The ET Logic & its DNA



ETERNITY becomes knowledgeable via SPACE & TIME

ABSOLUTE UNITY becomes knowledgeable via NUMERIC UNITY (0 & 1)

CIRCULAR becomes knowledgeable via LINEAR (pt1 &. pt 2)

EXISTENCE becomes knowledgeable via HERE & NOW

HERE becomes knowledgeable via SPACE BEHIND & SPACE IN FRONT (1st 0 & 2nd 0)

NOW becomes knowledgeable via PAST & FUTURE

ETERNITY is a timeless mode of existence associated with THE REALM OF BEING

ETERNITY is momentarily translated via THE REALM OF BECOMING

Anything that enters the realm of identifiable presence (whether a thought, an object, a motion or an event etc…) BECOMES, in the sense that it registers a time-measured presence, and its numerical in the sense that it possesses a beginning, middle and an end 010 (with the 0 standing for an interval before and after that marks the beginning and the end).

Not only a given motion or event reflects such attributes, but even a seemingly static object in space and time (like an Apple for instance) perceptually somehow reflects those attributes too.

It reflects an occupational presence in space (a numeric particularity). The relative space around it on one hand highlights its presence and on the other highlights an emptiness from this presence.

So, we can say that the relative space underneath and around the object marks its beginning and ending and highlights its middle, which is why space or ether is like a visual representation of how the absoluteness of eternity can become relative for the sake of knowledge.

Space has an insurmountable Unity, infinite, and is present in everything yet it is nothingness in a sense.

Eternity is theologically associated with God’s Mode of existence and it’s usually referred to as The Realm of Spirit; and Time (on the other hand) is associated with The Realm of Soul…

What is the difference between the two Realms?

Well, The Spirit knows itself through itself and so never departs itself by way of knowing itself on any linear path (no relativity)…

And Note that Time is only relative to a linear motion…

As for The Soul, it knows itself through The Other (The Knower in the Sou’s equation knows itself through a Numeric Object of Knowledge); and thus, The Knower departs itself by way of knowing itself on a linear path towards The Object that is The Other; and in doing so, a relative motion is registered from point A to pt B; and accordingly Time is defined by this relative motion; cause (mind u) a continuous motion is like static (timeless)…

Thus, everything that enters the realm of numeric possibility (whether a conceptual thought or a perceptual expression) translates Eternity instantaneously…

The Realm of Eternity is neutral to anything that has a begining or an end. You can compare it to an innermost neutral sense of existence or being or selfhood.

However, if The Eternal must have no beginning and no end (infinite); so the question is: how can a finite (like a numeric entity) arise from such infinity?

To understand such possibility one has to visualize the possibility of a dream arising from a waking state. It’s basically the only mode of relativity parallel or applicable considering the conditions of such possibility. 

Does The Dreamer actually departs The Awakened? It does and doesn’t and this is the miracle of how relativity relates to absoluteness, how timeliness relates to timelessness, how the finite relates to the infinite, how the numeric unity relates to the absolute oneness…

The Dreamer departs the The Awakened as an EYE that projects outwards of the AWAKENED SELFHOOD looking backwards at this SELFHOOD… It doesn’t depart in the sense that it divides away or separates off (So u can say the possibility of VISION in itself is a miracle, and while its impossible to fathom its source we can admire the beauty of its mechanism as we’re doing here).

It’s magic!! Its the only agency that can depart without departing and this is called


Eternity has to do with The NOW (Wholeness or All at Once) i.e. there’s no part being born from another, no successive or progressive numeric logic where each numeric entity bounded to the successive other by any form of causality, no temporal entity or event can be past or future with respect to the other, or earlier or later than the whole life of an eternity happening all at once RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW, because otherwise the eternal entity would itself be partitioned by the temporal series and loose its attribute (being what it is) accordingly. THIS IS A FACT AND UR BLINDNESS TO IT IS NOT REPELLING TO ITS LOGIC OR REALITY BUT ONLY COMPELLING TO URS)…

So now, really, how can the possibility of The Temporal springing forth from The Eternal hold; or how can The Temporal hold any relativity to The Eternal in the wake of the Eternal’s timelessness? Mathematically speaking, the question can be rendered as such: how can The Numeric Unity relate to The Absolute Unity?

“….In order to allow for authentic relationships between what is eternal and what is temporal it is particularly important to establish a special sense of ‘simultaneous’. A relationship that can be recognized as a kind of simultaneity will of course be symmetric; but, since its relativity have relevantly distinct modes of existence, it will be neither reflexive nor transitive. In this sense of ‘simultaneous’, each of two temporal events can be simultaneous – co-occurrent – with one and the same eternal event without being in any sense simultaneous with each other. This special sort of simultaneity has been called ‘ET-simultaneity’ (for ‘simultaneity between what is eternal and what is temporal’). From a temporal standpoint, the temporal present is ET-simultaneous with the whole infinite extent of an eternal entity’s life. From an eternal standpoint, every time is present to or co-occurrent with the whole infinite atemporal duration; that is, each instant of time as it is actually present temporally is ET-simultaneous with the one enduring present of an eternal entity, so that for an eternal entity all of time is present at once….”

What does The ET Logic implies about anything and evrything we conceive or perceive as happening?

It implies that the Whole Unity that is referred to as ETERNITY is encoded in every single temporal numeric registration of any thought, object, motion, event or happening; and what do we do? We deny this truth to create our own! How? Our mind tends to connect each frame numerically to the other by way of seeking the whole and in this very instinctive behavioral tendency the mind is actually denying the whole…

Fifthscience exposes the mathematics of this behavioral tendency and proposes that the mind should be trained to negate causal connection between those numeric instants or TAKES of reality…

It should at some point destroy The Frame Logic (The Consequential Connection between Frames or Takes which is the mother of judgmental vision and association). Destroy the tendency to add one registration to another by way of progressing directionally on a linear time-measured direction to unleash a meaningful whole; cause this meaningful whole is already encoded in each registration. It’s not waiting to happen or unravel cause to say that is like saying its prevented from happening now.

What does this imply?

Seeing earth explodes and a seeing an apple falls from a tree r both equally expressive of eternity by virtue of the logic of eternity.

No event is more important than the other or possesses more causal priority over the other, because simply they are both equally encoded by the WHOLE (The Absolute Unity characteristic of Eternity) for them to numerically emerge; and so its like saying that in a dream an apple is just as important as a universe because its a dream in the end….

Ur perfectly capable of seeing the whole in the apple as u r in the universe and its not about the whatness of what u see as much as it is about the feeling generated once u project the concept of eternity upon what u see. I mean an Apple falling can signify a world ending based on associative logic (just like a simple smell can remind u of a country u visited).

However ur mind is trained to see things in frame logic To Fragment and then Defragment (by connecting the fragments causally – the mathematics of superstition and dogma)… In other words, when u see an apple falling, u integrate what u see within a context of a meaning unfolding with the motion of the apple, while in truth, the whole scene is a static representation of a precedent neutral meaning expressive of BEING, of ETERNITY or ABSOLUTE UNITY…

So, the wholeness is not a totality arrived at through a progressive equation like 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 leads to a whole

Wholeness is more like the absence of the possibility of partition (absence of lackness) and the whole is like a SUN or A Core; and anything that enters the realm of identifiable presence enters de-scriptively of it and not informatively. It has the DNA of ETERNITY encoded in it, and can perfectly generate the feeling of timelessness  and reflect the whole all at once independently of any exterior causal or sequential logic.

More to be revealed on The Logic of Eternity as we go along.

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