Precognition is commonly associated with the spiritual ability to forsee the future. 

However, the notion of Precognition has unfortunately been undermined by the shallow link built between precognition and what is referred to as “Psychic Activity”.

In truth, the core logic of precognition is mighty precise and intricate. It has less to do with spirituality in its traditional loose sense (i.e. psychic readings and visions into the future) and more to do with the mathematics of cognition and perception(i.e. how the mind operates and interacts with matter).

Through introducing Plato’s Theory of Forms (from the unique fifthscience perspective), we laid out the structural base of Precognition. Now, the more we delve into the mathematics of this ancient exclusive mind science, the more lucid the notion of precognition becomes.
For now, it is important to keep in mind that precognition of an event is not as simple as predicting the event’s happening ahead of time. Even more, precognition is not the process of forseeing events that are supposedly already predestined to happen in some future time.
Precognition, rather, has more to do with the mechanism of destiny itself (how destiny and is made). In other words, precognition is the innermost Cognitive Core or layer that constitutes the matrix of a given event x without which event x wouldn’t surface in the 1st place.

One could think of precognition as the code or blueprint of events. This blueprint provides events their identity, meaning and the contextual significance. It constitutes the core fabric based on which the matrix of those events is built.

For example, if you compare the event to an object like a tree (for instance), you’ll discover that an event is made up of layered matrix of forms, in the same way as the Tree is made up of the Form Green, The Form Leaves, The Form Branches and so on and so forth (all layered upon each other to project the image of a Tree); and on top of the Pyramid of Forms enthroned is the most important and pivotal form to the Tree, The Form Tree itself (The Blue Print) which provides for the innermost whatness of the Tree (what makes a tree be perceived as a tree to begin with).

Similarly, precognition could be thought of as the original cause or reason as to why any object, motion or event emerges into the realm of perception in the first place.

Precognition is the act of cognitively identifying The Whatness of an event and then mentally substantiating thisWhatness through internal vision into possibility – ie contriving or formulating its matrix into existence, fabricating its layers of logic and meaning through utilizing mental forms, and judgments.

In other words, precognition is the process of mentally empowering the Contextual layers of Forms that constitute the Whatness of a given event (The Essential Ingredients of the Event’s perceptual identity).
For instance, if you envision yourself unhappy at time x space y (regardless of the causes that might have lead you to believe so), chances are that you are going to nourish the matrix of this vision and the possibility of events emerging within the context of Unhappiness (relative to your visual definition of unhappiness) all the way through to space x and time y.

The supposedly future objects and motions encountered along the way, will accordingly emerge descriptively to convey the past concept or image you had in mind of unhappiness and will thus, lift off the impossibilities of this image materializing in your reality.

Those same objects or motions may not necessarily translate similarly to other people who might be perceiving the same events emerging within a different context.

For, the physical realm (with all the objects and motions involved in it which constitute the matrix of its events and occurrences), is at its base liquid or rather “hylic” (vibrating); and its structural core operates on a frequency that is deeply connected to the soul (The Faculty responsible for human thinking), and accordingly sensitively reactive to those thoughts too.

Remember, The duality between matter and soul has historically been highlighted philosophically solely for contemplative reasons and not for any inherent ones. This duality has been Platonically highlighted to organize the process of contemplating the nature of existence and eternals and not to enforce schismic schemes between Soul and Matter, Science and Religion, earthly and heavenly. This duality was never meant to imply a dichotomy between the two deeply interconnected realms.
From here, no event (whatsoever) could ever emerge into your physical realm within a context that is foreign to your already existing thoughts or preconceptions, or beyond your mental scope of comprehension.

It is just that your mind has been behaviorally trained and accustomed to search immediately for the causes of any occurrence or event externally, following the exterior dead mechanical thread of causality (that you are driven to believe it has lead to the happening of this particular event at time x space y (i.e. the mountain collapsed because of the melting of the ice and the melting of the ice happened because of global warming etc…)…

In truth, the core happening took place originally on a cognitive level, and the mountain cannot be guaranteed not to collapse at this space x time y if an absence of the conditions to those that lead to its collapse preceded.

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