What is a Paradigm Shift?

“Paradigm Shift” is a scientific term that originally was meant to define a shift that takes place on a scientific level; however, the core logic of a Paradigm Shift is equally expressive of a mode of change that could apply to the spiritual, economic and various other fields.

Excerpts from the Wikipedia Definition of a Paradigm Shift:

“…Paradigm Shift happens when scientists encounter anomalies which cannot be explained by the universally accepted paradigm within which scientific progress has there to be made.
The paradigm is not simply the current theory, but the entire worldview in which it exists, and all of the implications which come with it…
When enough significant anomalies have accrued against a current paradigm, the scientific discipline is thrown into a state of crisis…
During this crisis, new ideas, perhaps ones previously discarded, are tried.
Eventually a new paradigm is formed, which gains its own new followers…”

For example:

“…For early 20th century physics, the transition between the Maxwellian electromagnetic worldview and the Einsteinian Relativistic worldview was neither instantaneous nor calm, and instead involved a protracted set of “attacks,” both with empirical data as well as rhetorical or philosophical arguments, by both sides, with the Einsteinian theory winning out in the long-run…”

“…Again, the weighing of evidence and importance of new data was fit through the human sieve: some scientists found the simplicity of Einstein’s equations to be most compelling, while some found them more complicated than the notion of Maxwell’s aether which they banished.
Some found Eddington’s photographs of light bending around the sun to be compelling, some questioned their accuracy and meaning. Sometimes the convincing force is just time itself and the human toll it takes using a quote from Max Planck:

…a new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it….

After a given discipline has changed from one paradigm to another, this is called a scientific revolution or a paradigm shift. It is often this final conclusion, the result of the long process, that is meant when the term paradigm shift is used colloquially: simply the (often radical) change of worldview….”

Why the atmosphere is set today for a Paradigm Shift?

For many centuries now, ethical and moral codes of conduct have physically protected humanity from self-destructive behavior.

However, if these codes have been able to claim any success in this respect, it has only been due to their Suppressive Behavioral Logic, which has always been dogmatically enforced by religious institutions upon The Human Psychosis by virtue of the notorious duality of Good vs. Evil.

This is historically evident through the manner in which prominent
religious institutions have always handled The Gnostic Spirit across time. They have done so by continuously and rigorously investing in:
Suppressive Behavioral Resistance.

Human history (until this very moment), has shockingly proven that The Past generally possesses a stronger hold over The Present than does the present itself. Hence, when faced with powerful historical identities like The Religious Identity, no identity could ever compete.

Accordingly, religious behavior continues to globally dominate, only disguised by a mask of modernity. Call it whatever you wish: pragmatism, diplomacy, humanitarianism, vegetarianism, whatever…

In short, a fairly Old Identity tends to rule over any Relatively Newer one, and not the other way around, contrary to what might seemingly imply to an average understanding. This happens despite the progressive nature of history itself, and regardless of the industrial, scientific and technological advancements that have
significantly shaped The Modern Identity and altered the daily mathematics of human experience in space and time.

The Ancient Equation remains forever the same, untouched. Accordingly, The Antecedent Identity, which was once enforced upon humanity in the name of religion (thousands of years ago), has not yet been overpowered by any measurable Successive Identity.

No mentionable identity has yet succeeded in overcoming the strong psychological grip that the religious identity has held over the human psychosis; the proof is that the world is still (even at this very moment) suffering at its very heart in The Middle East from behavioral wars of a religious nature.

Nevertheless, as the notorious year 2000 came to pass without any major apocalyptic event taking place, the moral and ethical structure, which had been sustained by conventional religious ideologies, gradually started to collapse. As a result, the dormant
Powers of The Mind started to progressively awaken from their millennial religious coma. Accordingly, human behavior, ever since, has been gradually unleashed from its moral and ethical chains.

However inspiring this might sound, it is as yet a double-edged sword, for humanity, ever since, has been witnessing an accelerating gravitational attraction towards some mysteriously pre-religious identity – an attraction that is venting through a growing human interest in primeval spiritualities like Alchemy, Occultism, Ancient Wisdom, Mind over Matter, Psychic Powers, Mysticism, and Alternative Schools of Thought that promote natural living and self healing possibilities like Macrobiotic, Meditation and Yoga.

This Mysterious Identity seems to be energized by an identity that is seemingly yet even stronger than the notoriously religious one, knowing how The Religious Mind is historically renowned for silencing and suppressing any comparable human endeavor to call upon The Mysterious or The Unknown.

This global phenomenon is accelerating along with the advanced communication technologies headed by the internet and its search engine protocols, which continuously strive to diminish the obstacles of space and time and gradually connect people together based on cognitive identification factors.

According to Fifthscience, the psychological mind has a Behavioral Tendency to perceive reality in an inverted mode, reminiscent of the manner in which the eye registers an image prior to sending it to the brain, which then sets it upright.

Fifthscience intricately exposes the mathematics of this type of perceptual error, tracing its origins to the mind’s primeval relationship with The One, both as a concept and as a numeric value.

To override the gravitational power of this erroneous tendency (which is theologically paralleled by the alleged symbolic Fall of Adam from The Garden of Eden), the mind must deactivate its numeric logic – The Psychological Ego that has been (for centuries now) nourished by the Forbidden Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge.

Fifthscience, as a pure text, is beyond the average comprehension. It consists of densely compact wording of high intricacy. However, as you shall discover, the core logic that constitutes this Spiritual Mind Science is exceedingly simple and self-evident.

Like oxygen, it penetrates deeply into the mental system, detoxifying it from its acquired synthetic residue, if not completely resetting it.

This happens to such an extent that it is impossible for the logic of this ancient Mind Science to be accepted or rejected based on any comparative belief system, neither can it be tested or judged for validity by any equivalent or competitive logic of any sort.

It can only be registered and its cognitive effect is instantaneous, intuitive, and irretrievable.

Fifthscience translates consciousness on all levels; and like sunlight in its boundless omnipresence, the primeval substance of consciousness could easily go unseen. Once you direct your vision toward it, your eyes might helplessly chase to frame a binding image, yet your mind will peacefully rest inside the boundless frame of its overwhelming presence.

The knowledge polarity that has ruled the Schism between the Religious and the Scientific mind:

There are two core theories of knowledge in existence:

  • Theory of Empiricism: Knowledge is transmitted from the outside inwards. Knowledge is basically acquired through looking outwards (observing or studying) the physical world in an informative mode — to gather information, to register images through visual perception into a supposedly empty data page, and with a process of trial and error,  this page will be filled and the knower will arrive at a premise or a conclusion of some sort about a certain phenomenon i.e. the earth is round – Dinosaurs existed etc..Information = in fromation. This word sums it all. To the empirical mind, the world is theoretically still in formation (in the process of physical formation), and you have to keep tracking this process visually in order to acquire knowledge.
  • Theory of Innateness: If the world is to the empirical mind narrowed down to a physical reality in the process of formation , (and knowledge is accordingly a perceptual mechanism of tracking this exterior progression), to the innate mind the core essence of the world is already formed — already scripted (and knowledge is thus a process of descripting what already is and not acquiring what is to become. Hence, everything that appears to be on the outside (in the innate logic) is describing or descripting what already is scripted or coded on the inside before any empirical experience. However, there is a vibrant interactive link betweenwhat is already (The Interior) and what appears perceptually as becoming (The Physical Realm) – a linkage that is untimely, which means that time is not what defines it or defines whats old and whats new by its standards. Plato, the originator of this theory of innateness, referred to knowledge as the process of Recollection — recollecting what is inside already through an interactive process with the exterior physical world that is latent to this inside and deceptively appears to be progressing away from it rather than towards it, when in truth its only descriptive of this past we call interior and not informative of this “future” it claims to be progressing towards. It progressively depart from the core that its was born to translate mechanically appearing as though it possesses a life and course of its own. Knowledge through recollection is also referred to as “intuition” or the “intuitive approach”. For more on Plato’s Theory of Knowledge and how the process of interaction between the physical and the spiritual realms takes form, I refer you to The Gnosis of Plato’s Theory of Knowledge.

To put a long story short: if Empiricism has erroneously been crowned as the God of Science, Innateness has 1000 times more erroneously been mistaken to be the God of Every Dogma on this earth disguised by a spiritual outfit — every spiritual cornflakes meal…

Each of those theories has been blown out of proportion along with the over blown ego of both, the scientific and religious mind. Each promises to rule out the other in the end, and the polar schism between the two worlds could be rightfully blamed for being the core origin of every language of terror, fear, conflict, war that has emerged for centuries to shape our experience of the world as we know it to look like today.


According to Fifthscience, There is no schismic or negative polarity in existence to begin with. There is no opposition that could ever be justified by mere opposition. It has to have a script that rules its logic of opposition, and this script (in finality) is like a spectrum that conjoins any polar opposites together, in the same manner as would black and white be united by the color spectrum.

In other words, the core logic of opposition, according to Fifthscience is wrongfully deducted from an illusive repelling polarity between the zero and the one, which in finality, is a figment of the mind’s creative tendency.

After all, such a negative polarity has no empirical base to hold on its own. There is nothing out there in physical reality that resembles the annihilatory power that the Zero threatens to cause to the 1 – not even space; and like an object’s contour visually mis-perceived to be a frame that exists on its own, the 0vs1 polarity, existing only in the mind, could also loose any mental sustenance if the mind frees the object’s meaning from the visual influence of the frame, in the process of the Mind’s awakening to the self-proclaimed deceptive logic that the virtual hollow frame that the zero represents.

However, as simple as it sounds freeing the mind from the gravitational logic of negative opposition (opposition for the sake of opposition), as ironic as it is that humanity has for centuries (even eons) gone in a totally opposite direction that reinforces this form of illusive possibility, allowing it to rule the human innermost behavioral tendencies — The way humans perceive and judge every form of human experience exhibited on this earth and for centuries.

Let it be known to you then that, according to Fifthscience, until this hidden spectrum (this script or code) that underlies the negative 0 vs. 1 polarity between science and religion, between reason and passion, between good and evil (and I can go on and on) — unless the polarity that rules those dualities as would a binary code rule a script is decoded or de-script-ed, and until the conscious mind recollects the logic of the ancient code behind all those scripts, the behavioral mind is destined to obliviously fall victim to the events of the script that are highlighted by the negative polarity of the binary code 0101000011100000000001111001001001010000011111, and it is also likely to die time and again the death of any character in a script.

With such model of reality thriving, suffering will continue to be the only way to learning, The  Behavioral Way as opposed to The Conscious Way. It is the way to uproot a raging child.

How do we learn through suffering?

We learn the hard, expensive and tedious way. We learn by trial and error. Ever wondered why the world almost 99% of times seems so slow, meaningless and boring, because its running on a meaningless model: The Model of Trial and Error that the scientific mind reinforces upon every aspect of human life, and when history at times tries to break off from such model into something more interesting, what happens? A World War, A Crusade,  A holocaust, A Holy War!!!

We pitiful creatures, we keep stumbling into dead ends and then rebooting, only to burn with the fires of ignorance time and again.

We follow the empirical logic all the way down to a steep cliff, a dead end, then we turbulently shift back into our hollow definition of God and Salvation, into the innate logic we’ve abandoned, only for rescue, without ever detecting the string of reason that connects our Sins with our Deeds.

We poor helpless creatures. The empirical logic forces us to direct our vision outwards in search for meaning for life, and so we follow the sequential order of events in search for this moment in the script until we sweat so hard and our heart almost stops beating running after that “now” that is forever in formation, and when we think we’ve arrived at it, we experience a hollow moment, too tired to even tell if its the moment we’ve been after or its not — no sufficient meaning, lack of satisfaction; and so then we are forced back inwards helplessly (out of pure necessity), not driven by any authentic reason or logic or anything of that sort, and so we plunge into what we believe to be spirituality like hungry bears with no grace or a mind set ready to receive but only to consume, consume and consume. We consume spiritual meals prepared to us like energy bars to set us back ready for a reboot – a new script to fall into — a new future to sacrifice our present for – new event to live for – a new Eve-end to die in…


It is not important that you arrive first at a race end point, what’s important is that you arrive gracefully.

Certainly, when we shift mode between the two psychological mind sets, the scientific and the religious, we do not look graceful at all. We are all sweaty and helpless, like hitting the walls of a dark room we’re trapped in blind folded.


Because we believe we should act our way inside the script: We ShouldGive Action to Receive Meaning.

We believe we are this tiny numeric physical character thrown in this container that is full of numbers, We should do something in order to generate a reward, to Receive meaning in return.

We do not see the wisdom of conscious actions (Action in Inaction), the wisdom underlying the most ancient role that the Soul of Man was ever meant to claim -The Receiver Role (The Conscious Witness = The Vibrant Listener).

Why is this our situation?

Because of noise — behavioral static — the noise of our own behavioral thoughts and actions, which originate on the psychological level driven by our tendency to judge – to formulate judgments about reality based on our short-sighted position inside the script, and this tendency is the natural offspring of the empirical approach.

After all, what triggers judgment is that which you fear not knowingand not that which you rest in knowing. What triggers judgment is The Future that you believe you’re about to experience and not The Present you are actually experiencing.

We think we should do something, perform an act in order to generate something or prevent another thing, to get acknowledged, to get some meaning in return…

We think we should work to get money!! We should get money to buy this and that! We should buy this and that because it’ll make us content!! This and that will make us content because it adds meaning to our life in a way we don’t even know!!!

In reality, what we are required to do is listen deep inside in order to be able to trace the logic of this cognitive behavioral tendency that ultimately rules our physical behavior — to test the mirror itself for its reflective power before getting absorbed by the image its reflecting and getting lost inside the matrix of the Script  — to test the authenticity of our tendency to judge before getting lost inside the grammar of our own judgments.

The Logic of your Behavioral Self ends at the point where the Empirical Logic emerges and melts inside the matrix of the Grand Innate Logic.

This is what the empirical mind in Finality was scripted to serve, and thank you! You’ve done your duty and service…

This is what the apple of knowledge that lead to Adam’s fall was scripted to serve in God’s vision. We have to loose something in order to know we had it to begin with. We have to fall into gravity in order to know that we were levitating to begin with….

Fifthscience is about acknowledging and embracing the logic of this Fall and not repelling it. It is about embracing that emergence point between the Two Minds. It is not about denying the possibility of such emergence or nourishing the illusive repelling gap between the two (what science and religion has been doing for centuries) — nourishing that gap out of selfishness and egoism, and most importantly fear of Gnosis — not out of any authentic reason.

The Mind has been for centuries malnourished and deprived from healthy food, fooled to believe and behave like a slave inside a script – like a helpless receiver of meaning vedging out on a couch in front of the screen we call reality, when in reality The Mind is the emitter of any image that appears on that screen (The Creator of Every Possible Reality that could ever exist).

In order to arrive at meaning, the mind has been accustomed to behave rather than conceive.  The spectrum of behavioral action ranges from engaging in a simple judg-mental  thought to raging a holy war or a crusade.

Fifthscience is about reversing the paradigm so far employed to arrive at meaning.

For, according to Fifthscience, the mind, like the sun, emits outwards the script via which any empirical experience emerges into knowable existence to begin with.

Then immediately afterwords, the mind abruptly switches mode by entering the script  itself (in a manner similar to drifting into a dream) through which the mind becomes a a helpless numeric character inside the script (A Forgetful Adam), effected by its causal logic, thrown amidst its sequential thread of development, lost in its past, present and future — overwhelmed by its trinity of dimension: time, space and possibility.

They say the moments of drifting into a dream are moments of utmost creativity; and if you happen to get conscious during those moments, there is no question you have in mind that won’t be answered, no limits to creativity.

The mind inside the dream-like mode becomes a helpless receiver of meaning, a physical actor rather than a conscious one. In order to receive meaning, the mind is prompted to act its way through inside the script, in total passivity and submission to events — in total oblivion to the fact that it is itself the original script writer of every event to begin with.

I will stop at this point and leave you to ponder over the paradigm shift concept.

Soon, I’ll be revealing in this same forum thread, why and how according to Fifthscience, the Future takes place before the past, and accordingly, the End Time scenario has preceded the launching of history, and what the world is experiencing now is merely its  repercussions.

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