The Prismic Equation of Alchemy

The Spiritual Core of Existence, is The Priesthood of The Holy Matrimony Between Matter & Spirit. 

Consciousness (The Language of this Spiritual Core) is in turn The Priesthood of the Holy Matrimony between Conception and Perception, your thoughts and their physical translations in Space & Time.

The substance of this Spiritual Core (The Universal Mind) is an agency that is like no other agency in existence. It has the
Alchemical power to translate the Light of Unity into Multiplicity. As it hits The Tablet (The Universal Soul) it translates into Platonic Forms.

This power is prismic in nature.
There is mathmatics to everything, and the mathmatical equation of a prism does involve a triangle, doesn’t it?

From here,

It is a about time we ponder over the Triangular Dimension of Alchemy which has already been introduced earlier in The Gnostic Doctrine of The Holy Trinities.

As already mentioned before, according to FifthScience, The Platonic Duality of Matter vs. Spirit is not a Dichotomy.
It does not imply an essential Schism between the two realms (that operates on a Zero/One Polarity which is an absurd polarity), but rather: A Prism.

Again why 0 vs. 1  polarity is an absurd polarity?

Because, its a Polarity that lacks a spectrum that conjoins it, which means opposition for the sake of opposition; and any polarity that lacks a unifying spectrum between the two poles is not subject to Gnosis which naturally implies its non-existent, since Gnosis = Existence in Finality.

Plato emphasized contemplating the Spirit vs. Matter as a dichotomous duality as a spiritual exercise that triggers recollection of the primeval nature of existence.
Then came Aristotle to elucidate The Spectrum that conjoins the two Platonic poles together, revealing the Heavenly Platonic logic in an Earthly language the average mind could understand, and for this reason Aristotle’s philosophy was mistakenly more applauded than the Platonic and wrongfully considered somewhat contradictory to Plato…

In The Gnostic Doctrine of the Holy Trinities, we revealed the Triangular genesis of existence & creation, and how the triangular nature serves Gnosis (Divine Knowledge).
This nature, as explained later in Key, extends beyond the theological dimension of existence to touch base with the most immediate dimension: the phenomenal reality displayed before us (The Physical or Phenomenal Universe as our outermost eyes see it).

In short, the equation (as deduced from Fifthscience) goes as follows:

Conception is Matter Spiritualized, Perception is Spirit Materialized, and the Active Agency in between is prismic in nature.

In other words, this active agency acts like a prism. It translates the Spiritual Substance of Consciousness into a matrix of Conceptual Formsreminiscent of the colors generated from the prismic effect of light, and then each Form is (in turn) translated by virtue of a similar equation into a matrix of perceptual forms that integrate upon each other inseparably perceptually whilst they remain separable mentally. For more on this concept, read: Key 06_Forms – Isolated in Eternity – Integrated in Space & Time

Those perceptual forms are reflected back to the Mind via vision and recycled or liquidified to constitute the substance of Thoughts (The Substance of a Lower Realm of Knowledge that has its own cycle, mathematics and Laws).

I’ll elaborate more on the Alchemical core of FifthScience as we progress more and more into Morphe…

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