instance of fulfillment by a bitter taste of a mysterious hunger, every physical certainty with a shadow of a spiritual doubt, Everything you know for everything you don’t !

go figure !

9 thoughts on “So Brutally Divine ! God’s Hiding in You Away From Godhood !

  1. Stilian12

    There is a time when time is not more there. When my child
    asks me Who is God, i will tell him God is who u want it to be. But the Child asks what if i wanted that God where a Superhero to save me from
    missfortune, then i would say dream about another God, ok lets say a God who wants you yourself save from that missfortune. My child would say, thank you father you are a better man than the preast in television, but you cannoot be never ever my eternal God, because he changes His power to make me smile.

  2. Stilian12

    I would have bought him a toy but that is finite, the smile that
    he serches maybe will find in a place alone with no other man, only in a pure nature, lets say a Mogly child. He would find that God is eternal, but his presence does not necessarly be described with dirty words, but pure gnosis and knowdlege.

  3. Æthero Post author

    Well expressed bro ! I’d say also the path to Gnosis of God is neither a path that emphasizes the phrase ‘God is…” nor a path that emphasizes the phrase ‘God isn’t…” Its perhaps more of a middle one marked by a hidden or forbidden simplicity. God gave us a useful tool to know HIM through which is our own Adamic selfhood in both its spirituality and physicality, with all its range of thoughts, emotions, actions and states (in its strength and weaknesses, honor and disgrace, ups and downs…) Its beyond me how some can zone places and actions in terms of holy and unholy.What Ego disguised by what Insanity ! Are they in their right mind trying to protect God from human defilement and then securely allow him in on the doorsteps of a church or mosque or synagogue?!! It is said that God looked into the hearts of most of humans and discovered they’re not fit to know him, so he kept them busy praying for him…

  4. stilian12

    I need to tell about a picture here in south deutschland, that is a man holding
    a clock with sun in center and says: ”God gave time, for the moment He said nothing”
    I don’t know what does it mean, and i am surprised to find it here.

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