World Ancientness

The second major Gnostic Druze doctrine is: The Gnostic Doctrine of World Ancientness.

According to The Gnostic Texts of The Druze, What is meant by World Ancientness is basically The Ancientness of Adamic presence and experience on earth – a prehistoric presence that dates back millions and millions of years, contrary to the 7000 year time margin that is wrongfully concluded from The Genesis Account.

According to The Gnostic Texts of The Druze, The Genesis Account is a symbolic story that was never meant to be taken as literally as it has been by Monotheistic Religious Institutions.
Accordingly, the alleged creation of Adam and Eve is a metaphoric account of The Spiritual Creation of The Universal Mind and The Universal Soul.

The Gnostic Significance of Adam and Eve is explored in in greater depth in The Gnostic Orders of Holy Trinity. In The Gnostic Texts of The Druze, however, an actual story is acknowledged that took place at the beginning of this Adamic cycle, among three sacred men known as Adam, Enoch, and Seth.
These three men represent The Gnostic Spiritual Trinity that constitutes The Adamic Selfhood, (The Universal Mind, The Universal Soul, and The Word, correspondingly).
The notion of how Spiritual Powers present within each Human-Adamic could be embodied (as well) in personhood is explained in The Embodiment of Spiritual Powers in Adamic Form.
These Three Sacred Gnostic Figures are known to The Gnostic Druze as The Three Upper Bounds among The Five, who constitute The Kingdom of Heaven.
They are symbolized in The Gnostic Druze Star by The Colors Green, Red, and Yellow, respectively. However, millions of years prior to the events of their story, these same three men walked the face of this earth under different names and spoke different languages, and what is left of their countless stories across space and time survives in legends beyond current Adamic capability of belief.

When we say millions of years worth of Adamic Presence on earth, The Gnostic Texts are not referring to a Darwinist scenario of an ape-like evolutionary presence, but rather an advanced and civilized one, the memory of which has only survived through Legends like The Legend of Atlantis and Lemuria (also known as Gomorrah).

Certain ancient historical monuments like The Pyramids of Egypt and Mexico still stand witness to the scale of Prehistoric Spiritual Knowledge and Power once possessed by Adamics in The Lost History of Atlantis and even before.

Adamics, according to The Gnostic Texts of The Druze, are said to have possessed, in those prehistoric times, supernatural spiritual powers that are beyond modern man’s current ability to envision – powers like Telepathy, Levitation, the ability to move objects through thought, to control animal behavior and weather conditions through the “Spoken Word” etc…
Accordingly, prehistoric earth witnessed events that might sound like Homeric legends or pure magic to the contemporary discernment.

However, according to The Gnostic Texts of The Druze, these prehistoric events, forgotten like the childhood phase of a human life, would remain imprinted upon the Tablets of The Adamic Soul for eons and eons to come – subconsciously ruling the historic course of human advancement throughout this current Adamic cycle.
Not only this, they would also even subconsciously influence our deepest psychological desires and tendencies in this cycle – tendencies that override our average intentional behavior.

For instance, Western civilization (across the later stages of this Adamic cycle), has evidently advanced significantly in the field of communication arts and technologies, as opposed to countless other possibilities that could have characterized the nature and ruled course of such advancement.
From the invention of the telephone, to the radio, to the television and all the way through to the invention of the internet technology that we are utilizing today, the Western course of advancement has clearly exhibited a deep interest in the field of communication. The nature of this course, according to The Gnostic Logic (as reflected through The Gnostic Texts of The Druze), reveals a deep spiritual yearning for diminishing the effects of space and time over communication possibilities.
The question becomes: why this yearning in particular? Why this concentrated effort in the field of communication in particular? There are many possible answers to this question, each of which would sound perfectly reasonable independently of The Gnostic side of the story and the many scenarios that could be speculated on such matter and that could involve world conspiracies and hidden agendas. Still, these types of answers or scenarios would not answer to the question. What ever could make these inventions so acceptable by the masses to create countless reasons to head on this course of advancement? Has there always been this few Elite deciding on behalf of The Masses? Why would these alleged conspirators, even supposing that they had justifiable interests in these technologies, succeed in veering the course of human advancement in this direction?

According to The Gnostic Texts of The Druze, the yearning would supposedly come to rule the course of Adamic interest and advancement is spiritual in essence.
The Gnostic answer to the question above would never be something on the line of Adamic Imagination, Human Necessity, or Commercial Aspirations, as conventional logic might claim.
According to The Gnostic Doctrine of Knowledge, imagination is comprised of Conceptual Forms, and the mind cannot possibly conceive of The Unknowable. In other words, any conceptual image that crosses the mind must bear some relationship to an identifiable meaning or form. This conceptual Form, in The Gnostic Logic, must have possessed, at some point, perceptual possibilities; otherwise, according to The Gnostic definition of Knowledge, it could never be knowledgeable at any level, much less be imaginable.
Hence, according to The Gnostic Logic, the answer to the question (as to Why Adamic advancement in the course of Communication in particular?) would be:

a nostalgic yearning for a prehistoric Spiritual Power that Adamics once practiced in the Edenic Childhood Phase of Human Adamic Life, back in The Lost History of Atlantis, Lemuria (and countless similar prehistoric Civilizations) that witnessed such Advanced Spiritual Adamic Experiences:


Another similar Adamic tendency that has marked the course of technological advancement for many centuries now, is that which pertains to aviation technology.
Similarly, by The Gnostic Logic, one could say that the historic Adamic dream and aspiration, to possess wings and fly, is reflective of a nostalgic yearning for The Prehistoric Spiritual Power once experienced on earth, millions of years ago, which is referred to as:


The enormity of the prehistoric Adamic Experience on this earth, and the legendary wars that once took place, eons ago, between The Human-Adamics and The Dhuman-Adamics (a taste of which is accounted for in the rediscovered Gnostic Texts of Nag Hammadi), has also been subconsciously resurfacing through The Growing Adamic interest in Science Fiction, Mysticism, and Occult Powers. This is being passionately revived though motion picture projects revolving around these genres.

“El-Himma El-Moathira” is an Arabic Term (mentioned extensively in The Gnostic Texts of the Druze), referring to The Spiritual Power of Mind’s Will over Matter.
The prehistoric experience of this power is deeply imprinted upon the Adamic Soul and has haunted human imagination for centuries. According to The Gnostics Logic, the Adamic tendency to advance technologies towards the micro size, which has characterized technologies since the 20th century, reflects a nostalgic yearning to simulate The Spiritual Power of The Mind over matter, i.e., microwave technology, cellular and digital technologies, and most currently Nano technologies etc…
The melancholic longing for this type of power is also reflected in the modern current of revival of Ancient Mysticism and Spiritualities that borders upon forsaken sciences like Alchemy and Black Magic.

Adamics have not only lost The Spiritual Powers they once possessed in the prehistoric times of Atlantis, but have also lost memories of these powers.
According to The Gnostic Texts, this is due to their selfish abuse of these powers, which repeatedly violated The Gnostic Law by breaking The Spirit vs. Matter balance. This generated collective karmic contexts that called for apocalyptic earthly events on the level of civilizations and continents, like The Sinking of Atlantis and The Dramatic Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.

According to The Gnostic Texts, the scale and scope of these cosmic events is nothing short of defining what JUDGMENT DAY might be. Earth itself reincarnates through these types of events, while grand civilizations are buried and new ones are born pointblank. According to The Gnostic Texts, matter has always been responsive to Mind in ways beyond our current ability to fathom; and accordingly, earth itself responds to collective human thoughts through cataclysmic events – events that would be imprinted deep inside mass Adamic consciousness and would come to affect and influence mass psychological tendencies in the human cycles that followed.

According to The Gnostic Texts of The Druze, throughout the prehistoric Adamic cycles, the earth has witnessed countless cataclysmic endings. The Gnostic Druze never doubts the authenticity of The Atlantis Account that was recounted in this cycle by Timeless Plato. This is especially since Plato, the man who is known to the world as an ancient Greek philosopher, is known in The Gnostic Texts of The Druze as one of The Five Sacred Druze Bounds (symbolized in The Gnostic Druze Star by the red color).

Atlantis is one among many other prehistoric Adamic civilizations that rose and declined across the millions and millions of years encompassing Adamic experiences on earth – experiences beyond the scope of history itself.
History ages just as Adamics do and is bound to be struck by forgetfulness.
History itself dies and reincarnates through cosmic events, with very few Adamics surviving to tell the stories or recount the ancient knowledge.

Accordingly, all that survives of these prehistoric Edenic Times that took place in the Childhood of Earth’s Life is hidden in the secret archives of The Universal Mind (like images impressed upon the ethereal tablets of human consciousness). This knowledge is revived through those who are connected to Him and have access to those archives: His Authentic Gnostic Children However, flashes of these experiences, like childhood memories, might occur at times. One must never underestimate the significance of the childhood phase in life and its memories, because it truly shapes one’s deepest psychological tendencies, fears and phobias throughout ones entire life.

According to The Gnostic Texts of The Druze, Adamics were created all at once. Accordingly, the number of Adamics on earth has always been constant, since time eternal, preserved across the millions of years through reincarnation.

Accordingly, the Adamic population never increases or decreases, instead its often miscounted or not fully accounted. The same souls reincarnate repeatedly (only in the Adamic form) and have been doing so since time eternal.

A given person x might have been at times an Atlantean, at others a Lemurian, and later, an Egyptian, a Greek, a Jew, a Christian, a Moslem, a Buddhist, a Hindu, a Druid, a Cathar, a Celtic, a Woman, a Man, a black, a white, a rich, a poor, a strong, a weak etc….

In short, According to The Gnostic Texts of The Druze, Souls respect no man-made boundaries or temporal identities. They tend to swap races, genders, religions, cultures, nationalities, continents (you name it) across their eternal journey of physical deaths and rebirth in space and time.
Some might have put Jesus on the Cross 2000 years ago, and now they might be Rigid Fathers in the Church of Christ. Others might have been Orthodox Jews back in ancient Judaic times, and now they might be playing a role in some frenetic plan to annihilate Israel.
This, according to The Gnostic Doctrines, is the greatest curse of Adamic history.
Adamics, upon physical death, are struck by forgetfulness; thus, they are quick to adopt new identities in each new life and are forever ready to fight wars in the name of those pseudo identities and to ultimately die in these wars – wars that are not essentially related to their inner-most Spiritual Essence.
Consequently, Adamics ultimately perish, time after time, one life following another, in crazy insane wars and behavioral conflicts for the sake of these pseudo identities, the most dramatic and dangerous of which has always undoubtedly been The Religious Identity.

Religion, to the Gnostic discernment, is a form of Messianic Language that is only specific to this Adamic cycle. It is never meant to be sacred beyond Adamic sacredness, neither is it intended to rise with its stone monuments beyond the holiness of the Adamic morphe, or reach out for Heavens that are above the heavenly dimensions of The Adamic Mind. Back in prehistoric times, no religions were known to man, yet the Sacred Message was alive and flourishing, contrary to the shallow belief that all Adamics at that time were pagans.
In the same way that those sacred men came in The Adamic Cycle as Gnostic Philosophers and Holy Messiahs, they walked this earth millions of years before, under different names, expressing sacredness in verses of pure magic that would sound like Science Fiction to modern day understanding.

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