Reality?!! Not So Real After All !

Have you ever woke up inside a dream to realize you’re dreaming !

You see when this happens, the rules of the dream no longer hold, and you suddenly feel you’re scripting the dream yourself — you’re in control of what about to happen…

You see there’s a code hidden in each script that once decoded the script silently surrenders its mathematics to a newer more inviting one !

Life events are like scripts caving in upon you, pushing to frame you, to make you feel the sharp edges of its realness; and its the weight of this feeling that makes reality so disturbingly real…

The crux of the matter is, there’s a reason why you’re here at moment x place y doing what you’re doing, seeing what you’re seeing, being with whom you’re being with — a reason beyond the external causal conditions or steps that sequenced into all this i.e. beyond the past vs. future polarity.

Respect you’re immediate reality (the mathematics of the Now), for the external is always an accurate reflection of the internal. If you’re deeply unhappy, don’t sit and try to unwind your unhappiness through thought. Stand up and look carefully move around, the answer could be closer than what you think…

You see people always talk big ! They talk about the far out future, the high up plans, what they wanna be in 4 years from now… they never stop in fact; and as I see the micro in the macro then I realize to change my reality is as simple as changing the scene around me — to change the world is as simple as changing the minds of the few people next to me !

Otherwise, the world seems to be getting darker by the hour, like a dream turning nightmarish !

Perhaps its God showing us what happens when we take life too seriously – when we start competing ! Competition?!! let’s face it, it is a fight, the goal of a competition is to beat the other guy out of sight…

You see when you fully understand the cycles and how time can’t be hurried or slowed, when you realize that time will play out as it should no matter what you say or do, you know, like that you jump up and down shouting heha heha and realize that that was what you were always going to do at this moment this place.

That’s when you find peace. At first within and then the world will follow…

Some say they want free will but let’s face it, they only want the free will to always win…

Do you see the problem?

In the world of external causality, there’s never a win win situation… If you’re mind is set that moving a rock requires 10 men pushing it, then a man less is considered a full blown reason as to the impossibility of the rock moving ! Causal mathematics caves in externally to claim its conditional marks upon each event and happening; and reality can be tough when calculated this way…

Yet who said a Rock Moving has to be so tied into 10 Men Pushing ! In truth, a rock moving is an independent concept altogether and at some point in time Huge rocks where lifted up in the air in translation of few words uttered by mouths of men like Hermes…

Sometimes something you’ve just thought about happens, or someone that comes to mind, shows up, yet you still ask WHY and HOW?!!

Your mind asking is a mental glitch…

We so underestimate the liquidity of the spectrum between the internal and external… We’re so used to second think what comes inside first through what we see outside next; and this is how the dream grows unbearably real, and its how we loose touch with the mathematics of awakening !

Welcome to History; and I challenge you to try to make sense of it !

3 thoughts on “Reality?!! Not So Real After All !

  1. salem

    I love reading your articles. They give me some insight into the world. But I admit I do not understand most of them. I am not sure whether I am dreaming, or sleepwalking or half asleep. I once watched a movie titled Waking Life. At the time I had a sense of floating myself when I watched and listened to each word of the movie intently. I thought I understood what was going on about reality at the time. But here I am back to square one not understanding a thing. Is this the reason why I am here at this moment in this place? To be continually confused about this staff called reality? I just wonder. But thanks a lot and please keep them coming.

  2. Æthero Post author

    Thanks Rosemary !

    Thanks Salem ! everything happens for a reason and this reason is always present but we don’t always realize cause we’re trained to think linear ! You know its like our eyes are accustomed to overlook the light cause its so there that its almost not there… No one ever dies a death he/she hasn’t imagined in mind or nourished through thought !

    However, we do have choice within the equation of no choice (fate) ! We can chose to overcome the confusion chapter internally, and then the same scene is scene in the light of a new context !


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