In the Name of Spirituality !

Good Morning,

I was notified by a friend that my posts are a little lofty;
and so I’d like to switch tone a little.
I have a simple question that is open for anyone to discuss or answer.

Every religion has some form of an image of the Savior or Prophet who will supposedly appear in the end times,
blow the whistle to put an end to the world as we know it, reclaim justice on earth or in some heaven, and save the good people (or rather the winning religion), sending the rest of the world into some “hell”.

Some envision The Savior descending down from the skies on some unicorn, holding a sword in his hand. Others carry an image of a charismatic spiritual leader who shows up in the end times to perform miracles, after many similar anti Christs emerge before him etc…

The question is: If this “Savior” was to emerge today as an ordinary person. Even more, knowing how in Gnosticism the soul reincarnates, and is neutral to race or gender:
Lets say the Savior emerges as a female, would the world, as patriarchal and self centered as it is today, recognize or accept her as “The savior”? Or lets say, the savior emerges as an Arab or a Chinese, would the Western world accept him as “The Savior”, and visa versa, if the Savior comes as an Anglo, would the Arab world accept him/her? Would they or would they do to The Savior what was done to Jesus, John and many other Prophets and Sages before?

I ask this question, because I sometimes see people crying and sobbing at the mentioning of their prophet’s name, yet they don’t have it in their hearts to lend a hand to a person drowning next to them. I cannot identify with such spirituality, never have, never will…

I feel that the majority of people (regardless of which religion they belong to) turn to spirituality because they’re week, lonely and depressed, or they seek social belonging and/or communal acceptance etc – anything that doesn’t require thinking on their behalf. They simply like someone else to do the thinking on their behalf. This is how corrupt men rise to power – on the shoulders of such spiritually dependent people… It simply comforts those people to be told what to do, and which way to go to be good people and secure a seat for them in heaven. It lifts the responsibility off their shoulders…

What do you guys think?

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