Why I Refuse to be Angelic in Heaven or Scientific by Earthly Standards?!!!

Yes, Fifthscience is a Spiritual Mind Science.

However, to be able to receive Fifthscience, you must first tighten the loose notion usually associated with Spirituality or The Spiritual World – the Mcdonnald’s or Kentuky Fried interpretation of “spirituality”.

Fifthscience represents an intricate spiritual logic that conjoins The Matrix of Heaven with The Matrix of Earth (The Matrix of Mind with The Matrix of Matter) - something that both the religious and the scientific world has yet failed to achieve.

Fifthscience is not a Fast Food Recipe for a “Spiritual Awakening” of some sort.

From here, I admit I can be a little tough at times when it comes to preserving the character and spirit of this Network from drifting into some loose representation of spirituality which the internet is so stuffed with or into some pointless scientific argument inspired by a sci-fi mystery of some sort i.e. UFOs, Other Planets, Contact with Aliens, The Earth’s Geological Crust, Psychic Powers, Dinosaurs etc….

I cannot under the pretext of presenting the meat of a Spiritual Science embrace the lard of fast food spiritual or scientific meals, and encourage an indulgence in some chaotic spiritual eutopia, even if this will cost this network a number of potential memberships or some popularity.

From here, I cannot emphasize enough The Gnostic origins of Fifthscience and The Gnostic Background necessary to set the mind into a receptive mode to this spiritual mind science.

If the scientific world prides itself for being ruled by visually verifiable claims about reality, then the spiritual world deserves to be equally (if not even 100 times more proud) for being inspired by mentally verifiable claims that should never be undermined by the soda pop spirituality which represents itself as being a door into every mysterious and unknown.

From here, Fifthscience is not about throwing loose speculations over the universe’s mysteries or earth’s origins.

Fifthscience is about the logical link between the Spiritual World and Material World.

Accordingly, authentic spirituality in the dictionary of Fifthscience translates
Order and Logic, not Chaos and Dogma.

Not only so, but Fifthscience represents a logic so powerful that it overpowers even the empirical logic. In other words, it has the power to break that scientific ego that has been nourished by robotic reason, which justifies why science has way tress passed the bounderies of what’s visually verifiable to lecture humanity on their ancient not so holy evolutionary origins.

You wanna think robotic reason? Then, you can think of Fifthscience as a computer script that controls how the robot of empirical logic behaves on a pc monitor.

In possessing such power, Fifthscience has enough potential to cause a paradigm shift, at least on an individual level.

The Logic of Fifthscience is mentally overpowering, and it draws a road map towards Authentic Peace and not Fragile Peace – authentic consciousness and not behavioral awareness.

There are certain universals that the mind intuitively embrace. Those universals, not only touch directly the mind’s intuitive logic, but also activate this dormant power. Those universals are like catalysts, they work synergetically with the mind’s logic activating the power of the intuitive mind. Those universals are naturally embraced and authenticated by the mind’s eye, without prompting the physical eye bulbs to search in hunger and doubt outwards for a thread of visible proof. Those universals translate, mind peace right here right now, not a promise for one.

This is what is referred to as Forbidden Simplicity, and this Forbidden Simplicity has the power to change the world.

If you’ve read Steve’s presentation carefully, you’ll detect a code, a logic that prevents his non-technical voice from drifting into some dogmatic spiritual amazon.

Yes, Steve speaks of a personal encounter, a personal awakening which details may simply not be destined for anyone else to fully understand or experience. However, it strikes a cord, it makes me (as a reader) question that which I take for granted — question the immediate light that makes me see things around me, right here right now, but almost always go itself overlooked, ignored and unseen.
Yes, it is Steve’s awakening, not mine or yours! However, beyond the sound of Steve’s personal thoughts, what you will “hear” is an echo of a spirit not a spiritual path, a sign  of a witness not a behavioral preacher.
If you come in here to Fifthscience bringing your technical, scientific intellectualism and editorial exercises, you most certainly would not hear that echo, and you may even judge Steve’s work as being “uneducated and overly-simplistic.”  Similarly, if you come bringing your spiritual hunger for fast food mysteries, Fifthscience may not be fully satisfying either.

You have to get over both your religious and scientific ego to see and hear –get past the gravity of your own judgments about reality. You have to remain on the ground yet above and beyond gravity.

I am for freedom of spiritual expression within the margin of productivity.


I am not for the packaged spirituality that one expects from a spiritual website or a spiritual person.

I am not for being labeled a “spiritual person”.

I am not for the Sufi or Yogi modesty that is often associated with being spiritual.

I am not for the pragmatic mind set that haunts the soul of man when man behaviorally attempts to plunge into a spiritual eutopia.
I am not for this naturalist sandwished by a vegetarian combo, with a touch of humanitarian sauce on top that one should supposedly taste like to become acknowledged as a spiritual person.

I respect all the above!

However, provided that those things do not come under the pretext of being spiritual or acting spiritual or seeking spirituality.
I respect those as paths so long as they remain paths and choices that
one may be naturally inclined to integrate into his/her life for certain rewarding benefits other than the pure behavioral yearning to become spiritual — this hunger for meaning that I find to be pathetic.

After all, we take a path we don’t make a path. We eat when we’re hungry we don’t eat for the sake of eating.

I am not for being called an “Angel”.

Because when you call someone “An Angel”, you then linger under a tree nearby somewhere to watch out for his errors and mistakes, expecting only to see angelic stuff coming out of him.
In fact what you do by calling someone an angel or master or guru or avatar or sheikh or saint or priest or Rabi or Scientific or Religious or and or and or, is you’ve actually
imprisoned that person inside a mold, a statue; and I’ll explain to you shortly after this post why God (The Almighty) HIMSELF refused to be imprisoned by a mold as such,

and so, God decided to come down to earth. He decided to come down from the throne of Godhood to become a Creator through The Universal Mind.

God decided to enter the statue that he created, to inspirit it, to break its perfect mold with the sinful act of appearing humanly.

God created the Knowledge possibility in creating The Universal Mind (Adam) – The Act of Creation that the Angels on their heavenly untouchable throne protested, defied and later became known as “fallen Angels” primarily due to their ignorance of the wisdom behind it — the wisdom without which they’d have forever rottened in their unknown angelic mysteries.

Yes, they were demystified for the benefit of Gnosis. They fell into the level of being known for what they are and what they represent in God’s mind from doubt, alienation and fear of creativity.

They became fallen by their alien Angelic Greatness and prefectionalism. They were just too great for Godhood. They accepted for themselves a mysterious greatness that God HIMSELF rejected when he chose to demystify the darkness by his knowledgeable presence – chose to be known.

God has abandoned both worlds, the world of science and religion, and resided somewhere in the middle where authentic Adam tirelessly stands like a beating heart amidst a body, forever bridging between the lower and the upper part, between reason and passion, by the sheer simplicity of being Adam and not by the great complexity of acting like one.

Now you know why I refuse to be an angel in heaven or a scientist by earthly standards.

I choose the freedom of being simply Adamic..

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