Before The Angels Left The Earth ! Sweet Dreams !

Back in the PreAdamic times that has only survived in myths and Legends, back in the Cradle of your lost memory, matter was befriended by your soul, and everything in the Universe of matter and this earth spoke to You in verses of pure magic: The Endless Space reflected your eternal Soul and the Physicality of objects and motions were nothing but crystallized states of your own Thoughts. The link between thought and matter was so powerful, so obvious and so verifiable, that it ruled your immediate physical experience on this earth. What is referred to as “Magic” or “Alchemy” today, constituted (back in those Edenic Times) your daily reality.

Can you imagine a mountain rejoicing, a river crying or a tree warning you of a danger coming your way? This is but a glimpse of the kind of magic once reflected by the Universal harmony between matter and soul.

Everything in the phenomenal realm (realm of matter) spoke to you directly. Everything made prefect sense to you, every object around you resonated with meaning and form.

The wind warned you of an enemy approaching, the Trees rejoiced with a rare sound of music at your victory, and the rainy skies wept your misfortunes.

The Exterior Universe (The Universe of Matter) mirrored your innermost soul. The Universe of Matter resided within you and not the other way around. You were not this helpless resident thrown on this solid earth’s surface with its sharp edges and beastly creatures, left to face your mortal destiny and rotten in its dirty soil.

The universe was more liquid. Matter itself was more spiritual.

Every interaction between you and matter surrounding reflected an inner conversation between you and your self, and the stars are witnesses to what I say.

Your thoughts extended outwards to touch matter, maneuver and mold the substance of this universe creating objects, motions and events that tell your story; and yes, you did move objects through your very own thoughts, and you did cause the sky to rain, and the lion to roar.

You were the ancient Gods of the surviving pagan Legends.

You were in charge of your destiny, and the keys to The Gates of Eden were granted to you.

This world of matter you see before your eyes wasn’t to you a container that contains your body, contains your house, contains your life and then your death casket. The world moved with your emotions and rested at your rest, cried to your sorrow and laughed to your joy.

Time wasn’t a meter that measures your life span, and the future had no role to play in your magical present.

That was before “the angels left the earth”, and you became “A Being in Time”…

You lost touch with the substance of matter, and you made enemies with the forces of nature; and no longer could you see the magic in this universe or the meaning in this life or the spirit in this matter; the world grew too small and life too short, and earth could no longer speak back to you save in the language of miseries, diseases and disasters – a language that reflects the depth of the inner conflict in The Battle Field Soul - The Conflict of Soul vs. Matter.

You’ve lost your innocence, and graduated from the universe-ity of self denial. Congratulation, You are now smarter; You now have an explanation for everything: why the River runs… why the Trees bow… why the animals behave as they do… Why you shouldn’t believe a word of all this…

Matter has become the prison of your body and thoughts have become the prison of your soul.

You can no longer tell if matter has any link to you thoughts until you get a headache thinking too much, and so you take that miraculous pill and go to sleep: Sweet Dreams…

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