The Future Happens Before the Past


The future happens before the Past.

I’ve already explained how everything that emerges into perceptual reality in an empirical mode, in reality emerges de-script-ively in accord to an innate script that rules its behavioral logic.

In order to comprehend the logical matrix that conjoins the empirical reality with the innate one, it is important to first understand the logic underlying the polarity that seems to separate between the two.

According to Fifthscience, the mind creates a context — you can think of this context as a script that runs a computer program. Once the program rolls, anything that emerges on screen, however autonomous it may appear, is ultimately controlled by this script. What you are seeing now and the future of what you will see on the screen are both a thing of the past in relation to the script. Things may appear as progressing on the screen in a linear mode towards the future, while in finality they are emerging descriptively of what has preceded on the level of the script. This is a basic analogy of how what we experience on the empirical level is connected to what is scripted on the innate level.

Part of the Mind then enters this script, and this part is referred to as the “The Soul” (Eve or the Thinking Mind), and another part remains superior and beyond the Script (That Part is Adam – The Conscious Mind).

So, again we have a triangle, a trinity: The Mind, The Soul, and The Script. The triangular model is not a foreign concept. We’ve already revealed its theological and metaphysical blueprint in The Gnostic Order of the Holy Trinities.

As  Adam (The Mind) enters the script as Eve (The Soul), he switches mode from being a Giver or Creator of the Script into a Receiver or Actor inside the Script. He switches mode from Being what he is into Becoming what he is.

He thus falls into the numeric logic that rules the sequential order of the translation or description as does the numeric frames of a film footage rule the progression of the movie events. The Mind inside the script is now a numeric entity immersed inside a world full of numbers. This world is Eve’s realm and is referred to as The World of Events – Eve-ends. It is run by a script, and each script, like a dream, has an end. When the mind encounters a particular eve-end, the mind registers an emergency signal, which forces the mind to abruptly depart the script back into the witness mode, where a new script is being in formation.

If you’ve seen the movie The Matrix, you can think of this emergency signal as the call that Neo trinity or Morpheus do whenever faced by a dead end inside the matrix in order to reconnect back to reality (depart the matrix).

What this basically means is that what empirically emerges on the perceptual level, and which appears to mechanically or physically progress into the future based on a linear equation of causality 1 leads to 2 leads to 3 etc.. is, in finality,  bound by a circular core, like the circular film wheel around which the linear film footage move.

Thus, according to Fifthscience:

We Progress into the Past (The Script) via the Future (The Events of the Script). We progress into what is already viawhat becomes….

I’ll leave you now on this note and come back a while later for more…

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