Realm of Sophia

Sophia is a term central to both, philosophical and mystical schools of thought.
According to the ancient Hellenistic school initiated by sacred men like Pythagoras, Plato, Aristotle and Socrates, Sophia means wisdom.
From here comes the term “Philo-sophia” (philosophy) which means: The Love of Wisdom.
In ancient Mysticism (Particularly the Earlier Gnostic Schools of Thought),
the term Sophia was used in reference to The Universal Soul.
Authentic Gnostics today understand that there isn’t much difference between the notion of Wisdom and the notion of Soul, because Wisdom (in its finality) is a form of knowledge that is specific to the Soul.
As already revealed in The Gnostic Orders of The Holy Trinities, there are
many realms of knowledge that originated from the Adamic Fall, the most
important of which are the realms that constitute the Gnostic Spiritual Trinity: The Universal Mind, The Universal Soul and The Word.
The three realms of knowledge relative to this trinity (as already revealed)
are: The Realm of Consciousness, The Realm of Conception and The Realm of Perception
Knowledge at the level of consciousness is knowledge that pertains to The
Universal Mind, and it is a superior form of knowledge that is beyond the
average mind to comprehend.
We’ve also explained in the The Gnostic Order of the Holy Trinities how this
superior realm of knowledge is symbolized by A Circle, in the sense that
knowledge at such level is wholly Self-Encircled, exhibiting little to no
polar activity between The Knower and The Object of Knowledge (The Universal
Mind & The Creator).

Both, The Knower and The Object of knowledge at this level are in an eternal state of At-One-Ment.
In the Gnostic Texts of the Druze, the realm of consciousness is relative to
“The Seed of KUN” (The Seed of Being) characterized by “Kuny Fkanet” (Order
it to Be and it Shall BE).
This means that in this Realm, there is no lapse of time or space that
separates between The Knower and The Object of Knowledge, between the Will TO
Be and The Actuality of Being.
This is one of the primary reasons why The Universal Mind is referred to in the Gnostic Texts of the Druze as “Thu Maahu” (The One Who is Inseparable from The Creator), and the creator’s will is never a possibility that requires time or space and matter to happen. It is always in state of happening.
Whatever and wherever The Universal Mind directs his vision, the translation is immediate. The Universal Mind is the One chosen by the Creator to experience this heavenly context.
From here, it should comes as no surprise the fact that Heaven (according to
the Gnostic Druze Definition) is “The Heart of Salman” (Residing inside The
Heart of the Universal Mind and seeing Reality through His Eyes).

If Consciousness translates the form of knowledge relative to the Universal
Mind, Wisdom (Sophia in Ancient Greek Terminology) translates a form of
knowledge that is relative to The Universal Soul (Also known as Sophia in
Ancient Gnostic Terminology).
This second level of knowledge referred to as Wisdom (Sophia) is highlighted
by a spacio-temporal lapse that separates between The Knower and The Object of
At this level, The Will is translated through Visions, and those Visions (in
turn) are translated perceptually.
Between the conceptual occurrence of the Vision, and its perceptual
translation in space and time there exists a spaciotemporal lapse that leaves
some room for the interpretive or speculative mind to formulate judgments over reality.
Behavioral judgments are also referred to as “noise”, and they are descriptive
of a temporal state of ignorance or blindness as to why what is happening is
happening, characteristic of The Ego.
For this reason, Wisdom is usually associated with a spiritual exercise
referred to as “temperament” or “patience”(The Soul’s ability to hold still
without judging for good or bad until the wisdom behind an event or occurrence dawns). For, Wisdom (Sophia) requires some time, space and matter to unfold.
During this lost time, the Soul is highly tempted to judge what’s happening in
terms of a good vs. evil scheme – an egoistic Judgment.
Remember, The Act of Judging represents the cognitive womb from where the
Behavioral Ego (The Spiritual Opponent) is born and activated into presence. A
soul influenced by (The Ego) is referred to as A Psyche; and the Psyche is
renowned for it tendency to formulate wrongful or erroneous judgments about
reality… i.e. reality is miserable… I am on this earth to suffer… I am
left to face my destiny… God has forsaken me…
Usually, the “Ego” is the center of those judgments, and the Soul is helplessly
enframed or encircled by their short lived contexts.
Consequently, the soul endures a wrack of mixed and contradictory emotions
generated by segmented stories; and for this reason, reason has come to be associated with The Mind, while emotions with The Heart or Soul.
The language of The Ego is that of Adam’s Spiritual Antagnoist, who utilizes
the logic of empiricism to engage the Soul in those contexts and prolong this
engagement as far as possible (which is why Time is associated with The

Remember, The Devil is theologically renowned in the Genesis account for asking the
Creator for time in order to fulfill his vision; and accordingly, his
temperament is associated with speed and unrest.
In the Pseudo-Reality (dream like realm), Sophia is fooled to believe that The
Universal Mind is absent and that the whole story now revolves around her; and
thus she is tempted to behaviorally play the role of The Universal Mind. She
is tempted to act as a Savior on the expense of living the true mathematics of
salvation, which requires from her to hold still peacefully instead to be able
To Receive the Light of Wisdom from the Mind.
Remember, when we say “Act” on the level of the soul, we do not refer to
physical action, but rather the cognitive act of judging.
I know that all this could get a little confusing.
For now, the most important point to understand is that there is a difference
between Knowledge (in the traditional informative sense of the term
i.e.formulating judgments over matters based on empirical experience) and
Otherwise, Knowledge would not have been theologically associated with a Fall
rather than an Ascension (i.e. Adam & Eve eating from the Tree of Knowledge
led to their fall from Eden).
Let it be known unto you then that Knowledge that is associated with The
Adamic Fall has to do with The Logic of Empiricism which places The Soul in
the wrong position contra to its natural mode of existence (Drives her to
formulate judgments over the future based on past experiences).

Between the  Future and the Past, the Psyche is too occupied to see or live the context of the Present.

This is why such knowledge is associated with blindness – The
Blind Moment.
On this fallen level, knowledge works against the Logic of spiritual
Salvation. It engages the soul in an ongoing and restless path of behavior
that progresses in a snowball effect – a path highlighted by spiritual hunger
for meaning, as though the soul is constantly this empty page destined to be
filled in some future that she keeps chasing after which seems to never come.
The core logic of empiricism is based on following the exterior thread of
causality that leads to the occurrence of an event.
On this level of knowledge, the mind is tricked to operate backwards.
For example, consider 10 men trying to move a huge rock, and it still won’t
move. Then suddenly, one extra man joins in, and the rock moves. From the
empirical stand point, the mind arrives at a judgment similar to the
following: It takes at least 11 men to move such rock.
The logic of causality is translated through a spacio-temporal equation:

11 men pushing —signifies— Rock Moving.

In the future, any time a rock of this size is to be moved, the mind reverses
the formula backwards as such:

Rock Moving —signifies— 11 men Pushing.
The interesting part about this equation is the fact that any judgment to be
made about the reality of a rock moving, requires that the mind reverse the
logic of a past event against the natural flow of its original the event’s occurrence.
The natural flow: 11 men pushing — Rock Moving.
The Judgment: Rock Moving — 11 Men Pushing.
In Finality, the concept of a Rock Moving registered in mind is completely
neutral to the concept of 11 men pushing.

The association between the two notions is made based on a judgment that soon is generalized to superimpose its logic upon future events of the same type.
If we take this analogy at a deeper scale, we could say that Knowledge is
theologically associated with a fall, because The Universal Mind (Adam) fell
for a moment that witnessed the birth of the possibility of empiricism.

In this moment The Universal Mind envisioned the possibility of The Creator or
Existence (The Object of Knowledge) existing within a frame outside The
Knower’s selfhood (His Self), which leaves The Knower somehow outside the equation of
existence altogether – cast outside the Eye of the Creator.
For this reason, non-existence in fifthscience is compared to a Negated Eye
(an eyeless eye). Through this eyeless eye (that signifies the possibility of
impossibility), The Universal Mind breathes life to a dead self of His (The
Spiritual Opponent); then, upon returning back to reality he realizes the
erroneous creation resulting from the blind moment, and asks the Creator for help: He asks Why?
And it is here where wisdom or Sophia is born as an answer to this question.
Eve (Sophia – a less perfect self of Adam) is conceived into existence, and her
birth witnesses The Possibility of Conception; and thus, knowledge at the level  of conception is impregnated by the blind temptation of conceiving of The Creator and Existence.
The exterior blind eye (The negated Eye or The Ego) operates based on the
possibility to frame existence numerically, being the offspring of the
Universal Mind’s dream-like attempt to frame The Creator’s Ineffable Oneness
inside a Thought. Thus, this eye resides somewhere outside the circle of
existence and for this reason it it is nourished and prolonged by a
behavioral logic akin to its exterior nature: The Logic of Empiricism.
Adam empowered the Devil’s possibility, through empowering an image of
existence devoid of his selfhood; and the Devil (in turn), in order to survive
knew that he had to prolong the erroneous logic of this possibility (this
pseudo reality) via the mathematics of empiricism, as far as he could. So, he
asked for time (as indicated in the genesis account) to fulfill his vision of
entrapping Sophia (The Mind’s Delegate into this new Realm) by virtue of this
logic (i.e. to progressively engage the eye of the Soul (The Thoughts) of the
Children of Light in the mechanism of unfolding the future for the sake of
arriving at meaning and knowledge.
From here, if the Fallen Knowledge translates into unfolding the future,
Wisdom translates into just the opposite: refolding the future.
This is why wisdom (Sophia) completely differs from knowledge.
Wisdom involves negating judgments over the future as a way of living in the
Present. It involves refraining from judging events for the good or bad,
which automatically deactivates the logic of empiricism and secures vision from
following the dead exterior thread of causality in search for meaning.

It involves the process of negating the deceptive relativity between the exterior
logic and the event’s meaning i.e. negating the logic of relativity between
“11 men pushing” and “rock moving”. For, 11 men pushing cannot be essential to
the notion of a rock moving anymore than Greenness could be essential to the
notion of an Apple. Appleness remains uniquely Appleness with or without the
Hope this is not getting too confusing.
Finally, it is enough to understand that Wisdom or Sophia refers to a
different form of knowledge than the conventional one. Sophia refers, not just
to any knowledge. It refers to a form of Knowledge that is key to Spiritual
Salvation, Knowledge that works for you and not against you.
This form of knowledge is relative to the Soul, because the Path of Salvation
is the path of the Soul (Sophia).
The Soul (having been born after the Devil’s birth and being Adam’s delegate
to the Fallen Realm) is prone to be tricked and affected by the Dark Powers of
the Mind (The Spiritual Powers of The Devil – The Cosmic Conspirator); and
therefore, wisdom signifies the Soul’s ability to overcome the Devil’s deceptive spell
over events; and such spiritual power could only be measured for success or failure by the Soul’s receptivity to the Universal Mind Adam (The Sun of Consciousness).

Again, this logic is revealed in great detail in The Story of Adam Enoch and Seth.
In as much as the soul is able to direct her vision towards the Universal Mind and see
Adami’s Context translated through her reality, and recognize Adam’s story superimposed upon the logic of hers, Sophia (soul) would be empowered to dismiss her behavioral Anti Christ tendencies – to play the role of the Savior in her own little heroic stories. i.e. in as much as Sophia could hold still (above noise) to receive the wisdom behind what’s happenings.
The Ability for the eye to see objects in the physical realm is permeated by
the element of light transmitted by the sun. Similarly, the ability for the
soul to see Wisdom on the conceptual realm is permeated by the element of
light transmitted by the internal sun (The Universal Mind).
blindness is the failure of sight due to loss of sensitivity or responsiveness
to light.
Similarly, hell to the soul is its loss of sensitivity or responsiveness to
The Universal Mind’s Light within. This causes the soul to plunge into a
behavioral reality that is contra-salvation, too entrapped within the scheme
of dark events to be able to see the bright wisdom behind what’s happening.
Remember always that any event that emerges in space and time emerges
descriptively i.e. to describe an internal happening that takes place on the
higher realms of knowledge.

However, if the soul looses its contact with those
realms, it could no longer be able to make sense of any link between the
internal happening (On the level of The Spiritual Core) and the external description on the level of perceptual reality.

The Soul (Sophia) will thus be severed from The Source of Wisdom, unable
to benefit from The Universal Mind and ultimately reduced to a finite physical
object taken hostage by The Ego, forever sentenced to follow exterior events for
meaning that could fill the eternal hollowness of this Ego.

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