The Achilles of Space & Time and The Religion of The Heart

Reading Homer’s Iliad, one cannot but stop at the symbolic significance of Achilles.
Achilles is one of the greatest warriors history has ever known, and yet Achilles hated war with such great passion. It is said that a loving heart inspired Achilles’ actions.
So, how could have Achilles, this fierce warrior, held such tender and passionate heart?!!!
Achilles would fight on army x’s side so long as army x is fighting for a righteous cause, and when such cause gets exhausted and abused, and the ego sneaks in into the picture, army x would suddenly find themselves facing no one but Achilles himself – they would find themselves confronting the wrath of Achilles, this Great Warrior who would stand shamelessly (to their shock) on their enemy’s side.

Who was Achilles? Who was this man? What God did Achilles worship? What ethics did Achilles follow? Whose side was Achilles in? Which power did Achilles serve?
If Achilles existed in the religious era, Achilles would’ve easily been called a heretic. If Achilles had existed in the feudal patriotic times, Achilles would’ve easily been proclaimed a traitor.


because Achilles simply did not reflect conformity or obedience
towards any man-tailored identity – not national, not geographical, not holy, not racial…

Achilles’ identity was self inspired, and home to Achilles was where the heart resides. He simply followed his heart at any price, and was granted the power of insight to recognize on whose side righteousness resides and from which side it departs; and its not a secret how heavenly obedience has always been harnessed in every day and age for unheavenly goals – all in the name of God and in servitude of a man tailored holiness.

Even now, still, if you join any army on this earth, they have to fill your head with thousands of religious, ethical and national reasons as to why your enemy deserves to die a cold blooded death, and why you should fiercely and heartlessly serve the sacredness of the army’s cause at any price.
I stop at Achilles’ character because its reminiscent of the Character of The Children of Light (The Human Adamics). It is no wonder that Timeless Socrates (Socra The Village of the Eons) never forsake The Homeric Iliad, which he held in his pocket at all times and against all odds.

Socrates himself was the Achilles of the Athenian age, and this is why he was ultimately sentenced to death for corrupting the minds of the youth, because he refused to cooperate with the Athenian Power and to subdue to their diverted definition of righteousness.
In every day and age, there stood an Achilles like a candle guiding the
way amidst the darkness of history and against the powerful winds of the human ego and its yearning for power, greed and dominion at any price.

Follow your heart whispers the timeless voice of Achilles in the ears of thy eternal soul of man, follow it courageously like a warrior. Follow the Light within you whispers Achilles, not the light bulbs they fabricate in the name of the Sun. Speak on behalf of righteousness and die with passion, not just any death, not just for anybody’s sake, no matter how holy the claim is – a voice vibrating forever in the ether of times at a frequency that no mountain or solid rock could ever endure…
This is the epic of Troy and the Story of Achilles and Every Child of Light. The Children of Light never stopped uttering the eternal spell of Achilles over the dark history of mankind, and for uttering such spell they were proclaimed heretics and witches and burnt on the sticks of human ignorance.

Achilles never died… In all their lives, across their countless reincarnations on this earth, Achilles was alive speaking through them, whispering in their ears the timeless wisdom of the eons.
When the Light shined through Judaism, they were the dedicated
mystical Jews fighting along side the nation of Israelites, breaking
the walls of the pagan ego; and then when the Light spoke verses of Love
coming from the mouth of Beloved Christ, they followed the light and were referred to as The Gnostic Christians, most cherished and loved by Jesus and then later ironically pursued and bludgeoned in his name.

Then, when the light shined through the Sacred Quranic Sun, The Angel Gabriel, they grew to become the Sufi Moslems who suffered in the name of their unworldly love the most inhumane forms of torture.
They simply followed their heart like warriors (like Achilles) and tracked the light and embraced it in whichever form it appeared to them. This is their crime for which they’ve always been sentenced, and by the same justice that sentenced Socrates into the poison cup which history itself drank after his departure.

Like Achilles, The Children of Light, were never afraid of freedom or scared of change or ashamed of switching battlefields; and to them, it was never about religion itself, it has always been rather about the Light that shines through the mortal religious body of each era and time.
And when religion altogether 1000 yrs ago was pronounced a dead body of pillars, no longer fit to contain the light or express its glory, they cleared their faces of all religious makeup, shamelessly, in the same honor and glory that inspired Achilles; and refused to die the death of a number in anyone’s army, in the name of any master’s holiness or any man-fabricated heavenly cause;

and so long as Fate remains Fatal on this planet, they could never settle for a fate any less passionate than Achilles’.

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