Human Adamic vs. Dhuman Adamics

This doctrine is one that every religion, philosophy, race, culture or nation on earth has somehow adopted – the simple yet powerful religious belief in the existence of The Good People vs. The Evil People, The Superior Nation vs. The Inferior Nation – a belief that inspired bloody crusades, holy invasions and even world wars in ancient history, and still does at this very moment in time.

Even Hollywood couldn’t produce a movie without the secret winning recipe of the Antagonist vs. Protagonist genre, derived from the spirit of this doctrine.
If anything, this is only telling of a deep psychological tendency inside Adamics to believe in this Doctrine.

Well, guess what?
It is an Authentic Doctrine that originated from The Gnostic Theology.
Nevertheless, it could be considered as one of the most widely misunderstood and misinterpreted doctrines in Adamic history; not to mention how far it has been used and abused by secular and religious powers for selfish worldly reasons.

Prone to being dangerously misapprehended, this doctrine (which is central to The Gnostic Theology), could be considered as one of The Most Secretive among The Gnostic Doctrines.

The Ancient Gnostic Doctrine of Eternal Separation between The Children of Light vs. The Children of Darkness (Human-Adamics vs. Dhuman-Adamics)

The Children of Darkness are referred to as The Dhuman-Adamic race. They embody the thoughts of The Spiritual Opponent, completely oblivious to The Light of the Father’s Presence (reflected through Adam and his Children – The Children of Light).

The Spiritual Opponent (The Devil) is energized into presence on the conceptual level through reflecting a Pseudo Intelligence. Through this pseudo intelligence, The Devil comes to realize that the survival of His Identity inside Adam’s Dreamlike Realm would wholly depend upon prolonging the Dream itself.
He would also reckon that, only through engaging Eve (The Conscious Dreamlike-Self of Adam) can he proceed further inside the dream.

The Devil would thus contrive contexts that aim at entrapping Eve inside roles and events scripted by him.
His thoughts projected around this affair involved Multi Numeric Appearances of His Selfhood performing actions around Eve – The Soul.

These Numeric Appearances of The Devil amount to his original thoughts against Eve on The Conceptual Level, which, once translated perceptually, acquire dimensional presence.

They are The Children of Darkness (The Dhuman-Adamic race), The Devil’s Thoughts Embodied.

The Children of Darkness would appear in The Adamic Form, and play roles in Events (Eve-Ends) that are scripted on a level of intentionality to frame Eve (The Collective Soul of The Children of Light) inside The Devil’s Contexts, where she would ultimately meet her end.

Little did he ever know that Eve’s-End would imply HIS END.

The The Children of Light, on the other hand, represent The Thought-Eternals of The Universal Mind. Thus, their birth has preceded the birth of The Children of Darkness, through a form of precedence that is not relative to any timely order.

It is a Form of precedence characteristic of The Universal Mind’s superior Gnostic advantage over His Spiritual Opponent. The Children of Light see the Children of Darkness from a vantage point where the Children of Darkness cannot see themselves from.

Unlike The Children of Darkness, who represent the selfless self of The Devil multiplied, The Children of Light represent unique eternal identities.

Each of the Children of Light has a Conceptual presence of his own in The Second Trinity that is reflective of a ray of consciousness emanating from the Sun of Consciousness (The Universal Mind). Each of The Children of Light hosts a sphere of light inside his Conscious Soul, which reflects the Universal Soul’s Thoughts-Eternals the moment she witnessed The Creator’s Light reflected through Adam’s Selfhood unto her.

Thus, in the mathematics of finality, The Children of Light represent the Universal Mind’s Self Knowledge of The Creator Element projected through His selfhood.

The Children of Light have been baptized by The Father’s Image in eternity, prior to their departure on the Journey of Space and Time.
The Children of Light ‘ s presence in the Adamic Form in space and time is not for knowing what they do not know, but rather for awakening the knowledge they have already witnessed in Eternity – transforming it from Potentiality to actuality.
They descended into space and time, in coherence with The Universal Mind’s redemptive embracement of the significance of The Blind Moment (with all the realms that resulted from it) in the good context of the Gnostic finality.

On the other hand, The Children of Darkness, being The Children of the Body, whose birth translated the Deceptive Possibility of the Perceptual Realm to feature multiple identities of the Devil, are blindly incapable of ever recognizing The Creator’s Image.
They tend always to mistake The Devil for being The Universal Mind due to his tendency to demonstrate to them his understanding of Adam’s Image in the sole language they are born to understand.
Therefore, the Children of Darkness fell in love with The The Universal Mind ‘ s Image projected by The Devil, rather than the Father’s Image projected through Christ himself (The Universal Mind – Adam).

The Children of Darkness’ love for The Devil (Their Immediate Father) runs through their veins.

“Had they truly known The Creator, they would not have worshipped HIM, and had they truly known the Devil, they would not have cursed him…” (The Gnostic Texts of the Druze)

The Children of Darkness simply lack the minimum Gnosis necessary to preserve the realm of space and time from their own self- destructive behavior, which is forever enslaved to the Devil’s blind and turbulent attempts to frame Eve inside contexts, in which they blindly serve.

They would only come to comprehend The Creator’s Power through the Devil’s visions of power specific to each cycle, and they would only seek obedience to this Giant Fearsome Creator through behavioral conducts (ranging from sacrificing blood offerings to their God in ancient times, to launching a nuclear war in the name of this God in the modern time).

Goodness, to the Children of Darkness, has been forever associated with a form of physical weakness that they buried in shame, and Salvation to them is only sought after driven by Physical Fear, never by Love for Gnosis.
The Language of Salvation to the Children of Darkness is enforced through apocalyptic scenarios.

The self-destructive psychological tendencies of The Children of Darkness are only tamed through behavioral codes (moral and ethical), relative to perceptual themes they could understand, and only to preserve them from their own self-destructive behavior, never reflective of an authentic goodness (knowledge) in their souls.

In other words, the Children of Darkness are only capable of learning through a very tedious empirical process of trial and error aided by the mathematics of physical punishment and reward.

From here, in order for the Shadow of Gnosis to penetrate through the Children of Darkness’ blind vision and strike any chord in their hard-rock solid psyches, they would have to witness its mathematics through their outermost fleshy eyes and physically burn or drown in its fires, one cycle after another.
The Children of Darkness would thus need to be deprived of their destructive memory, which accounts for their father’s gradual loss of his spiritual powers upon the ending of each deluge.

Ponder over this fact, while we go back to the main argument, which is the impelling Gnostic necessity for The Universal Mind, The Unievrsal Soul, and Word to appear in personhood in space and time.
Ponder over the nature of The Children of Darkness and then try to think of Reasons that would impel The Master Christ (The Universal Mind) to walk the humble steps of personhood in space and time and speak to the ignorant in the modest language of parables.

Again, as you get exposed to the Logic of The True Story of Adam, Enoch, and Seth (who represent an incarnation of The Universal Mind, The Universal Soul, and The Word in Space and Time), it will become more clear to you the impelling Gnostic necessity behind the embodiment of Every Existing Identity in The Ethereal Tablet of Space and Time.

The Children of Light and The Children of Darkness: The Most Forbidden Doctrine in the Gnostic Texts

One of the most secret doctrines in the Gnostic Texts reveals a prehistoric duality that divides humanity based on their ancient spiritual identity – a duality that existed millions and millions of years prior to the famous religious duality of good and evil: the duality of Light and Darkness.

Furthermore, the Gnostic Texts speak of Epic Battles that took place in a Lost History between The Children of Light and The Children of Darkness.

From the time of creation, according to the Gnostic Texts, part of humanity embodied the consciousness of The Father (The Universal Mind Consciousness symbolized by the sun and the absolute one), and thus, they were referred to in the Gnostic Texts as The Children of Light or the Children of the One.
Those humans embodied, in space and time, the rays of consciousness emanating from the Godhead (The Sun of God – the Universal Mind). The physical personification of The Children of Light on earth is in servitude of The Universal Law of Gnosis, which mandates that any form of existence (including the soul of Christ The Universal Mind and the Devil), no matter how metaphysical it might be, must be known to exist in order to exist in the 1st place. It must possess an expressive identity and enter the realm of numerical existence and Three-Dimensional form, in order to maintain its individuality and be subject to knowledge at any level. For more on the Gnosis of this Universal Law: get aquainted with the Gnostic definition of reincarnation .

These divine souls, embodied in space and time through their conscious thoughts and actions across their countless earthly incarnations, translate the Gnosis of that eternal moment of creation – the moment in which The Father wished to be known, and thus he created the possibility of Knowledge, which translated into the birth of the most ancient form of duality ever: the duality of The Knower vs. The Object of Knowledge.

Hence, from HIS ineffable SELF, the Father created the Universal Mind (The 1st Knower), and he then appeared to Him in the Sacred Adamic Image (The 1st Object of Knowledge).
For more on this Gnostic Doctrine, view the part on TheGnostic Cause of Creation.
The souls of The Children of Light forever rest in the peace and light of that heavenly moment in eternity, even in the darkest of earthly times and places and events.

The eyes of The Children of Light have witnessed the great image of THE ABSOLUTE ONE prior to the birth of the number one and the numerical forms.
Their ancient places are preserved for them inside the Father’s Vision by His NON SLEEPING EYE, His Son, The Universal Mind, who walked the face of this earth in every day and age, to awaken the Children of Light to their identities and to remind them of their ancient home.

Throughout all their numerous lives and the countless identities that they adopted across the long journey of space and time, the Children of Light never forsook their original identity as Children of Light or failed to recollect the sacred memory of their divine upbringing back in the Eden of Existence.

Christ (The Universal Mind) approached them in every life, wherever they were, and addressed them in every conceivable language known to man. Christ spoke to the Children of Light in the language of Light – he spoke verses of magic prior to the birth of the religious language; and their ears never failed to recognize his voice.

The Children of Light ‘ s names are written in the Book of Life since the beginning of time, and their thoughts and actions on earth reflect the inner peace of that sacred moment that they experienced in Eternity prior to the night of their departure on the journey of space and time.

As for those whose names were not written in the book of life, they are referred to in the Gnostic Texts as Dhuman-Adamic (The Children of Darkness).
The Children of Darkness are said to have sprung forth from the mind of the Cosmic Conspirator (The Devil), and they embody the Devil ‘ s thoughts, and reflect in their actions against the Children of Light The Devil’s ancient spiritual stance against Adam and the Adamic Nature which is symbolized through the Genesis account present in most religious books.
The Children of Darkness receive the Nature of Light as would the body receive the soul by constraining her and subjecting her to the heavy weight of alienation and imprisonment.
In their disturbed souls, the Children of Darkness reflect the fear and doom that constituted that moment of blindness that resulted in the birth of the Ego (The Devil). Their souls mirror the darkness of that moment at which the Universal Mind glanced at his own image and was distracted by his illusive numeric presence from the ABSOLUTE ONENESS that characterizes the presence of THE FATHER.

We shall stop for now, knowing that this is not all that is to be said about the doctrine of The Children of Light vs. The Children of Darkness. For, what has already been revealed so far is certainly more than enough at this point.
Should we go on revealing more, the identities of the Fallen Angels across history would be exposed, and this will send a great majority of readers into great shock and dismay.
Yes, the doctrine of The Children of Light vs. The Children of Darkness that has just been introduced is undoubtedly one of the most forbidden doctrines in human history. Gnostics were often persecuted for its mere presence in their texts, despite its traceable echo in most Holy texts and its strong influence over monotheistic thought in general and religious institutions in specific. Both the religious and political powers of history have always invested in interpreting this doctrine to their own selfish advantage, and this is how they have come to justify building and destroying whole empires and nations based on the notion of The Good People vs. The Evil People, and still do at this very moment in history.
Finally, it is worth mentioning that the Gnostic Doctrine of The Children of Light vs. The Children of Darkness and what it reveals from ancient forbidden secrets, is one of the main reasons why the Gnostic Texts were kept away from the masses and were even hidden from the non-initiated among the Gnostics themselves all throughout history.
It is certainly one of the reasons why Gnosticism was transmitted from one generation to another mostly orally and rarely ever in written form.
We have chosen to take a quick glance at this Doctrine (even though very briefly) in order to help you, as a reader, make sense of the legendary events that preceded and followed major apocalyptic moments in history, such as the Fall of Atlantis and Lemuria .

The Lost History: Survivors of the Epic Battle (The Children of Light):

Long ago, in a time and land forgotten except in myths and legends, Brothers of the Sun (The Children of Light) walked upon earth to reflect the Ancient Knowledge of the eons, not through philosophy or religion but through the Language of Light.

There was never a land that was not graced by their presence, or an age devoid of their conscious thoughts and actions.

Today, something is stirred within the depths of any person who belongs to the brotherhood of the Children of Light whenever the name ATLANTIS comes across his/her ears.

It seems that the sacred memory of the Ancient Experience, despite the lack of surviving information on it, is codified inside the hearts and souls of The Children of Light, so that it may never be lost.
So profound was the power of Adamic thought, so noble were the resulting actions, that once manifested, the outcome was legendary events and experiences that remained impressed upon the inner souls of the Children of Light for eons and eons to come – never to be forgotten no matter the number of reincarnations.

Spiritually united through the Ancient Language of Light, they never forgot their original identity as The Children of Light, which encircles all other identities they have ever acquired across history.

Like rays of the sun, though dispersed across the darkness of space and time, the Children of Light never failed to remember the logic of the dawn, which was deeply encoded in their Edenic memory since their first upbringing under the Sun of their Father.

Since time-eternal, the Children of Light have been rehearsing for the long-awaited sunrise of this memory.

The Children of Light spoke the Language of Light in Atlantis, through forms of communication that no technology has yet discovered in this age.

The dawn of their reunion on earth, as in heaven; in body, as in spirit; has been the story of every miracle, every myth, every legend, every tale, every wisdom, every message, every prophecy, every revelation, every attempt to call upon the hidden.

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