How Much Positivity Can You Drink Today?!!


I don’t understand the logic of endorsing The Law of Attraction by making it sound like a Fortune Magnet.

The message of endorsement is usually:

“Think Positive and you will be able to channel this positivity towards a rewarding future… you will be able to get the car of your dreams, the house of your dreams and a free gift too”

What the hell…

Yeah, I’ve heard many blab and talk about The Law of Attraction, from normal people to phd’s: The Secret book of Rhonda Byrne, the master key system, some books from psychologists, one very esoteric one from a prof Dr. Murphy and so on…
They all basically tell the same thing at the bottom line (some of them while laughing their way into their bank accounts):

“Scrub out your negative harmful thoughts as much as possible using our secret detergent! Concentrate on buying our books and products and you will get rich and fortunate in no time…”

I can’t believe how they speak about the Universal Law of Attraction as though it is this crystal ball or genie which one can interact with along a paradigm of “Ask and you shall receive”. You think positive, you attract
wealth and fortune, you think negative, you attract failure and misfortune.

However, they never really explain why there is such a law to begin with, or the logical mechanism that binds HOW you ASK with HOW you RECEIVE.

They make me as a reader almost feel like positivity is something out there I should rush and purchase or consume before it runs out; and so they sometimes kinda add to the overall spiritual hunger and frustration and self blame, whenever one simply fails to be as positive as expected.

But why do we fail to be positive sometimes, despite all the Tower of Babylon worth of new age spirituality and Self Help jargon instructing us otherwise?

Those of us who went below the surface understand that we cannot resist or combat negativity like saying “NO” to a given thought or so, because then we’d be somehow employing negativity, sustaining and justifying its “NO” logic.

I know i can tell you that (at best) I can only embrace negativity, tame
its beast, allow it to flow in an atmosphere of least resistance possible, least motion – Just linger there as a witness while it passes you by.

How and Why? We’ve delved deeply into the metaphysical and theological fiber underlying such logic in Fifthscience already, revealing in mathematical certainty why and how exactly any given thought (in its very DNA) is connected and bounded as a temporal numeric 1 to the Infinite Oneness that this Core we call The Universe represents.

And so, when the Universe answers to your thoughts, you now should know how this answer happens; and knowing “THE HOW Aspect” should in itself make you feel rewarded more than receiving the answer itself.

Positivity is not a coin that you can insert in a soda machine to buy a given drink or flavor of success.

You cannot employ spirituality as a way to make you successful in a limited narrow manner, like more money, more wealth, more fame; because then, you’re still channeling your vision linear, horizontal and
preventing it from seeing 360 degrees.

If you are authentically positive, you shouldn’t have to wait for some future to reap the fruits of such positivity; you should be able to verify its mirror effect in your reality right here right now, and it should translate a better Vision of positivity and not come in a Cellophane Wrapped behavioral ways we use to measure happiness and success (like in winning the lottery). It should translate in creative ways that help our vision expand panoramically and stretch the scope and definition of positivity itself.

In other words, what’s beautiful about positivity is not the reward it supposedly reaps as much as the beauty of the logic of positivity itself (how its manifests).

There’s no sense in focusing on the reward;
If u can’t cash in on your positivity right here right now by seeing a better view of your immediate reality, then what is the point? What is the difference between thinking positive to get the house of your dream, and getting off ur a** to work or do something to get that house you want?

You sure should be smart enough to know that you can’t get those things reading Linda’s book itself?

I hear some of those preachers say “Think Positive” and you’ll be in the bahamas on a jetski the next summer.

I don’t understand the paradigm of thinking positive to end up on a jetski… What i would suggest instead is that you try to link the concept of positivity to the very moment your living (right here right now), whether you happen to be standing near a dumpster or sitting in the oval office in the white house at this moment; and understand that positivity is not measurable (thank God its still a divine thing that man has not yet refined, processed and packaged); meaning that you could be at this moment near that dumpster the happiest man on earth, and your counterpart who sits in the white house could be at this moment in a complete contrasting state.

So, as beginning, simply try to understand that all of us (in our riches and misfortunes) are translating a unified reality above us; we play parts and assume roles in this world to add color and richness to the language of translation itself, yet we can never alter the meaning being translated.
The problem is that we have gotten too lost in the grammar and vocabulary of  translation itself; and its only logical that the more the translation departs away from the core meaning it originated to translate, the more it defeats its purpose.

You wanna go from point A to point B; then when you get to point B you forget point A – simply too busy thinking of point C to appreciate or realize that you’ve gotten to point B from A. You forget where you started from… This only means that you are ignorant of your own self – incapable of discovering your own SECRET.

You always need an external reference point to tell you how beautiful or successful you are; and guess what? This reference point is unreliable. It changes with the moods,
trends and interests of those who sit on the higher scheme of the pyramid of wants and needs – Those who told you to add that silicone to your cheeks to look better today, can come and tell you to
remove it to avoid cancer tomorrow; and if you don’t feel beautiful already before you added it, you will definitely know what misery is after u remove it.

We crave packaged achievements that others can acknowledge for us (we measure our success by the eyes of those looking at us; and we become enemies with our own selves – our own INNER EYE.

Once we all realize this fact, the mathematics of the translation itself won’t matter much no more (i.e. standing next to the dumpster will be equal to sitting in that oval office on top of the world if not even better). I can stop and spare my time and vision to behold the phenomenon of a happy man standing next to the dumpster, he would definitely be more interesting to listen to than the president in the white house on a speech; yet when that man standing next to the dumpster looks as sad as a dumpster stirring linear towards the white house, he forces me to see him small, to overlook him altogether, and look in the direction of the big thing his eye are looking at.

As far as I have been brought up to realize by intuition, a day is a day full of relative luck and misfortune on all equally, yet the RELATIVITY
factor! we build empires of ignorance around that factor.

When I commented something along this logic in an FB post by a friend of mine (Mike Mann), he said “wow Chadi! slow down on the mountain dew…”
I replied “Its Marinas Turbo am drinking…”

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