“O son, how many bodies we have to pass through, how many bands of demons, through how many series of repetitions and cycles of the stars, before we hasten to the One alone?” (Hermes Trismegistus)

A Simple Logic behind Reincarnation

Isn’t it only logical to conceive of one’s existence after death in the very condition one knows best about: right here, right now, in a body on this earth?
Isn’t it simply reasonable to identify the After Life with The Knowledgeable,
rather than forcing one’s imagination into An Unknown Definition of An After Life i.e. existing in some inconceivable ghostly form,
meandering in some ethereal realm,
up in some unimaginable layer of the skies?!!!

The Gnostic Significance of Reincarnation: Reincarnation and the Logic behind a Form of Existence Relative to Gnosis or Knowledge

According to The Gnostic Doctrines of the Druze, reincarnation is much more than a belief. Reincarnation is rather a Logical Essentiality that is strongly related to the nature of the Original Cause of Creation: GNOSIS or KNOWLEDGE.

Based on The Gnostic definition of Existence, for anything to Exist, it must be KNOWN TO EXIST, and The Adamic Soul is no exception to the rule.

For any given Adamic Soul to be Known to Exist, it must possess what it takes to be known: a knowledgeable form (Perceptually Identifiable Dimensional Attributes).


To Be Known to Exist ETERNALLY (as in the case of The Adamic Soul), logically entails that this condition of possessing-a-knowledgeable-Form is The Eternal Fate of any existing soul.

Hence, the Logic of Reincarnation, however foreign it might seem to an average discernment, is, in The Gnostic Logic of Finality, as simple as follows:

To Exist = To Be Known to Exist = To Possess a Knowledgeable Form = To Possess a Perceptual Form in Space and Time (A Morphe)
To Exist Eternally =
To Never Stop Possessing this Perceptual Form (despite The Physical Death Factor) =
Reincarnation Upon Physical Death…

This is, put simply, The Logic behind The Gnostic Doctrine of Reincarnation – a Universal Logic that no given soul on earth could possibly escape, regardless whether its person believes in Reincarnation or doesn’t.

The Eternal Manifestation of The Soul in a Perceptually Identifiable Form (a body) via reincarnation is basically the very element that preserves The Soul’s Knowledgeable Existence across eternity.

If you doubt the Gnostic Logic of reincarnation, try to consider The Concept of Eternity.
Close your eyes and envision Eternity.
Could you visualize Eternity without somehow conceiving of an image of Space and Time?!
Hence, even Eternity is preserved conceptually through The Perceptual Possibility that is reflected in the eternal nature of space and time, which is the very same possibility that preserves The Soul’s Conceptual Identity (via reincarnation).
For, had The Concept of Eternity not been translated through The Infinite Nature of Space and Time, Eternity (altogether) would have failed to hold as a Concept in the first place.
This is essentially the same Gnostic Logic that validates The Doctrine of Reincarnation.

Accordingly, The Adamic Body, in The Gnostic Logic of Finality, is not The Soul’s temporal or optional container here on earth (which, otherwise might not be the case up in the alleged “heavens”), but rather, it is THE VERY EXPRESSIVE FORM of The Soul, without which The Soul would cease to be knowledgeable for what it is.
Without The Adamic Morphe, The Soul would simply fail to be identifiable;

Since: The Adamic Body is the Expressive Form of The Soul, without which The Soul’s Identity and (or) Existence could not possibly be known to exist… and,

Since: The nature of The Souls’ existence is eternal, and,
Since: The nature of The Adamic Body is perishable, then,
Death and Rebirth (reincarnation) has been, and will always continue to be, The Eternal Destiny of every existing soul.
REINCARNATION is thus The Perpetual Fate of any Adamic Soul in existence, regardless of what religion its person belongs to in a given life, or regardless of whether this person accepts The Doctrine of Reincarnation or rejects it or even perhaps rests completely oblivious to reincarnation.

This is briefly The Gnostic logic underlying The Doctrine of Reincarnation as viewed from The Druze perspective; and this is precisely The Reason why most Gnostic Brotherhoods across history are known to have embraced The Doctrine of Reincarnation from the very unique perspective we’re presenting to you here in, including Ancient Gnostics like The Hermetics , The Pythagoreans, The Platonists, The Druids, The Essenes and The Cathars (to name only a few) – all embraced the Doctrine of Reincarnation from this unique perspective.

The Gnostic Significance of Reincarnation has always distinguished The Gnostics from other non-Gnostic believers in reincarnation, who might believe in reincarnation (alright), however, in a dogmatic sense and for totally different reasons than those which makes A Gnostic believe in reincarnation.

Even more, it is precisely due to this exclusive Gnostic Logic of Reincarnation (which denies the possibility of The Soul ever existing without The Body), that The Druze are renowned for taking their belief in reincarnation to certain extremes that distinguishes them from many Far Eastern philosophies and spiritualities who might entertain the belief in reincarnation, however, for reasons that The Druze might not necessarily share with them.
According to The Druze Doctrine of Reincarnation, The Adamic Soul couldn’t possibly ever reincarnate into a Body that does not express its identity (such as, for example, an animal or a plant body), neither could The Adamic Soul ever endure being ghost-like or formless (not even for one split second).
This implies that any given person x who dies at given place y, at a given time z, would immediately reincarnate in another place, to other parents, in the human form of an Adamic Infant, at the same exact time his Soul departs his previous body – not one breath is supposedly lost along the process of Reincarnation.
The Ancient Gnostic Druid Brotherhood is documented to have shared with The Druze such extremes concerning The Doctrine of Reincarnation. Other Gnostic sects surely believed in reincarnation in a similar way and for the right Gnostic reasons; however, details of their beliefs on Reincarnation did not survive throughout history, especially since most Gnostic Brotherhoods are known to have transferred The Gnostic Doctrines from one generation to another orally, for many reasons (including security reasons).

Reincarnation and The Soul’s Condition-of-Being: The Karmic Significance of Reincarnation

In addition to the logical imperativeness of The Doctrine of Reincarnation for preserving The Soul’s existence and Identity, reincarnation also carries a karmic significance. It permeates the possibility that The Soul experiences knowledgeable Conditions-of-being relative to its Essence (Thoughts and Actions) across space and time.

According to The Gnostic Druze Doctrine of Reincarnation, any given Soul x, unless it continuously undegoes reincarnation in The Adamic Form, cannot possibly preserve its Identity x, but also would not be able to Experience or Express any Knowledgeable Condition-of-Being that could translate its spiritual status i.e. joy, sorrow, love, remorse, guilt, depression, serenity, hatred etc (without reincarnation).

To The Gnostic Discernment, The Soul of a given person might as well be nonexistent following this person’s death, than ever being some ghost-like creature roaming somewhere in some unidentifiable dimension, supposedly reaping the fruits of some worldly allegiance or the penalty of disobedience to some religious institution, knocking on the doors of some unimaginable heaven or hell, allegedly experiencing some inconceivable spiritual conditions of punishment or rewards, inside some ghostly dimension that bears no relationship to any knowledgeable condition of such punishment or such reward. From here, comes another logical imperativeness to the Gnostic Doctrine of Reincarnation.

For, in order to even imagine The Soul of a given person x (after his physical death) roaming in such an inconceivable form or dimension, one would have to resort to a certain memory of person x that involves his perceptual form (his body). In other words, The Ghostly Form of person x (after his death) is imagined (by the dogmatic mind that rejects the doctrine of reincarnation) to be a creature that is exactly similar to person x, only somehow ethereal or invisible. This doesn’t make much sense, does it?!! It doesn’t make sense, utilizing what you know about person x to validate what you don’t and what you couldn’t ever know about him. This is poor logic…
After all, Imagination is made of imagery, and images are made of conceptual forms, and conceptual forms possess perceptual dimensions… There is no such thing as a formless form or a dimensionless dimension or unknowledgeable knowledge or thoughtless thought in The Gnostic Dictionary. Accordingly, there is no such thing as an inconceivable condition-of-being that The Soul supposedly experiences (after physical death) through a Formless Form in some Dimensionless Dimension.
It would be twice as absurd to embrace this type of logic as it would to repel the logic of reincarnation.

Thus, according to The Gnostic Doctrine of Reincarnation, The Adamic Soul, not only cannot possibly express any form of existence or identity independently of The Adamic Form (without reincarnation), but also, it cannot even express or experience any condition-of-being without reincarnation, much less plunge into some After-Life scenario that involves Punishment or Reward in some Dimensionless Hell or Heaven. In The Gnostic Finality, this logically implies that The Alleged Eternal Heaven and Hell both exist on earth; and accordingly, Eternal Punishment and Reward are earthly conditions-of-being that The Soul experiences throughout its eternal physicality (reincarnation) in space and time, and across its countless reincarnations.
The Karmic Possibility (even at its most spiritual contexts) simply cannot be translated without The Soul’s physicality.

The implications of The Physical Conditions that The Soul experiences in space and time on its spiritual destiny translate into Spiritual Conditions that the Soul experiences on earth throughout reincarnation.
Comprehending this point is key to registering The Justifying Logic behind The Universal Law of Karma (also known as The Law of Cause and Effect) which is (in turn) key to understanding the Gnostic perspective on Reincarnation.
The logical link between Conceptually Possible Spiritual States and Perceptual Conditions of Punishments and Rewards, necessitates the perpetual existence (reincarnation) of The Soul in a realm identical to this very physical realm of which we are already aware. This realm is simply The Only Realm (ever known to man) where The Soul could possibly experience spiritual concepts of Punishment and Reward that are relative to knowledgeable conditions-of-being; and this could only be preserved through reincarnation
True, a Spiritual Condition like GUILT (for instance) might not always directly relate to physical mathematics; however, any form of GUILT, materializing on any level, must bear certain relativity to a perceptual experience or condition-of-being.
The mere notion that GUILT could take on a deeply spiritual dimension (as in the case of Eternal Guilt, for instance), is not enough to justify the existence of a form of GUILT that is beyond the ability of knowledge or beyond the capacity of the mind to comprehend.
As well, to say that The Soul could experience an unknowledgeable form of GUILT is another way of stripping GUILT from its form and meaning, by claiming that GUILT could be ABSOLUTE, beyond any form of relativity to any knowledgeable condition-of-being.
Even if we were to assume that such an Absolute Form of GUILT could ever exist, what knowledgeable deed that a person could supposedly perform on an earthly level would ever render this type of GUILT and based on which His Soul supposedly would suffer such an irrelative form of GUILT. In other words, what could ever relate a Knowledgeable Earthly Deed to an Unknowledgeable Heavenly Punishment or reward?!!
What logic could ever relate such ABSOLUTENESS to such RELATIVITY?!!
This is like saying that one could be ABSOLUTELY SAD beyond any knowledgeable condition of SADNESS, or one could be ABSOLUTELY JOYFUL, independently of any justifiable or identifiable mathematics of JOY!!!

Hence, what the Gnostic Logic of Reincarnation is saying is something similar to the following: If conditions like GUILT, SADNESS or JOY are conditions that are meant to exist, then they must accordingly be conditions that are meant to be known. This would logically entail that such conditions, however spiritual their connotations might be, must bear relativity to knowledgeable conditions that The Soul supposedly experiences within a perceptual realm, the only possible realm where conceptual form could ever possess experimental dimensions (endlessly through reincarnation)
The definition of any other possible realm that could support such logic would be nothing but a description of a Ghostly Realm that is supposedly identical to this very world we are living in and perceiving, in this body, right here, right now…


Reincarnation and The Condition-of-being in Heaven or Hell: Reincarnation and The Earthly Mathematics of Eternal Spiritual Punishment and Reward

By now, it should be clear that, according to The Gnostic Doctrine of Reincarnation, there is no such thing as HEAVEN or HELL anywhere beyond this world or beyond what the soul could knowledgeably experiences through the body and via reincarnation .
Accordingly, Eternal Punishment (in The Gnostic Logic of Finality) takes place here on earth (karmically through reincarnation and even momentarily as we speak), through the gradual karmic entanglement of The Soul in a behavioral chain-of-causality that plunges it further and further, one life after another, into the earthly mathematics of Eternal Punishment.

This ultimately brings The Soul into extreme spiritual deprivation that materializes through a disturbingly noisy Behavioral Reality that ultimately diminishes The Soul’s receptivity to The Light of The Mind across reincarnation. The basic mathematics of this reality materializes through A Karmic Equation through which The Soul (across reincarnation) ultimately grows cornered by a perceptual reality that echoes spiritual bankruptcy (unconsciousness), where The Soul is no longer able to even benefit from karma or from the doctrine of reincarnation or even believe in reincarnation altogether.

In The Primeval Times, The Souls who underwent this diversion from The Mind are referred to in The Gnostic Texts of The Druze as The Nation of El-JINN.
El-Jinn is an Arabic word that is derived from the term El-Jnoun, which basically means insanity (in Arabic). El-Jinn are mistaken (by many religious communities) to be a group of Ghostly Archons (Evil spirits). In truth, the term speaks clearly for itself. Insanity is simply an Human Psychological State of Diverting from The Mind, and thus,

Becoming De-minded  - DEMENTED

The gravitational force of this diversion ultimately leads The Soul (across reincarnation) to plunge into the earthly mathematics of Eternal Punishment that translates into behavioral turbulence (Self-Destructive behavior).
At such point, The Mind is Eclipsed from The Soul’s vision, and The Soul loses any ability to recollect The Wisdom underlying the dark context of earthly events and experiences.
Accordingly, The Soul (across reincarnation) is transformed into a PSYCHE (Eve-ILL SOUL), that loses any connection to its Spiritual Identity, closer to living the life of A BEAST than of a Human-Adamic.

Hermes Trismegistos (blessed be his name), who is known in The Gnostic Texts of The Druze as an incarnation of The Universal Soul (in the relatively ancient times), and who is symbolized in The Gnostic Druze Star by The Color Red, described The Soul’s transformation as a process of dehumanization that occurs throughout reincarnation.
In the Hermetic Tablets, he speaks about humans reincarnating in the beastly form.
Some tend to mistake this Hermetic axiom to imply a definition of reincarnation where the possibility of Adamics reincarnating as animals stand.
In truth, Timeless Hermes used the term beastly metaphorically, to portray an even worse state than reincarnation as a beast, which is the state of reincarnation as a Dehumanized Adamic (DHUMAN-ADAMIC), living the mathematics of a beastly life, after once (in a previous reincarnation) experiencing a much more honorable level of being (yet not having what it takes to appreciate or preserve its worth).

“He who has, is granted more, and He who has not, is taken away from him what he has.” (The Gnostic Texts of the Druze).

Therefore, according to The Gnostic Texts of The Druze, The Soul’s condition-of-being in Eternal Hell is basically taking form now as we speak, here on earth. Let it be known to you, then, that: Earth is nothing but Heaven and Hell Translated into Knowledge-ability, in compliance with The Universal Law of Gnosis (knowledge); and what has already been commanded concerning The Spiritual Destiny of The Souls (in Eternity) is being translated here on earth, superimposing its Spiritual Context upon every perceptual detail of each and every person’s experience here on earth, and throughout reincarnation.

“The Ending has preceded the Beginning” (The Gnostic texts of The Druze)


Eternal Judgment, which is supposedly this alleged Future Apocalyptic Ending that is long awaited by the majority of humanity, has already happened;
and the epic battle between good and evil has already been resolved for the benefit of The Ultimate Good, The-Gnosis-in-Finality. It was resolved in the very moment The Spiritual Evil fell into the perceptual level of knowledge-ability, and thus, grew contained and constrained by the limitations of Space and Time.
Evil, which represents (in The Gnostic Finality) The Possibility of being empowered by The Unknown became itself confined into knowledge-ability, in complete obedience to The Law of Gnosis, losing the very mystery that has made it evil in the first place (The Mystery of The Unknown).
This point shall be more lucidly clarified throughout this source. However, to have a better understanding of this point read: The Prisoner Analogy

Earth, (and not The Alleged Heavens), is thus The Dimension of Eternal Punishment and The Dimension of Eternal Reward; and the outcome of the ancient battle between angels and demons was determined, at the very moment that The Devil (who is The Spiritual Opponent of Adam) fell down to the level of Adamic Personhood and was subjected to the Law of Gnosis and Reincarnation. His Mysterious Zero Identity, which empowers his logic, materialized Numerically through his Personhood as a Fallen Angel on earth subject to life/death and reincarnation.


Ever since, history has been telling His Story – The Story of His Spiritual Defeat that Translates Through his Turbulent Self-Destructive Actions in Space and Time and throughout reincarnation… His personhood has been eternally burning with the fires of earthly mathematics in every reincarnation of his. No amount of physical fire could ever measure up to the fires of his spiritual confinements inside The Adamic Form and the earthly Mathematics of His Spiritual Death and Defeat.
His works on earth (along with those whom he has claim over) have always translated into deep spiritual loathing towards The Adamic Spirit that Adam and his children on earth represent, and he and his cohorts have never rested in trying to devise ways to assassinate this Spirit that they couldn’t possibly know and to invent weapons aimed at physically destroying The Adamic Body , their fate that they themselves could never escape even if they deny this Gnostic truth and the logic of reincarnation.

“They appeared in The Adamic Images and constructed The Net and The Knife to assassinate The Souls of The Adamics.” (The Gnostic Texts of The Druze)

“Taste the works of your own hands.” (The Gnostic Texts of The Druze)

The Religious Fear or The Doctrine of Reincarnation – The Democratic Threat of Reincarnation :

Finally, it is worth mentioning that The Doctrine of Reincarnation has always been a pivotal doctrine in most religious texts and philosophies since Time-Eternal.
Nevertheless, The Doctrine of Reincarnation is ironically one of the most denied, rejected and deleted doctrines by most religious institutions across history.

Evidence of such defiance towards reincarnation and denial is violently documented throughout history in BLOOD AND ASH INK.
Traces of The Doctrine of Reincarnation have always been removed (from The Holy Texts) by men who could be considered as The Scribes and Pharisees of every religious or spiritual institution that has ever risen in history.

Apart from Far Eastern philosophies, like Buddhism and Hinduism, what has survived of The Doctrine of Reincarnation inside the edited versions of The Monotheistic Texts is little to nothing.

Few traces of The Doctrine of Reincarnation survived in The New Testament and even far fewer in The Holy Quraan ; and What survived did so only by accident and due to a certain abstractness that somehow managed to skip the attention of those Historical Counterfeits, whose job has always been to strip away any Religion or Philosophy from its Gnostic and transform it, instead, into a lifeless Body of Behavioral Pillars and Rituals, much less deny and refute the doctrine of reincarnation for what it represents on the level of individual freedom from the religious institutions.

For what reason has The Doctrine of Reincarnation always been so feared and resisted by the religious institutions of all times? We are not going to dwell much on this, for we believe it has been widely covered by countless testimonies at this point in time.

The best answer to this question, however, is encoded in Gnosticism itself.

Nonetheless, at first thought, anyone minimally acquainted with The Doctrine of Reincarnation would answer:


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