The Night of Departure from Eternity

Since the beginning of time, the Gnostic Secrets were revealed to humanity: through miracles, legends, myths, philosophies, religions, sciences and all other conceivable means.

“No eyes could claim that it had not seen enough. No ears could claim that it had not heard enough. ”

For, “nothing is new under the Sun”; and the human soul is certainly no exception. Man is as ancient as the universe itself and his soul has traveled long enough across space and time to sense this fact.

To man, across his countless reincarnations, was granted the power of free will.

One of the most original and ancient practices of free will took form in the Eden of Time, in the Childhood of History, when man was granted the free will to know what free will means.

The moment that man chose to know, he descended from the Eden of Absolute ONENESS downwards into the realm of numerical existence, through a dreamlike experience during which he witnessed his identity as a numerical 1, in a universe made up of number (countless other identities), and he witnessed all that is to ever happen, past, present and future, all unfolding at once before his very eyes.

He also knew that what he saw at that moment is a self-fulfilled prophecy.

He who comprehended the meaning of this vision resorted to The Father to save him from the limitless possibilities of sight.

He saw his free will unfolding in images of eve (his soul) trapped inside events (eve-ends) surmounted by the vicious circle of Fate, and he witnessed the death of eve (his numerical self) in the infinite possibilities of number that extended like the endless darkness of space and time…

He whose eyes have not witnessed the GREAT ONENESS of the Father was absorbed by his numerical selfhood and has not what it takes to recognize the frame of that vicious cycle inside which his eve is trapped, and thus he became a dead image inside a dream, forever threatened by the Language of Awakening.

Accordingly, the same knowledge that was destined to be the Children of Light’s guide towards eternal life was also destined to be the Children of Darkness’s path towards eternal death.

Millions of years ago, in what is referred to as “the childhood of humanity’s Age”, the virgin thoughts of Adamics were awakened gradually to the possibilities of space and time and free will.
This caused the crystallization of a sense of self identification that later developed into an ego; and thus, man’s image of his SELF grew more and more heavily tied and confined to the constraints of space, time, and events.

This process is symbolized in the holy texts by the concept of the Fall of Adam from the Garden of Eden, after being tempted to eat from the Tree of Knowledge.

Blessed, however, is the knowledge of the wisdom behind this fall, for every other knowledge compared to it is like the overflow of rays compared to the Central Sun.

The rays may stretch out to the darkest of realms or descend to the most chaotic of physical existence, yet the Sun remains the eternal unaffected Sun.

According to the Gnostic Texts, Adam and Eve stand for The Universal Mind and The Universal Soul – the spiritual parents from where Adamic souls derive their innermost identities.

The spiritual descent of the Children of Light from their original place inside the Father’s vision, into the realm of space and time and personification, is key for the Children of Darkness, in order to comprehend the nature of their original choice in a language their minds could fathom.
Such knowledge is ultimately the only way to save them from the darkness of their own self-destructive souls.

Remember, knowledge is the only justifiable cause for any form of existence, even for the existence of the most evil of souls. Otherwise, Christ the Great would not have needed to walk his humble steps among the most hostile and ignorant of men and to speak to them in stories and parables they could understand.

Those referred to in the Gnostic texts as the Children of Light were those sparks of the Christhood who experienced the greatness of dwelling inside the Spirit of Christ, prior to their descent to his body.

Driven by their love for the Creator, they chose to embrace even the most demented of creation that resulted from the crystallization of that dark moment.

Consequently, they entered the matrix of confined numerical existence, with all the dark implications of that choice on their free souls, which once had experienced limitless freedom with the Father in their original home.

They descended down to the darkest of material realms, like the Sunrays that reach out in order to light the furthest corners of the universe.

They chose to undergo the harsh mathematics of all dualities that resulted from the original duality of knowledge, in order to call upon that sacred unity once more.

Prior to their symbolic descent, The Children of Light were united in a secret place on earth by the most ancient of identities (the identity of light), and they communicated with each other through higher spiritual means than anything known to man in this day and age.

The Gnostic Texts of the Druze describe these Edenic experiences as: “No eyes have seen, no ears have heard, and it has never crossed the mind of man.”

The Children of Light dwelled far separated from the Children of Darkness by a distance that was ruled and measured by spiritual laws and not by man-made geographical boundaries.

The Children of Light entered the matrix of earthly events, driven by love towards the Father’s creation and desire to embrace its darkest of realms, as being ultimately part of His original wish for knowledge to exist.

However, since knowledge has no limits, from their desire to embrace the Father’s creation, sprung forth, on the other hand, all the fear and hesitation associated with experiencing what free will could imply when placed into the test of space, time, and possibility.

This meant, on the less metaphysical levels, that their endeavor, though well intended, was mercilessly tested by the fires of the Ego. This was a test that was translated on earth through their interaction with the mentalities of The Children of Darkness, whose Father had sworn from the very beginning to use and abuse the Power of Free will against Adam and his Children until it served its last breath.

Thus, the Children of Darkness, being completely ignorant yet deeply disturbed by the nature of Light, received the Children of Light as would a body receive a spirit – restraining it to its Three-Dimensional confinements, exposing it to the darkest contexts of physical possibilities.

The Children of Darkness, having never known the original place from were the Children of Light descended, or having never experienced the heavenly love that inspired their choice, only saw in the Children of Light’s endeavor what they themselves saw when they chose to materialize the Devil’s egoistic version of Free will.

Thus, the Children of Darkness could not see in the Children of Light’s presence among them beyond the reflection of the Devil’s Egoistic misinterpretation of Adam’s Image.

They stared at them through the eyes of their spiritual father, the Devil.
They saw not the Light of The Creator in his Messenger – their limited minds stumbled at a dead image made of flesh and blood. Therefore, they mocked the size of God in Adam, and said to themselves what their father “The Devil” had said: “They are made of clay and we are made of Fire; nothing they can do we can’t do. Why not test the power of God in the spirit they claim to exist through testing their ability to resist the power of pain in their body?”

However, one cycle after another, one life following the other, the Children of Darkness grew more and more unwillingly exposed to the language of Light through the Gnostic actions of The Children of Light. They grew more and more aware of the nature of light and the threatening effect that its Language has over their will power.

Each time they abused the power of free will, directing their arrows upwards towards the sun, thinking by this they were hurting the God of Light residing in the 7th sky of their imagination, God answered back to them from a very near place. He replied in the only language they could ever understand, the material language of floods, volcanoes and major disasters in the scale of: the flood of Noah, the Sinking of Atlantis, the tragic disappearance of Sodom and Gomorrah, and many more events that is beyond history’s memory.

Cycle after another, the Children of Darkness lost the spiritual powers they once possessed in ancient Atlantis – magical powers like moving objects through thought, until we’ve reached this final Adamic cycle.

The more they were exposed to the dark mathematics of free will across space and time, the more they lost their spiritual luster and grew further and further forced to confront their human limitations.

This gradually forced them to conceal their evil behind a mask of compassion, ruled by a behavioral code of conduct: in the name of ethics, morality, democracy, equality, peace etc.

They thought that by doing this, they would be outsmarting Adam’s goodness. However, in the Truth-in-Finality, they only comprehend the misery of their Father’s defeat, who is forced to drink the bitter vinegar of his lost battle against Adam. Little did they know that by hiding their evil, they are only learning to confront the nature of light, and this is the true meaning of “Eternal Hell”.

Eternal Hell is not translated into fires that burn up somewhere in the skies, but rather inside the souls of The Children of Darkness as they confront the logic of Sunrise; as they begin to suffer the accelerated widening of the Gap between their Interior Truth and their Exterior Reality, which ultimately leads to a form of Insanity.

Throughout history, the Children of Darkness have grown to suffer more and more from this form of insanity. However, they have often found themselves further and further compelled to hide it in order to face a Reality that is beyond their choice: The Mind’s Reality.

Thus, they have grown to master the art of infringement, through forever copying the exteriorities of the Children of Light’s actions in order to update their behavioral definition of the Good.

Little do they know that the day they fully understand the meaning of the eternal entrapment of their souls inside an ongoing behavioral prison, is the day they understand the reason why the Children of Light descended and chose the suffering of the body over the suffering of the soul.

Each time those Fallen Angels abused the Spiritual Law of Free will and acted on a deeper level of intentionality to hurt the Adamic nature, they were deprived more and more of their Spiritual Powers – deprived by nothing but their growing awareness to the bad effect that their inner truth had on their physical well-being.

The final stages of deprivation are witnessed in this cycle by the helpless usage of Gold as a currency to control people’s destiny, when once, as more glorious “angels”, they had the ability to better master the laws of physics (or what is else know as Black Magic) in order to feed the throne of their ego.
At those glorious days, gold was used for trivial objects like spoons and forks.

Thus, by the standards of the Truth-in-finality, humanity is living the dawn of an age where those who were once referred to as “Archons” are now nothing more than the weak spirited men of this world, whose actions today have diminished in effect – from the level of controlling events through thought into the level of controlling humanity through their daily loaf of bread.

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