The Basic Logic of Error ! Falling into the Past by Way of Advancing to The Future

According to Gnosis: Knowledge on any level is translated via a duality between A Knower and An Object of Knowledge.

The Knower is referred to in FifthScience as That Which Possesses a Fixed Eye, and The Object of
Knowledge is referred to as That Which Possesses a Negated Eye.

The Knower is also referred to as The Definite, and The Object of Knowledge as The Possible…

Later on, we shall delve deep into the nature of The Possible, and whether its truly an exterior event
as its usually thought to be.

For now, lets concentrate on the Dual Nature of Knowledge:

For knowledge to be possible to begin with, The possibility of Division has to precede.

And thus: Knowledge, at its best, cannot but translate division on one level or another.

You simply cannot walk the Path of Unity without tasting the Apple of Duality.

Remember, In Gnosis, anything that emerges into knowledgeable existence (including existence itself)
emerges for a Gnostic reason. It emerges to serve knowledge.

You may be asking: in what way could knowledge translate division?

Lets take knowledge that pertains to the lower realm associated with The Psyche (The Thinking Soul).

In order to think, you must be thinking of something; and to think of this “something” is an indirect way of
admitting to its Otherness, or rather, to yourSeparateness from the object of your thought.

Therefore, anytime you think of something, you automatically translate the concept of separation, which
constitutes the basic mathematics of division.

This Division factor is what originally lead knowledge to be theologically associated with The Adamic
fall (i.e. Adam eating from the Tree of Knowledge lead to his separation from thy Father’s kingdom).

However still, without this factor, knowledge would be impossible, and existence would seize to be
knowledgeable to begin with; and remember, an existence that is not knowledgeable might as well not exist altogether…

According to FifthScience, only through Duality and Division could Unity be verified. Hence, The Adamic Fallis not a defection or error in The Creator’s Ancient Book.
The Adamic Fall, if played backwards reveals the Logic of Ascending.

You must loose something in order to know that you had it to begin with.

What could then be the definition of Error? How did error originate?

Error is not an ancient event.. In fact, we are living and translating the Mathematics of The Original Error, now as we speak.
Error is something still in the making, and you and I momentarily play a key role in its survival or death chances…

We are living inside the Moment of Creation, now as we speak, and I promise to show you how and why in due time…

Error is Gnostically associated with a Blind Moment that characterized Adam’s distraction from thy Creator’s Image by his own image.
Adam, as a result fell from the present into the
Past, thinking that he advanced into a Future..

Error is translated in The Mind’s Momentarily tendency to frame existence within a numeric thought. This
automatically translates into The Mind’s admittance to its separation from Existence, which breathes life into
the Possibility of Non Existence (The Unknown) – The Currency of The Future.

This simple tendency to Frame Existence or The Creator numerically through a Thought translates The Mathematics of The Original Error, causing a chain reaction that leads to the metaphysical birth of The Concept of Non Existence (The Zero or The Devil’s Possibility) disguised by The Numeric One.
The Numeric One is thus given birth and granted survival by the Mind, and the Mind later is deceived to believe that this One has an existence of its own outside or separate to it – The Empirical factor.

The Logic of this deceptive belief, leads the Mind to perceive objects and motions as Exterior to it,
or as separate entities from it – as though they possess their own independent life and existence. The Mind is than morphed into the physicality of the numeric logic – The person views his selfhood as a number made of a frail physical presence that is threatened to be squeezed and crushed by giant exterior objects and motions around.

The Deceptive Numeric Logic would also segregates instances of perception to create the illusion of time, and the only way to overcome its spell is to neutralize its presence via The Mind, its original creator.

It is like looking at the eyes, then later at the mouth, then later at the nose as opposed to viewing
the whole face all at once.

Only through neutralizing the Illusive Spell of The Numeric 1 over vision, can you see the face all at once,
allowing for the eyes and the mouth and the nose to melt inside the Face’s Matrix, in service of vision and meaning, without calling attention to their own separate presence.

Hence, neutralizing means allowing the Flow of Meaning that serves Knowledge and Vision, and it cannot
happen without believing in the Mind’s ability to neutralize – to negate negation.

This belief in turn cannot be arrived at via Religious Dogma or even traditional Yoga… Only through
the Mind’s Logic can you get in touch with the Mind’s truth, and this requires you to trace back the logic of
error and sin into the original source.

This is the core aim of FifthScience.
It is designed to escort you through the Logic of Deception, in order to break its spell over perception…

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