The Story of Adam, Enoch & Seth

The Story of Adam, Enoch & Seth and the Analogy of The Sun, The Moon & The Light




There is an ancient story cited in The Gnostic Texts of The Druze that revolves around the upper three sacred bounds among The Sacred Order of The Five.
These upper three Bounds represent The Spiritual Kingdom: The Wholly Mind, The Wholly Soul and The Wholly Word, whose persons back then were referred to as, Adam, Enoch, and Seth.

In the alleged story, Adam was granted the position of Leadership by The Creator.
Enoch was Adam’s Subordinate, and Seth was Adam’s Messenger.

One time, during Adam’s absence, El-Habbal (an ancient theological name for The Devil) seduced Enoch to assume Adam’s position in his absence, claiming that Adam had gone forever, and he would have wished Enoch to be his Heir.
Seth, being Adam’s Messenger, is swayed by The Devil to convince Enoch to agree to The Devil’s terms.
And so, they both did.

Eventually, Adam returned from his absence and both Enoch and Seth were awakened from their Dreamlike experience to discover themselves in error, being in the wrong place, at the wrong time, performing the wrong act.
Consequently, they fell into the torturous pain of guilt and repentance that pertain to the mathematics of The Original Sin (The Blind Moment).

Ultimately, Enoch is referred to as The Disobedient Adam and Seth (in turn) as The Forgetful Adam.

The events of this story, which allegedly took place in the Cradle of Time, are said to have been so powerful, so encompassing, so meaningful, that no Adamic Soul on earth could ever escape the power and span of its logic, even to this very moment in time.
In brief, this story, the events of which actually took place in primeval history among those three significant Gnostic Figures (who represent a spiritual triangle inside each Human-Adamic on earth), decoded an ancient spiritual tendency deeply rooted inside The Adamic Soul – the tendency for The Soul to be disobedient to The Mind (Adam). In turn, there is a tendency for The Word to send a deceptive message to The Soul – based on this tendency the eternal destiny of each Adamic Soul in this universe is determined.

The Mind’s conscious presence within is never truly absent.
However, The Soul, seduced by The Language of The Ego (The Spiritual Opponent), is prone to drift unto Dreamlike roles and stories that revolve around it, losing touch with its Gnostic origins (Its Authentic Identity).
The Ego never stops whispering into The Soul’s ears The Devil’s rebellious and defiant words against Adam, tempting The Soul to play parts in scripts that he prepares to frame her in.
The Soul, as you shall discover, ultimately awakens too late to find herself framed inside The Context of The Devil’s Context of Original Sin.
He had pledged from the start to fight until the very end.
He had promised to carve his beastly marks upon every Adamic Soul that subdues to his vision, and he has always especially targeted The Souls of Those Who are Faithful to Adam (The Human-Adamics). For those who are not, he takes them for granted; they’ve always been soldiered to his service.

The Soul’s behavioral tendency to drift astray from The Mind’s Scope, initiates on a subtle spiritual level; yet, ultimately it develops unto severe behavioral levels, where The Soul could no longer distinguish between Adam’s Voice and The Devil’s, who would no longer whisper (at this point), but rather blows his horns and whistles instead.
This is the theological definition of what is also known cognitively
as Behavioral Noise.
It is The Soul’s innermost Behavioral Stance towards Adam’s Logic that ultimately stands in between it and Thy Father’s Reality. Its Disobedience and Forgetfulness end up taking full charge of its destiny, reaching with it unto points of no return, where any form of repentance would simply imply Spiritual reincarnation – also known in The Gnostic Texts of The Druze as Spiritual Ironing (a term used in reference to The Fires of Hell and eons of pain involved with such transformation).

Note that in The Gnostic Texts of The Druze, The Voice of The Mind is compared to a Father’s Voice, and the voice of temptation is compared to The Woman’s Voice.
As for The Soul itself, it is compared to a Rebellious Child, whose desires and passions are prone to eventually clash with The Father’s Guidelines, and later to develop into some form of a psychological resistance and resentment towards The Father Figure.
From here, it is advised that The Soul be treated with moderation and handled with care, like a little child.
It should not be battered into conformity, lest it rebel; yet it should not be granted its full desires and needs either.
It is prone to drift astray and it is always in need of guidance and guardianship.

The drifting process, according to The Gnostic Logic , is initiated on the metaphysical level of thought and not on the behavioral level of actions (deeds).
According to The Gnostic Texts of The Druze, the Activity of Thought itself pertains to The Language of Soul and not The Language of Mind, contrary to the common notion of The Mind being the human faculty responsible for this type of activity.
This activity is behavioral at its core and any Behavioral activity cannot possibly pertain to The Mind (The Sun of Consciousness). The Soul’s most ancient role is to stand as a witness to The Mind’s language as it reflects itself through its conscious action, and not to get involved in its own activity instead.
Thought differs from consciousness and it carries distractive attributes.
It is activated momentarily through The Numeric Possibility and its mechanism entails a spiritual switch in mode from being a Passive Witness of meaning to becoming an Active Actor trapped inside the meaning.

Psyche is the Platonic term for a Deviant Malfunctioned Soul that grows too heavily engaged and entangled by the mathematics of its own behavior, that it ultimately loses touch with its conscious origins, subjecting itself to The Karmic Network that might require countless earthly lives to escape.
The soul, upon deviating from the significant role set to it by The Creator as being a passive receptor and reflector of The Mind’s light of salvation, is most tempted to play the role of The Creator of its Own Destiny, by assuming The Savior position itself, at the expense of its true salvation.

However, The Soul’s currency is thought and not consciousness; and thought, according to The Gnostic Doctrines, is a Language of Translation that is subject to default and error.
It is most often constituted by misjudgments and false notions.
The Ancient Spiritual Tendency to assume Adam’s Position (The Savior Position) is theologically alluded to in The New Testament by the Anti Christ notion.
The Anti Christ is depicted in conventional monotheistic thought as a person who supposedly emerges in the end times to deceive humanity into believing he is The Savior.
According to The Gnostic Logic, encoded within The Story of Adam, Enoch, and Seth, Anti Christhood refers to The Soul’s erroneous tendency to fall victim to The Christ Temptation, which prompts it falsely to proclaim heroic roles and responsibilities. This ultimately exhausts its powers and entraps it (The Soul) within karmic debts and contexts that (at some point) it would lose the willpower to settle or escape, even if by way of physical death.
The Soul is, in its nature, prone to be deceived by The Devil’s Vision of Christhood, for he has never been able to view Adam , save through his narrow resentful perspective.
He only saw in The Creator the image of Godhood that he had always desired to assume for himself – the image of This Powerful Giant Intimidating Power, with which The Devil would build empires and civilizations bearing his resemblance.
He never saw The Light of Thy Father in Adam’s earthly nature.

Upon departure from its conscious origin, The Soul is prone to gradually lose its Creative Vision, until it can no longer benefit from the agency of Intuition.
It loses touch with its Gnostic significance in space and time, in The Here and Now.
Its own judgments over reality come to replace its intuitive Power.
Ultimately, The Soul (that walks along such path) would come to judge its own self as being an insignificant numeric physicality implanted amidst objects and motions, situations and events that are beyond its immediate physical power to control. It would increasingly grow entangled by a future image instead, by the infinite possibilities of future spatiotemporal scenarios that could involve its numeric agency within.

The origin of this spiritual tendency is as ancient as creation itself.
It is symbolized in The Genesis Account by The Devil’s alleged refusal to bow down before Adam, protesting The Creator’s choice to place his grand secret within The Adamic nature.
In The Genesis Account, The Devil is said to have mocked the feeble structure of the Adamic nature that involves mortal Flesh and blood.
Instead, he is said to have had his own vision of Godhood that declaims and belittles this type of earthly nature – an image of a powerful Creator to be feared by his Creatures rather than befriended. This was the image that would come to inspire the intimidating structural size and mass of grand religious temples and secular monuments; images built with the intention of alienating and enslaving mankind.

The Devil was too blinded by his egoistic vision of Godhood to recognize forbidden simplicity of The Creator’s Choice in Adam.
He could never comprehend how This Great Power of Godhood could ever converge with This Earthly Power that The Adamic Nature represents. He obviously could never accept The Doctrine of Reincarnation, otherwise he would not have gone into great extremes in Ancient Egypt to invent ways to preserve the Adamic bodyafter death.

He rebelliously mocked The Creator’s Choice and challenged His wisdom, promising to prove it wrong through conspiring to haunt and destroy The Adamic Spirit upon manifesting on any level. He never realized that, in doing so, he would be ultimately knitting an Eve-ill Context that he himself could never escape, being an earthly creature.
He thought he could become The God of his own story and somehow override God’s plan, overpower His will, or even perhaps outsmart His eternal wisdom.
Little did he know that he, himself, would be entrapped within His Own Spiritless Translation of Godhood.
The Devil has always been The Symbol of conspiracy; thus, he is referred to in Some Gnostic Doctrines as The Cosmic Conspirator and he is depicted as a very disturbed person who works relentlessly towards camouflaging the mathematics of Adam’s Reality, preventing them from manifesting at any level.
He would work to alter the reality of the here and now, by superimposing his own interpretation of this reality. He would somehow falsely make it look as though it was caused by him, or as if he intended for what was happening to happen for a mysterious purpose he has in mind or for a future vision of some sort, which he would (in turn) constantly modify so as to contrive a correlation between it and current events.

He mastered the art of illusion and disguise through deceiving the majority of Adamics into blindly serving his forbidden vision, forever depriving them of their present for a promised future.
The majority of humanity would trade their present for an unknown future, driven astray by playing behavioral roles in his scripts – roles that exhaust their bodies and eclipse their souls. Ultimately, they are transformed into sharp blind weapons, designed to rip through The Body of Christhood. Meanwhile, he watches from afar, thinking that this would ever hurt The Spirit of Christhood – The Spirit that forever resides peacefully in a realm beyond his comprehension or reach – in the safety and security of that ancient Edenic Residence, which Adam experienced prior to The Devil’s Birth.

The True Savior Himself (Who is the person of The Universal Mind) is not THE SAVIOR in the sense that HE saves humanity through playing the Savior Role. He is The Savior in the sense that HE Himself remains forever faithful to The True Meaning of Salvation, completely immune to THE TENDENCY TO BE THE SAVIOR and to act like THE SAVIOR.

Inside each Adamic who has ever walked the face of this earth is encoded The Spiritual Triangle depicted in this Ancient Gnostic Story, ADAM, ENOCH, and SETH. Their story is decoded in the life events and choices of each human on earth.
No Adamic Soul could ever escape the fateful cost of its innermost spiritual stance towards The Universal Mind, ADAM.
However, on the other hand, no Adamic Soul could ever resist the spiritual temptation to fall for Adam’s image, and this is evident in the story presented here, where even Enoch (who represents the second most sacred Human-Adamic on earth) falls into this spiritual temptation and walks the painful path of repentance. However, to the extent that The Adamic Soul arms itself with The Gnostic Wisdom, it increases its chances of surviving The Mathematics of The Dark Night of The Soul and overcoming The Pain of Sophia’s Repentance.
The Adamic Soul grows better able to comprehend The Wisdom behind its current suffering in space and time and oversees the light at the end of the tunnel, even while plunged amidst the darkest of earthly contexts. It realizes that even The Devil’s most convoluted plan cannot possibly escape The Creator’s Vision, and that The Devil himself, in the Gnostic finality, is but a Blind Servant of Such Vision, however oblivious he is to this fact.
In his obliviousness, the Devil is compared in The Gnostic Texts of The Druze to a mule who carries upon his back a heavy load of treasures and goods, without ever having the slightest clue of what is it he is carrying.

The birth of Eve, as revealed in The Second Gnostic Trinity, emerged hand in hand with the birth of error and this is why part of Eve is prone to be seduced by The Devil.
This is not to say that Eve’s birth is in itself erroneous or Evil (as it is religiously and traditionally depicted); rather, it shows that the concept of Eve-Illness in itself is reflective of a Psychological Tendency that is specific to Eve’s nature and to the language that she speaks: thought.
Eve’s illness is measured by how far she behaviorally diverts in her thoughts from her Conscious Adamic Origin (The Gnostic Cause), and consequently falls victim to The Devil’s Context of The Eternal Sin.
The Devil’s context ultimately materializes through The Soul engaging in severe Self Destructive Behavior, also known as Spiritual Suicide.
In as much as The Soul diverts from its Conscious Origin, The Universal Mind, it grows less of A Soul and more of A psyche (Eve-Ill Soul).
It grows less conscious of its authentic identity (its Gnostic significance in space and time) and more deafened by the noise of its own behavioral activity – more prone to misusing The Power of Thought to its own egoistic advantages, more likely to fabricate its own little stories on the expense of Adam’s Grand Story.

This is what is meant by The Negative Side of The Soul (The Psyche), and it is also very closely connected to The Gnostic Doctrine of The Dark Night of the Soul.
During The Dark Night of The Soul, which symbolizes The Universal Mind’s Deceptive Absence (or rather Veiled Presence), The Soul is put to the ultimate test of free will.
Would it be able to recollect its way back to its Conscious Origins and be prepared to face the sunrise of thy father’s presence unshaken? Otherwise, would it grow too deceived by The Dreamy Context of Darkness to face the blinding sunrise of Thy Father’s Reality? – too behaviorally entangled amidst the dark context of events that precede The Dawn, and ultimately, caught unprepared, in the wrong place, in the wrong time, doing the wrong thing?
In order to be prepared, The Soul would have to sacrifice her ego (i.e. give up her illusory image), like a moon surrendering its nightly light to its original owner The Sun, upon The Dawn of its Rise.

In The Blind Moment in which The Universal Mind is said to have glanced at HIS SELF, He is said to have missed sight of The Creator’s Nasouti Image – a state of mind that gave rise to the most original concepts of Division and Separation (The Numeric Possibility), error at its most metaphysical levels.
This moment is compared to a Dreamlike experience in which The Universal Mind witnesses the birth of The Spiritual Opponent (The Devil’s Identity).
At this moment, The Universal Mind envisioned His Self in a World of His Own, where there is no Creator, no Salvation, but rather only A Powerful Savior. Thus, he was struck by the realization of the imperfect creation that has resulted from this Blind Moment and, consequently, turned his head back to The Creator for help.
He called for The Creator to put bounds to the error and imperfection that has resulted from His Boundless Free Will and The Creator responded through the birth of The Second Bound, Eve (The Universal Soul).
Thus, keep in mind that the part of The Universal Mind that accounted for the Dreamy Dimension inside which The Devil could harness a presence pertains to Eve’s realm and not to Adam’s.

From here, The Universal Soul or Eve (who is The CONSCIOUS SELF OF ADAM INSIDE THE DREAMLIKE REALM), being the part of Adam subjected to The Devil’s works, is prone to be seduced by The Devil.
Eve would thus come to erroneously envision herself (at times) as The Adam of her own Story and, accordingly, would turn a deaf ear to the real Adam. This is The Gnostic Logic underlying Enoch being referred to in the story as The Disobedient Adam.

The Analogy of The Sun, The Moon, and The Light:

Like a Moon shining in the darkness of the night (in the sun’s illusive absence), Eve is prone to become visible in The Dreamlike Realm.
Being the Adam’s Representative in the Darkness, She is prone to somehow assume Adam’s position.

During The Night, in The Sun’s illusive absence, darkness is visibly highlighted into presence via the moonlight.
The Moon’s Appearance, on the other hand, is accentuated by the darkness surmounting it.

Darkness, in this Ancient Gnostic Analogy, stands for The Power of Deception (The Devil’s Power), which is obliviously blind to Adam’s Reality (The Sun’s Reality).
He knows not that the light of Eve is a reflection of Adam’s, in the same way as Moonlight is a reflection of The Sun’s Reality, and a blinding proof to this Reality.

Darkness provides for a pseudo dreamlike realm, in which The Moon could shine into visibility and experience a fake moment of fame, perceptually emerging as being inherently sun-like in nature when, in truth, it is not.
Its shiny appearance is merely reflective of The Sun’s presence on the other side of the globe.
Darkness, which derives its identifiable presence from The Sun’s illusive absence, is symbolic of The Seductive Power of El-Habbal, who tempted Enoch to assume Adam’s Position in His absence, while The Perceptual Form that The Moon visibly acquires through the Light emitted from The Sun stands for The Word (Seth), Adam’s Messenger.
This same form, which could be an indicator of The Sun’s presence (a truthful messenger), could also be put to the service of (The Devil’s Context) in highlighting The Moon’s deceptive appearance at night as inherent to the moon’s nature (to deny The Sun’s reality).
Yes, this is The Power of The Word (Translation), and it is due to the double-edged nature of this power that Seth (The Word) is referred to in the Story as The Forgetful Adam. His power is said to have temporarily put to the service of The Devil’s Context, in sending the false message to Enoch, as The Moon’s Form at night is both capable of pointing to The Sun’s Reality and (in some way) Capable of Denying This Reality.

Those who had seen The Daylight of Thy Father’s Presence, prior to embarking upon the journey of The Dark Night of The Soul, are able to verify The Sun’s Reality through The Moon’s Shiny Form. As for those who were born from Darkness itself, they are The Devil’s Thoughts Embodied.
They would come to be struck with Eve-Illness, and would be too deceived by The Moon’s Shiny Form to recognize The Sun’s Reality.
Their vision is not prepared to face The Dawn of a New Sunrise. They would be blinded by The overwhelming day Light, for their father, The Devil has no presence in the full presence of Adam, any more than darkness could have presence in the full presence of The Sun.
The state of the Sun’s full presence symbolizes THE-GNOSTIC-TRUTH-IN-FINALITY, where The SOUL ultimately faces THE CREATOR, IN THE PRESENCE OF THE UNIVERSAL MIND (THE SUN), either prepared and secured or disturbed and shaken.

In the wake of this confrontation, like the moon fading in daylight, all of the numeric identities that The Soul has assumed throughout history shall fade in the presence of Thy Father’s Unity.
This Unity, like SUNLIGHT in full power, is frameless, insurmountable and omnipresent; and The Numeric Ego cannot withstand this type of unity.
In the daylight, light is no longer diffused by darkness and it could be completely BLINDING to an unprepared vision.
Darkness dissipates, and its deceptive powers over vision are exposed.
The mathematics of this Deception emerges as being merely illusive visual effects caused by light itself, in the same way as the birth of error is an outcome of a moment of blindness that is (on some level) caused by The Universal Mind.

Comprehending this point is key to understanding why the notion of Eve or Sophia is often associated with Sin, Sacrifice, and Martyrdom. Sophia, ultimately, like a moon confronting daylight, surrenders her Numeric Selfhood up completely to Adam.

The Moon’s visible Form at night is symbolic of The Word’s role (SETH, who is Adam’s Messenger in the story).
This Form is formulated by the light sent forth from the sun.
Sunlight is what grants objects and motions their perceptibility in space and time.
However, during the night, The Power of The Perceptual Form (The Word) could be temporary put to the service of The Devil. The Moon’s Perceptual Form at night could either serve to prove The Sun’s existence on the other side of The Globe, or it could work reversely to highlight The Moon’s Sun-Like presence itself.
Hence, The Word is potentially capable of being both a Messenger of Truth and a Messenger of Deceit. This is symbolic of the role that THE GREAT SETH was brought to play by The Devil in the main story and which ultimately lead Seth to be referred to as The Forgetful Adam.
Although Seth was supposedly Adam’s Messenger, he was temporary influenced by The Devil to conspire against Adam in his absence (i.e., the Power of Word was reversely used for the wrong reasons – to empower Enoch’s Ego and to convince him to subdue to The Devil’s Context).

In Fifth Science, we’ve revealed how all forms of relative polarities have historically emerged from the original Gnostic Duality of The Knower vs. The Object of Knowledge.
The polarity between light and darkness, which supposedly gave rise to The Moon’s Deceptive appearance at night, is symbolic of an illusive system of Behavioral Good and Evil.
This kind of system would come to be historically highlighted and endorsed by most religious institutions.
Religious institutions would come to measure Good and Evil based on moral codes-of-conducts, tightly related to the respective theological body of each religion.
In The Original Gnostic definition of Good and Evil, goodness is compared to sunlight in the Sun’s full presence.
It is associated with a state of 360 degree vision, while evilness is accordingly associated with a state of departure from this daylight vision into a nightly diffused light reflected by The Moon.
Sunlight, by its nature, is absolute, insurmountable and completely intolerant of any form of contrast or opposition.
It is not subject to darkness or threatened by it in any way.
This signifies that The Evil (in The Gnostic Logic) could never compete against The Good in any way. Evil is instead the state of The Soul’s departure away from The Mind, which ultimately alters The Soul’s reality and not The Mind’s.

On the other hand, the religious logic of Good and Evil is constituted by pronounced judgments based on exterior codes of behavior, often referred to as Deeds.
Goodness, in this respect, carries on an ongoing battle against evilness. Accordingly, it is threatened by evilness and it could ultimately be crucified by it.
Goodness is somehow depicted as unworldly and the religious path towards goodness is depicted as a path of withdrawal from this world and neglectful renunciation of worldly affairs, leaving the arena open for evil to dominate.
The rewards of this path are somehow postponed to a future afterlife experience somewhere up in the heavens.
It is as if earth is already reserved or booked by The Evil, in such a way that there is no room left for the Good to materialize in it.
On the other hand, evilness is made to appear as the winner on this earth.
This type of thinking, in The Gnostic Logic , is expressive of ultimate Eve-Illness, for
Evilness, in The Gnostic Theology, is an Eve-Related-Illness, where Eve loses her ability to see The Gnostic Wisdom underlying earthly contexts, which implies seeing earth as The Residence of Evil.
Earth, in The Gnostic Theology, is the final planet for all.
It is both heaven and hell translated into knowledge.
Earth is the knowledgeable proof to the victory of The Ultimate Good (The Possibility of Knowledge itself), which is The Creator’s original wish for The Unknown to be known, even if this implies “for The Evil to be known”.
The battle between The Gnostic Good and Evil has been already determined, even before it ever started to the benefit of The Good: Gnosis or Knowledge.
Accordingly, the events on earth, no matter how far they could be made to fit within an evil context, could not translate anything but the victory of knowledge over the mystery of the unknown.
Goodness prevails in the eyes of those who are able to see the Gnostic Light shining even through the darkest events that take place on earth. The Authentic Gnostics are not people renowned for being behaviorally good, whereas goodness is somehow associated with Sufi modesty or unworldly holiness.
They can be rather very powerful Adamics with a likeness to Alexander The Great, for instance.
The Behavioral System of Good and Evil that religious institutions would come to enforce in God’s name differs little in its basic definition of goodness from The Devil’s belittling view of Adam’s earthliness.
The Devil mistook Adam’s earthly nature for a form of weakness and thus refuted it.
However, could The Devil ever escape being an earthly creature himself?
Could he ever escape the detrimental effects of his own self-destructive behavior on the physical realm from which he couldn’t escape?
The system of behavioral Good and Evil, like a dream that takes over reality, grows more of a reality to The Soul in as much as The Soul departs from The Gnostic Logic of Sunrise.
According to The Gnostic Logic, evil is a state of Eve-related-Illness measured in its severity by how far The Soul deviates from its Conscious Gnostic Origin, gradually falling victim to FORGETFULNESS.
This spiritual state of illness materializes by THE SOUL plunging into a contextual reality systematically ruled further and further by behavioral notions of good and evil, where good and evil are substantiated through a Form of Judgment that The Soul expects to receive for her good or Bad behavior.
In other words, the notion of Goodness, in this respect, loses any relativity to its Gnostic Values, and instead grows to be measured by Behavioral Codes-of-Conduct that alter according to religious, cultural , economic, and many other ideologies.
The ultimate Evil would materialize through FEAR OF PUNISHMENT BASED UPON RELATIVELY BAD BEHAVIOR.
Eventually, The Soul’s entrapment inside the mathematics of behavioral punishment and reward nourishes its judgmental behavior, ultimately forcing it to inflict upon itself THE RELIGIOUS CONTEXT OF ETERNAL JUDGMENT, which essentially implies The Soul judging itself as too bad to deserve salvation.
In The Gnostic Finality, losing Hope in God’s Mercy translates to the eve-ill state of failing to see Thy Father’s Light in yourself or the events that are taking place around you.
Losing Hope in thy Father’s Mercy is (in finality) THE ETERNAL SIN itself and not the Eternal Judgment, because it is nothing but the final chapter of The Soul’s attempt to play The Savior Role at the expense of its own Salvation. It is a chapter whereby the Soul plays the role of The Merciless God of its Own story, inflicting upon itself a merciless judgment.
This is irredeemable behavior, not in the sense that The Soul DESERVES TO BE ETERNALLY PUNISHED FOR SUCH BEHAVIOR, but in terms of what it translates on the level of spiritual destiny:
Inability and unwillingness to see The Gnostic Wisdom (The Light of The Mind) in any way: it is SPIRITUAL SUICIDE.

For, ultimately, there is simply no logic that The Soul could ever seek that could ultimately justify or redeem its own Self-Destructive behavior – its own blind judgment upon its own self.

The tendency to play The Savior Role at the expense of true salvation is a very ancient spiritual tendency that Christ himself warned against.
When a crowd was stirred at His Personhood and referred to Him as GOD, He expressed his wish that the ground open and swallow Him, along with that crowd, because He knew that the crowd was not seeing The Light of the Father reflected through Him. Instead, its vision was trapped inside the context of THE SAVIOR ROLE THAT THE FATHER HAD GRANTED TO HIM.

In The Gnostic Texts of The Druze, The Universal Mind is quoted saying:

He who knows the difference between Me and My Image shall be saved of the Dangerous illnesses from which is caused The Eternal Death…

Eternal Life and Death to The Souls means the difference between Being imprisoned ETERNALLY inside the IMAGE OF THE SAVIOR or understanding the difference between this Image and the Light of SALVATION transmitted through it from THY FATHER.
The Savior Tendency is a spiritual illness, and the soul that falls into such tendency is referred to by Plato as Psyche and not SOUL.
The term SOUL was originally used in reference to The Obedient Soul that preserves its place inside ADAM and remains conscious to its Father’s Reality.
On the other hand, The Disobedient Soul, otherwise referred to as Psyche, is severed from its original place inside Adam by its own behavioral tendency to drift into its own dreamlike stories. For it, being severed from Adam means being cast outside Thy Father’s Vision.

This is why Hermes Trismegistus (Blessed be his name), in his Tablets, spoke of The Soul’s ability to endure and withstand facing The Father Unshaken, and considered The Secured Soul as The Soul that maintains its identity and its presence inside The Father’s Vision.
A student of Hermes once questioned The Gnostic Doctrine that divides Adamics into two (The Human-Adamics and The Dhuman-Adamics). He asked Hermes about the difference between Those who are ultimately destined to be saved and those who are not, especially that both seem to suffer on earth equally. Hermes replied that the difference is so simple and yet so great. Salvaged Souls, said Hermes, are aware of The Logic of Evil in its Finality and realize, just in time, the wisdom behind what they are passing through and how what temporarily appears as evil, indirectly serves The Absolute Good (The Gnostic Finality).
This prevents them from being shocked and disturbed by the dark context of events – it prevents them from admitting to evil or falling for its deceptive language.
On the other hand, those who are not destined to be saved, added Hermes, are too caught up within the context of evil to even realize how it could ever fit to serve The Father’s Vision.
This brings them into complete denial of The Father’s presence, causing them to be eternally shocked and disturbed by the darkness of events that precedes The Dawn of His Presence and they are ultimately blinded by this presence.

A Brief Recount:

It is by now clear that The Authentic Identity of The SOUL materializes through The Soul being a Passive Receptor to The Mind’s Light within. Like The Moon in the full presence of The Sun is the state of The Obedient Soul that undresses itself from The Ego that stirs all its pseudo identities.
These identities serve The Devil’s Vision that aims to prolong The Dream-Realm at the expense of The Final Awakening.
The Soul’s behavioral side accumulates like dust on a mirror, rendering it unfit to reflect clear images.

Being in The Receptive Mode translates sharp vision (consciousness).
It places The Soul in The Witness Position, like a pristine mirror, ready to receive the light and translate it into meaningful forms.
It allows it to receive its significant identity in space and time and to behold how this identity fits into The Matrix of The Final Reality.

The Soul’s Ev-ill tendency to assume The Mind’s Position automatically switches The Soul’s Mode from The Conscious Receptive Mode to The Blind Behavioral Mode. The Soul’s Behavioral Mode engages The Soul in Pseudo Identities.
These identities are short-lived segmented roles that The Soul envisions its numeric self playing.
The Soul uses its memory of the past to envision itself framed inside the contexts of future events and situations.
This creates causes for The Soul to nourish and sustain its Behavioral Ego rather than regain touch with its Conscious Identity.
This is the essence of what is meant by Karmic Entanglements, where The Soul is reduced from being a boundless witness to a limited numeric actor inside events, subjected to its mathematics. It becomes trapped within a behavioral chain of action and reaction, tossed and turned by the strong currents of Karma, forever incapable of returning to the purity and innocence of its childhood upbringing.

And as The Great Christ says:

You shall not enter the Kingdom of Heaven lest you return like Children…

The Creator’s Reality is not a choice for The Soul to accept or reject. Rather, it is the very reality that inspirits The Soul’s Dreamlike Realm in the first place.
Accordingly, The Mind’s logic is inescapable. It remains forever the voice within that both constitutes The Obedient Soul’s Eternal Reward and The Disobedient Soul’s Eternal Punishment.
It is a double edged-sword, for while The Soul could turn a deaf ear to The Mind’s voice by plunging into its behavioral dreamlike reality, embarking upon Night Stories of its own, it could never ever discard The Logic of Sunrise.

However, waking up to this reality might come too late.
Like the eyes exposed to sudden SUNLIGHT after lingering too long in the darkness, so is the state of The Soul upon being suddenly exposed to The Creator’s overwhelming reality.
It is threatened to lose its vision forever upon this exposure that threatens to burn even its possibility to dream. This process is described in The Gnostic Texts of The Druze as:

The Soul being Ironed or brought to sudden meltdown…

The buildup of these exposures (across time) ultimately causes The Psyche (The Eve-Ill Soul) to develop FEAR OF LIGHT and a resentment towards The Mind’s Logic, The Father Figure that The Mind represents. Thus, The Soul would ultimately envisions the death of its own characters and roles in the dark contexts of events, with no bounds to stop it from its psychological disturbance.

Again, this is the state of The Eve-ill Soul that is absorbed within the context of The Devil’s Plan and His Original Sin.
It is the state of The Soul that:





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