Sorry Karma ! Must Luck You Up to Unlock FATE

If there is Karma, then I have achoice; and this defies the logic of Fate,

If there is Fate than I have no choice and this defies the logic of karma,

Karma & Fate those ancient rivals, will they ever meet and shake hands?!!!

You know, like how polar opposites after they circle around they give the illusion of meeting on the other side!!!

Picture this: A Karma that is not subject to space & time, not subject to a timely linear mode of causality (you know a karma different than I kill yesterday, I get killed tomorrow kinda of karma), wouldn’t such karma be like Fate in disguise?!!

Lets see, Fate has always been depicted like a viscious circle…

You know, like in the story of Oedipus Rex whose fate was prophecized by the Oracle at Delphi (destined to murder his father and marry his mother); and so, Oedipus would go on a backwards circular journey towards Fate, whilst he deceptively believed he was departing on a linear journey away from it.

He tries to practice choice on every level of intentionality by way of chasing away fate with good karma, only to meet fate at the end of the road, where he finds himself accidentally murdering his father whom he mistook to be a stranger and marrying a woman who turned out to be his mother.

If fate is circular, Karma must then be linear, but it’s a deceptive linearity…
You know, like when u travel across earth embarking from point x, u think u’re heading somewhere on a linear direction towards point y, when in reality (with earth being round) you’re only heading on a circular journey backwards to point x.

So, once u realize this truth as you approach the very end of your journey, you wonder if the journey altogether was as real as you thought it was or was more like a dream made to be real by your own perception of it…

So, do Fate & Karma ever reconcile, do they ever meet somewhere at the end of the road?


Picture this: A Karma so very timeless, that space, time and actions kinda loose their significance in the wake of its presence.

Think of it as The Karma of All Karmas, where the logic of Karma itself melts inside the logic of Fate…

and you face ur Truth-in-Finality;

and I discover at such point that it’s never really been about what I did along the journey, what actions caused what results, what causes lead to what effects, but rather,
somehow it has always been about the moment itself I’m facing RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW, like nothing else ever existed, like I’ve neved departed this MOMENT to begin with. Like everything on that journey was a dream;

And suddenly it hits me, it’s never really been about what I do, but rather how I perceive what I do, and I’ve always miraculously had unlimited free will to perceive what I do as I wish to perceive it, you know just like when you sometimes wake up inside a dream and you feel you have unlimited freedom to create the dream events as u wish.
MG I now see something strange. I see Karma shaking hands with fate, u know like how actors bow down before an audience at the end of a play just before the curtains go down; and it suddenly dawns on me: MG, It’s like I’ve seen that same exact scene before, like Dejavous, it all seems so long long time ago — like millions of yrs ago, yet it all strangely appears like its happening so right now and for the first time…

But wait, I think when I saw that scene, it was like karma and fate were shaking hands as would wrestlers do before they start wrestling not as would actors do at an end of a play… And it seems to me that when I looked at Fate back then, I saw the scene of a future battle, and then as I glanced at karma for an explanation, all I remember was being planted amidst a linear Journey supposedly progressing towards that scene; and here I am thinking all the way that I was heading towards the sight of a battle, when I arrived to nothing but the sight of the same exact scene — karma shaking hands with fate!!!

How come I took Karma and Fate to be rivals, how come I thought karma was helping me escape fate, when karma was only dragging me into fate like a Fate agent undercover…

How could I’ve been so blind in the wake of such obviousness…

So have I always had the freedom to see this scene however I wish to see it; and because I couldn’t handle that freedom I had to interpret Fate instead of simply seeing Fate, and karma escorted me on the journey of my own false interpretation, and here I was thinking that karma was all the way protecting me from Fate, whilst she took me on a circular ride back to the point of departure, here I was thinking Karma was saving me from Fate — taking me away!!!

But come to think of it, why would karma help me escape Fate?!! why would karma help me escape Fate when Fate itself never ran after me to begin with, it never departs itself to begin with.

Fate was never that threatening to begin with; it was only my perception of it, my interpretation of what I saw that made fate look like it was chasing me, and Karma like it was saving me; and here was karma all the way trying to show me this simple truth, trying to ease my worries with its childish logic (behave now and u will be ok in the future, be good and u will not die in that battle), and I was just too blinded by fear of the battle to see through karma itself, I could’ve remained Fate if I wanted to, but I chose to be my own interpretation of it instead, I could’ve remained secured seeing things from Fate’s panoramic view point, but I chose to zoom in to the details of an insecure adventure — I chose to take karma’s ride instead…

And you’d think karma and Fate are true rivals; well, they appeared that way inside the Dream I mistook to be reality; and how can I ever tell that they aren’t if I
could’t tell I was dreaming to begin with — everything seems real inside the dream, doesn’t it?

And so here I stand now shocked to my foundation to see Karma & Fate shaking hands in the manner I see them now — shocked to an awakening from a dream I thought it was my reality; well, better awake than dream myself into another dream inside the dream…

At this point, it’s clear to me that it has never been about Fate or Karma, or about the question as to why God destined x to die forever and y to live forever, y to go to heaven or x to go to hell;

now it dawns on me, and I realize that there is only me and what I seein the end of the ends; I either be me or be what I see

If I be me then I have control over what I see; if I be what I see, then what I see has control over me

To be or not to be is no longer God’s choice for me to blame at this point, it’s my choice and I am to blame right here right now at this very moment if I can’t see this simple truth — if I can’t see Karma from the eyes of Fate!!!

At this point I realize, there is one final karmic choice left to be taken before karma is forsaken , before it reaches its melting point — the choice is to leave what I see and rest in peace inside me; otherwise I shall be lost once more in what I see — the choice is to die in peace once and for all inside Fate, or to be reborn to pieces of death again inside karma — I saw for myself how I could end karma, so how can I ever rely on karma again to save me once more? How can an Alleged Savior fail to Save itself from me?!!! Karma? Saving me from who? From fate? But I saw myself becoming Fate? How can Karma save me from my own self?

Oh thou karma; you’ve always made me believe that you’re strong and at a real opposition with fate, when it was my fault not yours, I was using u to fight myself… You’ve always seemed like u’re directing me to take a choice now thinking am saving myself from a future battle, when I was directing u to your own death inside of me; and just when I think you’re here to save me at my final step, you’re suddenly taken hostage by the fate I’ve become who hands me the dagger to kill u; and how can I kill whom I thought to be my Savior unless I awaken from the dream — awaken from the equation of salvation altogether.

I’m sorry karma!! I’m deeply sorry!! In order to survive Fate, I must outlive u… I must use ur very Power to end u, I must live the zero context in the wake of the presence of 1, I must live the Devil’s rank in the wake of the presence of The Mind, then and only then the true Savior in me shall be shocked into an awakening; otherwise, you shall take me victim of one of u’r stories again (ah! Sorry!! My Stories) — You shall frame me a picture on one of your walls again (ah! Sorry!! My Walls!!!) You shall place me a heading on one of your newspapers again:The Victims of Karma: The Victim of the Savior Tendency — A Foolish Player who plays the Savior Role on the expense of his one and only true and final Salvation…

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