At this point, it is clear that the textual source of Fifth Science (the Spiritual Science so far introduced) is an Ancient Gnostic Manuscript preserved for centuries within the Forbidden Texts of The Druze of The Levant, among whom still survives a Gnostic Brotherhood.

Getting acquainted with The Gnostic Source of Fifth Science is not conditional to understanding the technicalities of the science itself. However, it is certainly a major plus.
Following The Gnostic Thread of Logic. which attaches the technical morphe of Fifth Science to its theological and metaphysical roots, will enhance your cognitive capacity to envision the dynamic potentials of this science, as opposed to solely processing its immediate mechanical logic.

Either way, it is not easy to overlook the Gnostic end of this Thread. From here, if the morphe of Fifth Science (as introduced in key) speaks to your mind’s rationale, sooner or later you’ll find yourself pursuing further into its spiritual dimensions, its Gnostic Source.

Thus, it is strongly recommended that you familiarize yourself with the source before plunging into key, through becoming exposed from the very start to The Gnostic Doctrines presented throughout — the sooner the better.

However, should you ultimately find yourself fairly interested in the mechanical morphe of this science, yet reasonably unable to embrace its Gnostic spirit, you could always skip this part FifthScience (Source). Instead, you could simply consider it as a mere tribute to the historical guardians of this Science, The Authentic Gnostics among The Druze, who have managed to preserve its Textual Body across the darkest times of religious history, making it possible for you to receive it here and now.

Since time eternal, and long before Gnosticism acquired a Judeo-Christian tint in documented history, True Gnosis was alive and flourishing like oxygen inside the breath of its authentic children.

True Gnosis is thus beyond religious history and certainly beyond the historicity of religions. It is The Timeless Religion of The Universal Mind, The Witness of Time, The Sun of History.

As you shall discover in the key, True Gnosis is not The Religion of Dogma. It reflects The Substance of Existence instantaneously overflowing from The Mind (like sunlight), constituting The Matrix of immediate human perception in space and time.

Gnosticism is thus The Language of Light eternally emanating from The Sun of The Spiritual Trinity, expressive of The Creator’s Selfhood (The Universal Mind, The Universal Soul and The Word) unto The Earthly Trinity of the Human-Adamic Selfhood (Self Consciousness, Self Conception and Self Perception).

Accordingly, True Gnosis is the path of the Receptive soul and not The Eve-Ill Psyche. The Receptive Soul possesses an innate potential to receive The Substance of Mind and reflect it into Conceptual Forms that resonate perceptually with Identity and Form.

Hence, Authentic Gnostics are Human-Adamics who eternally celebrate and preserve their Spiritual Parenthood and Identity, through constantly tuning their spiritual receptivity to The Language of Light. This they accomplish through their earthly Adamic Willpower and Actions, which can only be fine-tuned through their interactivity as a Brotherhood of Light.
The Gnostics could never have preserved such timeless Identity by hiding it in the name of secrecy or by growing fearful or ashamed to express it. Understanding this point is key to understanding why we say “The Authentic Gnostics Among The Druze” and not simply “The Druze”.

This is how The Heavenly meets The Earthly in The Gnostic Mathematics of Finality. This is the ancient logic of True Gnosis, encoded within the Blessed Star of David (The Two Triangles Converging), The Blessed Cross of Christhood (The Two Linear Dimensions Intersecting), The Blessed Moon and Star in Islamic Symbolism, The Ying and Yang Illustration in Far Eastern Philosophies, The Two Hands almost Touching in the famous Michelangelo Painting etc.

True Gnosis is thus a very Ancient Language that shines through every Sacred language that has ever existed in human history. Its Doctrines reveal the Spiritual Logic via which The Heavenly translates through The Earthly, regardless of the language employed in the translation itself, whether it be religious, philosophical, metaphysical, Scientific, etc….

However timely, these languages might change throughout space and time and across the eons, whereas the True Gnosis of this Sacred Spiritual Logic remains forever one and the same, prevailing like The Eternal Sun of Existence, The Eye of Time, the ever shining Five Star that witnesses the rise and fall of civilizations and nations, philosophies and religions, languages and translations. This all happens within its scope, like one single event translated into countless identifiable shapes and forms via its light, energized into various significant motions and events through its warmth, and ultimately brought into its pivot and plunge by its burning fires of annihilation. No historical identity, no matter how important or sacred, including The Religious Identity, could ever frame or contain The Light of this Eternal Sun, and no existing Language of Expression comes ever close to reflecting the omnipresent logic of The Language of Light.

From here, True Gnosis survives, not through dead texts or stone monuments, but rather through the Receptive Souls of the Children of Light, who receive The Light of Gnosis that is continuously overflowing from the most Authentic Gnostic Source, The Eternal Sun, The Universal Mind, to reflect it unto their thoughts, expressions and actions in space and time. This renders Authentic Gnosticism a dynamic translation of the True Gnosis that is constantly being redefined by The Gnostic Selfhood of The Children of Light themselves, in space and time, and throughout their eternal journey of personhood across their countless incarnations on this earth.

Let it be known to you, then, that True Gnosis is an Alive and Breathing Soul, and not a Dead Body of historical texts and monuments. It is beyond a recovered scripture, an ancient manuscript or a buried scroll. It is beyond religious institutions, beyond ceremonial and behavioral practices (in all), beyond ethical and moral codes of conducts, beyond sacred pillars and holy rituals, beyond traditions and customs, beyond ideologies and systems of thoughts, beyond meditation and mantras, beyond psychic and occult powers, and most certainly, beyond Sufism and Mysticism that have grown to be so falsely associated with Gnosis.

Authentic Gnostics, in turn, are Timeless Rays of Consciousness that emanated from The Thoughts Eternal of the Sun of True Gnosis, The Universal Mind, since Creation Time. They resided securely inside His Eyes since the ancient beginnings, where they had The Chance to baptize their vision with The Nasouti Image of Thy Greatest Father. They are His faithful sons and daughters, whose names are preserved for them in The Book of Life since the beginning of time. They are embodied in space and time for the sole Gnostic purpose of proclaiming Their Stolen Kingdom, through triggering recollection of the Mathematics of that Edenic moment on earth, as in Heaven.

However, as their souls plunged into the dark matrix of space and time, their Eternal Gnostic Identity grew further and further subjected to The Temporal Possibilities of Translation and its erroneous imperfections (the tendency of translation to depart away from the core subject translated). Accordingly, their Eternal Identity (The Gnostic Identity) grew further and further disguised by the historical identities that temporally served to translate it. Scattered thus are The Authentic Gnostics across the history and geography of this earth, like pieces of a puzzle.

Like a free soul, gradually interned inside the confinements of an aging body that is gradually growing incapable of rigorously expressing its eternal vim, The Gnostic Identity of The Children of Light (The Human-Adamics), was anciently subjected by The Children of The Body (The Dhuman-Adamics) on earth to the darkest contexts of spiritual death and forgetfulness. Thus, across The Dark Night of The Soul, they slept in The Morgue, experiencing the exegesis of spiritual turmoil, alienation, and excruciating pain of departure from their Edenic Home. However, like Rays of Sunlight, however far outwards they stretch, and to wherever dark corners of this universe they reach, they remain forever bound by their source, The Sun.

Through their personhood in space and time, as a Brotherhood originating from The Same Spiritual Parenthood, however scattered and dispersed they are across the darkness of history and geography, they are forever conjoined by The Sacred Oath they took upon themselves in The Night of Their Departure from Eternity. They have always deeply yearned to reunite once more to celebrate The Oath on earth as they did before in heaven, and forever aspire to reclaim their Lost Throne on earth through triggering the earthly context of that Edenic Moment that baptized their souls in eternity.

Their lives, throughout their countless reincarnations on earth, told stories of Unworldly Love, written on the ethereal tablet of space and time through The Pen of their Adamic thoughts and actions that is filled with the sparing ink of blood and sacrifice – stories that illuminated the darkness of Dhuman-Adamic History and balanced the toughness of the Body equation, to the benefit of earth and humanity at large.

Though geographically dispersed and veiled through countless identities, they are forever conjoined by their Eternal Identity begotten from their heavenly parents as the Gnostic Brotherhood of The Oath. These recognized the Creator’s presence on earth as they did in eternity, along his cyclical Nasouti (Adamic-Like) appearances; until he finally called them each via his name in The Time of El-Kashf (Exposure) through The Language of the Dawn – a language no soul on earth could possibly fathom if this soul has not seen his face or heard his voice before in eternity.

As for those who took the historical oath of El-Hakim falsely; they are The Counterfeits among The Authentic Gnostics, wherever they dwell today and to whichever country, nation or culture they belong. These Counterfeits never truly believed that The Dark Night would ever end; and thus they took The Earthly Oath completely oblivious to its Heavenly significance. The Oath shall expose their personalities just before dawn. They shall trip and fall in the last moment, at the very cross point of its Horizon, where The Darkest of Darkness clashes with The Lightest of Light, at the axis of Eternal Life and Death. Their poor vision has never experience The Sun of Gnosis in its full Power and Glory; it has rather only flourished under the diffused moonlight of The Dark Night. They are never prepared to face the Blinding Power of Sunrise as the Rays of Light gather upon The Dawn.

Forever encircled by The Context of their Edenic upbringing, The Children of Gnosis have always striven to trigger the memory of that moment on earth as in heaven, through preserving the Language of Gnosis across history. The oath they took was not to protect a Religious Identity, or to obtain a membership in a Secret Organization, or to be initiated into A Sacred Rite, or to belong to A Mystic Order, or to preserve A Supernatural Sword, or A Holy Grail, or A Magical Ring or even A Holy Land. The Oath has always been about preserving The Holy Matrimony between their Souls in The Great Father, who appeared to them in the image of their liking, The Sacred Untouchable Nasouti Image, and spoke to them through their own voices, from their own selves – a Matrimony held in the presence of the Spiritual of their Spiritual Parenthood.

The Gnostic Path is thus constantly redefined, in every day and age, through their reflective translation of the mathematics of The Eternal Moment in Earthly Adamic Contexts, via their conscious thoughts, expressions and actions on earth and throughout history – a gradual translation through which The Spiritual Triangle encoded within their selfhood ultimately converges with The Earthly Triangle of their personhood.

Shall The Circle return back to its Point of Compass, where the Power and Glory once experienced in The Kingdom of Heaven superimposes its bright context upon the Kingdom of Earth.


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