The Universal Mind

According to The Gnostic Texts of The Druze, knowledge of The Sacred Bounds and what they signify in The Kingdom of Gnosis is the only path to THY FATHER;
If knowledge of The Sacred Bounds constitute The Path, knowledge of the Highest Bound (The Universal Mind) is The Crossing Point at the end of The Path.
Many a soul across time has attempted to walk along This Path, yet failed to pass through the crossing point (The Universal Mind), tripping and falling at the very last step.
The First and Foremost Bound, The Universal Mind, is The Medium without which no human soul could ever attain True Gnosis of The Creator. The Universal Mind is also known (in The Gnostic Texts of the Druze) as The Pen, The Door, and The Veil behind which The Creator’s Lahouti Selfhood resides.
Through The Universal Mind, The Creator would enter The Duality of Knowledge on one hand, and through The Universal Mind, The Creator would preserve His Transcendent Unity on the other hand.

“I am the First and the last, The Alpha and The Omega, The Beginning and The End.” (The Words of The Universal Mind in the New Testament)

In The Gnostic Texts of The Druze, The Creator is said to have addressed The Universal Mind saying:

He who obeys you, obeys me, and he who disobeys you, disobeys me… Through you, I reward, and through you, I punish… Through you, the highest of ranks are achieved…(The Gnostic Texts of the Druze on The Universal Mind)

“To the thirsty I will give water, without price, from the fountain of the waters of life. (The Words of Christ – The Person of The Universal Mind in the Christian Times)

The Universal Mind is also known (in The Gnostic Texts of The Druze) as The Cause of all Causes, in reference to The Fact that The Universal Mind is both, The Cause of Eternal Punishment and The Cause of Eternal Salvation of the souls.
Those who knew The Universal Mind from the start recognized The Light of The Father shining through The Universal Mind’s Selfhood, and thus, their souls are eternally baptized and salvaged by The Gnosis of Thy Father.
Those who saw The Universal Mind through the Eyes of Their Father, The Devil (who fell from the start for The Savior Image of Christhood – The Universal Mind – without ever seeing The Light of Salvation shining through The Universal Mind),
are Eternally Punished by this blindness, which prevents them from ever benefiting from the substance of light reflected through The Universal Mind’s divine selfhood.
They fell victim to The Devil’s erroneous Image of Universal Mind (The Anti Christ Mentality) framed by The Devil’s Own Ego.
The Devil saw in Christhood (The Universal Mind) The Importance of The Savior Role, without ever benefiting from the light of Salvation itself.
Through mimicking Christ’s Externalities (The Visual Mannerism of The Universal Mind’s Actions in Space and Time), he developed his Pseudo Intelligence – The Dark Powers of the Mind. He would build empires upon empires of deceit, in which he would enslave all of those whose names were not written in the book of life since the beginning of time.
These are The Dhuman Adamics (The Devil’s Thoughts against Adam – The Universal Mind) embodied in space and time, rebelliously serving The Gnostic Cause. Their destiny has been entrapped inside his eve-ill vision, and the roles they played against the Human-Adamics were scripted by his thoughts. Their psychological egos were ballooned by the winds of his false promises and threats to transform them into heroes and saviors inside the scripts and scenarios he contrived for the sole purpose of framing Eve (The Universal Soul) and her En-Souled Children inside his contexts to prove The Creator wrong in choosing Adam (The Universal Mind) as his delegate.
They lied to their own selves, and accepted heroic responsibilities beyond their ability to handle; thus, their spiritual bankruptcy would gradually be exposed as the dawn of awakening approaches.
They mastered the Powers of Self Illusion, and grew mighty, entangled within the dreamy contexts of history (His-Story), The Devil’s Story, completely oblivious to The Creator’s Story and the Gnostic mathematics of The Dawn of His Sunshine. Theirs were all roles and stories that would fade like the stars in daylight, and the true story would begin.

Seeking knowledge of The Creator, without knocking on The Door (The Universal Mind), is seeking knowledge of a God that is beyond The Mind’s ability to know.
Such knowledge, or lack of it, in The Gnostic Finality, cannot be differentiated from utter ignorance.
It is like seeking sight of an object that has no dimensional presence or identifiable form; it might as well not exist at all. It is like forever chasing after An Unknown, trading what you know for what you don’t, or constantly looking out for a blurred future at the expense of living the lucid present.

On the other hand, seeking The Creator through The Universal Mind and the rest of the Sacred Bounds, who represent The Spiritual Kingdom and Earthly Kingdom of Thy Self, implies seeking The Creator through YOUR own ADAMIC POWERS AND POSSIBILITIES – through your own mind, your own thoughts, your own imagination, your own expressions, your own will power, your own actions.
It means inviting The Creator into your own kingdom, rather than excluding Him.
It means admitting that you are inside His Kingdom , rather than egoistically excluding yourself – The Essence of what made The Devil a Fallen Angel incapable of benefiting from the light of the Universal Mind.
Once you behold The Eternal Beauty that constitute the Kingdom of Thy Self represented by The Universal Mind and the rest of the Sacred Bounds and their corresponding powers within your own self (i.e., the significance of your Mind, your Soul, your Word, your Will, and your Action), you arrive at a form of knowledge so sanctifying, so relevant to Thy Self, so omnipresent, and so vibrant, that it translates pure VISION of The Creator into every facet of Thy Self.
Every thought, every expression, every action, every motion, every occurrence, every happening, every event now resonates pure vision, pure confidence and determination, vibrating with the unconditional mathematics of the HERE AND NOW. You will rest secure inside the Circle of The Happening itself before it is translated by the Mathematics of What has Happened or What will Happen.
This is not a promise of happiness in some conditional unknown future, subject to the inferior laws of space, time and possibility – one that could happen or could otherwise not.
This is, rather, happiness forever in the happening.
Like the omnipresence of Sunlight (The Symbol of The Universal Mind), The Creator’s Reality is forever in The Circle of The Happening.
It cannot ever be subjected to relatively inferior elements like space, time and possibility; instead, anything that occurs in the spatiotemporal dimension will occur descriptively in this reality.
Whether you choose to embrace this eternal truth or to ignore it is your problem. The price you pay will be nothing but the mere fact that your vision is deprived of its beauty and your soul is forbidden from its healing power, right here, right now.

“Know Thy Self.”

You are most likely too absorbed by your own behavioral self, your mind stuffed by its thoughts, your ears deafened by its noise, and your vision too overwhelmed by its delusive multiplicity, to recognize The One Voice speaking to you through all the sounds you hear or The One Face looking at you from behind all the confusion and chaos.
The mere fact that you fall short of recognizing its Forbidden Simplicity, does not mean that it is not a reality, any less than your inability to see light could ever imply that you would not be seeing anything without its agency.

On the other hand, your soul remains attentive to The Voice of The Universal Mind within, which resonates underneath your loud and rebellious ego and your reality converges with Thy Father’s Reality, like two triangles converging.
Through knowing and respecting The Universal Mind and the Sacred Bounds and what they signify in Thy Father’s Kingdom of True Gnosis, you could knock upon The Door of Your Selfhood (The Christ or Universal Mind Within), and baptize your vision, once more, with the sacred image of Thy Father, reflected through your own Selfhood, to your own Selfhood, in your own Adamic Image through the mediatorship of The Universal Mind.
You will see Him looking through your eyes, you will hear him speaking through your voice, and you will feel him listening through your ears, thinking through your thoughts, breathing through your breath, shining through your Adamic expressions, moving through your humble motions. You will sense HIS great presence in you.
You will lose your self to him, and he will grant it back to you, charged with the substance of eternal life.

THIS IS THE TRUE MEANING OF AT-ONE-MENT. It engages the Knower and the Object of Knowledge in a holy matrimony, at almost any level of conscious existence.
It resembles The Creator’s eternally vibrant presence, which never is about what happened in the past or what is waiting to happen in the future; it is always about what is happening HERE AND NOW, inside the Gnostic Kingdom of Thy Eternal Selfhood.
Your reality: past, present and future WILL BE ENCIRCLED WITH AN ETERNAL NOW, forever TRANSLATING Thy Father’s Reality, and the possibility of living such reality is Thy Father’s gift only to His Authentic Gnostic Children who can benefit from The Universal Mind and the Sacred Bounds.

In each hour, HE (The Creator) is involved in an affair and no particular affair distracts HIM from another… (The Gnostic Texts of The Druze).

In comprehending the logic behind WHAT IS HAPPENING at this very moment in time (here and now), despite the LIMITLESS other possibilities of WHAT OTHERWISE COULD HAPPEN, your mind is completely fulfilled by this meaning. Your soul is completely secured by this feeling, and your self (Thy Heart) is fully encircled by the heavenly mathematics of Self Consciousness, even while being amidst the darkest of earthly contexts. You are protected.
This is how Timeless Socrates was able to mock the Justice of Athens, as he drank the poison of its earthly sentence.
This is how John The Baptist was able to rest within the hands of his persecutor whilst his head was being severed from his body.
This is how El-Hallaj was able to hymn his verses of divine love, whilst his hands were being severed.

At this point, your soul rests securely in its ancient home, possessing no more hunger or URGE TO KNOW what is next. It rests like a silent witness inside the Universal Mind (The Eyes of God) looking down at its earthly role from high above, untouched, realizing that what happens in The Realm of Translation, however seemingly intentional, is nothing but The Will of Thy Father; in all its chaos and confusion, it is nothing but a silent servant of a meaning forever beyond it.

To understand this point better, consider the simple Gnostic maxim: KNOW THY LIMITS. Do so for any domain of responsibility in life, be it a job, a duty, a simple task or merely an activity in which one might be engaging.
If one respects this simple Gnostic maxim, one ends up very secured by its implications on the mathematics of one’s existence here and now, perhaps even more than one is willing to admit. Deep inside, no one is spiritually secured by the notion of carrying a burden or responsibility beyond his/her ability to undertake. Yet, incongruously, the majority of Adamics work against their own spiritual wellbeing, through falling into the temptation to behaviorally defend pseudo identities and play heroic roles inside scripts that do not represent their innermost spiritual identity or its interests.
They are instead absorbed by the psychological tendency to imitate The Savior Image (The Universal Mind as Viewed through The Devil’s One-Eyed Logic), painted to them by The Devil, even at the expense of their own wellbeing and real SALVATION (Real Salvation = The Ability to Benefit from the Universal Mind).

Know Thy Limits…Know Thy Bounds. The simplest path to happiness has thus become a Forbidden Simplicity – a safe shore that, to be reached, requires that one swim against the strongest currents of The Dhuman Ego.
The world, as an aftermath of departing so far away from the wisdom of this simple path (The Universal Mind Truth), is plunging into commitments and responsibilities beyond its power to handle; and accordingly, the majority of it tends to die thousands of times whilst still living.
People die every day attempting to feed their boundless spiritual hunger.

Knowing thy Bounds, on the other hand, reflects seeking meaning in The Possible, Here and Now, through The Gnostic Possibilities of Thy Own Selfhood – Through the Universal Mind /Soul and Word.
It is like the state of being aware whilst you are dreaming that you are dreaming, which is also known as LUCID dreaming.
Such awareness renders The Dreamer in full charge of the dream events, forever secured by the possibility of possessing the power to wake up at anytime he/she wishes.

Knowing Thy Limits is to be content with who you are and what happens to you at any given time. This means to be Encircled by the Light of Meaning (True Gnosis – The Receptivity to The Universal Mind) at all times and in all situations in life – in your strengths and in your weaknesses, in your moments of pride and in your moments of shame, in your moments of joy and in your moments of sorrow.
There is no place that you could move towards that would ever make you more whole or more important than you are where you now stand. There is no future image of yourself that you could aspire to reach that would ever be better than who you are, right here, right now, as long as you can see this simple Gnostic Truth.
Both the Beggar in the slums of New York and The President in the White House are translating the same reality, THE REALITY OF THE ONLY SELFHOOD IN EXISTENCE.
They are both trapped inside the mathematics of translation, however intentional their actions might seem.
They are serving a meaning to which they might be completely oblivious. No one is better or greater than the other (in the Gnostic truth-in-finality) save to the extent that one is aware or conscious of this simple Gnostic fact – an awareness that allows him to benefit from The Universal Mind and physically experience the dream with the spiritual consciousness of The Reality outside it.
This is the only way out; which is what it means to benefit from The Universal Mind.

To Know thy Bounds is to have no fear of the future, and no fear of the future is less about what you are prepared to know and more about what knowledge you are prepared to surrender.
This is the basic mathematics of eternal happiness – The ESSENCE OF THE EVER PROMISED NEW JERUSALEM.

Let it be known Unto you then that falling for the image of CHRIST (The Universal Mind) is the innermost spiritual temptation of an Eve-ill Soul (The Psyche).
This blind temptation is metaphorically referred to in the Bible as THE ANTI CHRIST TEMPTATION, and living its mathematics is basically living the mathematics of what is theologically known as The Original Sin.
As it will become clear unto you, Jesus Christ (The Universal Mind and The Authentic Savior Himself) never nourished any such temptation. He never fell for this tendency to play the role of The Universal Mind, and that makes him who He is.
The secret of the Power of Christhood (The Universal Mind) is the simple fact that Christ’s vision is the most immune against his own Image – against the Savior Image.
He is forever shining with the guiding light of salvation, but never acting like a Savior.
He is forever true to Who He IS, but never playing the role he is made to play.

Like the sun, he does not sacrifice light in order to light the world around him; he simply shines with what He is (The Universal Mind).
What Christ (The Universal Mind) granted to humanity is not by way of sacrifice, but rather an overflow of his Selfhood.
What he grants, he grants by simply shining with what he is, The Sun of Salvation. The sun doesn’t perform the act of shining; the Sun wouldn’t be The Sun without shining.

In conclusion, The Creator created the nature of The Universal MIND as a pure reflection of HIS OWN CREATIVE NATURE.
HE subjected HIS Boundless Inconceivable Existence to the BOUNDARY OF THE UNIVERSAL MIND.
He descended to the level of His Creation, Adam (The Universal Mind), and appeared to Adam in an image akin to Adam’s nature – an image that Adam (The Mind) could see, hear, identify with, and aspire himself to be like.
The perfection that shines through The Universal Mind (Christ’s Personhood) in space and time is so reflective of The Creator’s Perfection that Christ (The Universal Mind), in all His countless incarnations on earth, never stops reflecting THE CREATIVE POWER OF THE CREATOR. For this, he is often mistaken for being The Creator Himself – a deadly mistake to the beholder.

The Universal Mind is the Authentic Christ of The Christian Times; The One and Only Pythagoras of the Ancient Greek Times; the Great King Solomon of the early Judaic times; the blessed Jethro of the later Judaic times; the Angel Gabriel (Salman El-Farisi) of The Early Islamic Times; The Great Hamza Ibn Ali of the later Islamic times; The great Krishna of Ancient India; and The Great Buddha of Ancient China. These are but a few of The Universal Mind ‘ s incarnations.
It is no secret that the selfhood behind each name of these names has puzzled the minds of humanity in its times.

Yes, The Universal Mind, Adam, along with the rest of El-Hudoud (The Sacred Gnostic Bounds), are incarnated in every day and age, in flesh and blood, in complete obedience to the Law of Knowledge (True Gnosis). The Law mandates that every form of existence, no matter how metaphysical, must be known to exist, in order to exist in the first place. In order for it to be known to exist, it must possess dimensional presence, an expressive form to account for such knowledge-ability.
Yes, The Universal Mind, in all his power and mightiness, is no exception to this Gnostic Law. Even The Creator Himself, the moment he wished to be known, respected this very law that he himself created, and appeared in The Adamic Image before Adam’s vision, in order for Adam (The Universal Mind) to know HIM.

However, if there is a Human-Adamic on this earth who projects PURE LIGHT, PURE CONSCIOUSNESS, PURE MIND, PURE HOLINESS, PURE CREATIVITY, PURE SACREDNESS, this person must be The Person of the Universal Mind Himself.
It is he (The Universal Mind) who has graced the face of this earth time and again, in his overwhelming presence;
He (The Universal Mind), who, like the sun, has lit the darkness of history since time-eternal;
He (The Universal Mind), who has come in every day and age, wearing a different body and under a different name, speaking a different language, calling for the same ONE.
Let it be known unto you, then, that The Sacred Bounds, in their humble earthly Adamic presence, reflect the heavenly Kingdom of Thy Father on earth.

“As Above, So Below.” (Hermes Trismegistus)

One encounters them, in their Adamic historicity, in space and time, in flesh and blood. One recognizes who their persons are, and what they signify in the KINGDOM OF THY FATHER, and The Gnostic Core that inspires their sacred thoughts, expressions, and actions on earth. One recollects The True Gnosis of the Edenic Experience that The Soul once experienced in Eternity.
In their humble and knowledgeable form as Human-Adamics, The Universal Mind and The Sacred Bounds embody The Creator’s Gnostic Wish to subject HIS Boundless Existence to the bounded nature of Adamic existence. Again, this is The Gnostic Logic behind The Creator creating Adam (The Universal Mind) in His own likeness. The Adamic Form is thus the most Sacred Form in existence, for The Creator Himself chose to appear in it.
And as you shall discover in the Key, The Sacred Adamic Form is the only form in space and time capable of reflecting METAPHYSICAL CONCEPTS like Justice, goodness, beauty, love, honor, intelligence, brightness, perfection etc. – forms that otherwise couldn’t be encountered or expressed anywhere in the physical realm.
Yet, ironically, The Adamic Form on earth, however sacred, has always been the most declaimed on earth by those Dhuman-Adamics who project their Father’s Ancient hatred towards The Creator’s choice to place his great secret in the modest earthly nature of Adam (The Universal Mind).
Through their works on earth, they have always expressed their belittlement of this form.
They created a world in which Adamics are reduced to numbers, and their flesh is targeted like birds, by iron and lead.
All this they create, while they themselves cannot ever escape their Adamic finality.
They cannot transcend their earthly reality as fallen angels, whose eve-ill intentionality has increasingly been exposed in actuality. Yet, driven by their Father’s ancient arrogance and hatred towards the Universal Mind, which reflects His alleged refusal to bow down before Adam (The Universal Mind), they insist on expressing their defiance towards the Forbidden Simplicity of Adam’s Sacredness (The Universal Mind).

They Appeared in The Adamic Images and Set The Net and The Knife to Assassinate The Spirits of the Chosen (The Gnostic Texts of The Druze)

Not knowing who The Universal Mind and Sacred Bounds are and what they stand for in every day and age, according to The Gnostic Texts of The Druze, is like roaming around The Creator’s Kingdom arbitrarily seeking some God that is not knowledgeable and in arbitrary manner that does not appeal to the MIND’s logic.
When thinking about Spirituality, most people are programmed to believe that they can enter a jungle of dogmatic freedom in which they can mingle, without passing through any door or respecting any law or order.
It is as if The Creator is The Enemy of Logic or The King of Magic And Mystery. It is as if the belief in “God” is supposed to imply a journey towards The Unknown, The Mind-Boggling or The Inexplicable – a journey that begins with following a behavioral code-of-conduct (a list of religious dos and don’ts), and ends up somehow in experiencing a supernatural ghostly existence in some unknown cloudy dimension.

The Gnostic Doctrines of The Druze granted the absurdity of this vision, free The Gnostic Mind from all religious pillars, rituals or any other form of behavioral religious conduct. Rather, the emphasis is placed on a judicious look unto all The Sacred Texts of all ancient religions, philosophies and spiritualities (equally and impartially), knowing that those texts are inspired essentially by the same GNOSTIC source – The Sacred Bounds. It is they who are the authentic messiahs, sages, philosophers and prophets, not the false ones who have much to claim in every religious text or empire, and who are very well identified and known for their monopolization of spiritual life.
Those are revealed in The Gnostic Texts to be The scribes and Pharisees inside every religion, whose personas and works are exposed to Authentic Gnostics.
What they added to the texts, what they deleted, and what they completely buried, and for what reasons, is also crystal clear to the sharp vision of an Authentic Gnostic.

The Universal Mind and the Sacred Bounds or Limits came in Ancient Greek Times as Philosophers, in Ancient Egyptian Times as Good Furrows, in Ancient Judaic Times as Jewish Sages and Messiahs, in Ancient Christian times as Jesus Christ and His Close Circle, in Ancient Islamic Times as Earthly Angels that embraced and inspired the Islamic Dawa in its initial and advanced stages. (Salman El-Farisi, The Universal Mind, known as the Angel Gabriel, who came later as Hamza Ibn Ali (Blessed be his name)).
An Authentic Gnostic is encouraged to read all of these sacred texts analytically, guided by the Ancient Gnostic thread of Light that conjoins their pages. By this, his/her inner sensitivity will be awakened to authenticity vs. counterfeit, good prophets vs. evil intruders who managed to deceive humanity on a massive scale.

Some religious texts, according to The Gnostic Texts of The Druze, have undergone great tampering across history.
Much has been added and much has been deleted from many texts, for reasons obvious to any Gnostic – reasons that defeat the purpose of The Gnostic Cause and Spirit and that instead encourage a spiritless behavioral reality that serves worldly goals.
Thus, The Gnostic Mind is encouraged to follow The Sacred Thread of True Gnosis in all The Sacred Texts and Scriptures, Spiritualities and Philosophies, especially The Ancient Wisdom. Most important is The Ancient Greek Philosophy, which advocates a life of contemplation, free from the ties of narrow religious behavior (customs and ceremonial rituals) and even free from Fake Sufism that conceals a hidden spirit of egoism.
The Timeless Greek Figures were anything but religious or Sufi, in the negative sense that this word has been historically made to imply. They understood very well the importance of a life of balance between body and soul, and they respected their Adamic Form and presence on earth, taking good care of their health, under the premise that a Healthy Body Expresses a Healthy Mind.
They encouraged The Education of Life and not Death, even though they were little concerned about their pure physicality, having all believed in reincarnation.
They simply cherished the Gnostic choice of The Creator to place The Spirit (in all its freedom and vastness) inside the humble nature of The Adamic Form, and understood that inside this heavenly-earthly combination lies the secret link between The Kingdom of Heaven and The Kingdom of Earth.

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