Fifthscience on Judgment (The Eve of History)

The Psychological Mind (The Psyche) utilizes the past to formulate judgments over the future.
Along this spinning wheel, driven by the Past vs. Futuremomentum, there is hardly any chance to rest apeace with the present.

Continuously Powered by the force of your own judgments over reality, the wheel keeps spinning and spinning; and the only way to escape being crushed by its downside turns is to learn how to judge your own judgments.

The Morphe of FifthScience prepares the mind to judge its way into The Final Judgment, which is to Judge out the act of judging itself – to refrain from judging through judging – Renunciation in the Forbidden Gnostic sense, as opposed to its modern meditative cellophane wrapped one.

The world is evil…
I am only Human…
I can be crushed by this big machine…
Human Life is Only worth a Bullet…

Those are sample judgments that color human daily reality as eternal souls trapped within a “finite” earthly mold…
As simple and subtle as those daily judgments may seem, they miraculously empower huge
industries – The Gun Industry to say the least…

Man manufactures Guns originally driven by fear, more than creativity – fear is the driving force behind 99% of human behavior, and it has driven eons upon eons worth of civilizations into their annihilation points, since the rise of time.
This is the story of the Lost World of Atlantis and Lemuria, and
it is the story of Humanity in this Lost and Abandoned moment in History.

Let it be known unto you then, that There stands between Your Finite Earthly Reality and Your
Infinite Heavenly Finality (that you’ve always sought since the cradle of your eonic presence here on this earth) a sheer veil knitted by the threads of your own egositic judgments – your ancient psychological urge to judge – to play the Behavioral Role of Christ on the expense of living the true state of Christhood – to assume the role of The Savior on the expense of benefiting fromTrue Salvation.

This is the essence of what is theologically known as AntiChristhood – The One-Eyed Past Judgment that the Spiritual Opponent used to judge The Future Christ.

To Judge the future using past Judgments has always been the lethal trap of the psyche. If there is an academic term that defines the mathematics of this trap it’ll have to be “Empiricism”, which originated in history as one grand reactive response to Plato’s Theory of Knowledge = “Knowledge is Innate”.

Empiricism grew to become the opium of human perception, the Christopher Columbus of space and time. It promises a very rough sleepless journey of discovery along an endless road implanted with the explosive units of trial and error…

This is the journey of Death Insurance - The departure from the eternal Source of Life. It is Eve’s journey of departure from Adam; and her journey is named after her. It is called Events (Eve-Ends), although the story remains His-Story , and events as high as they rise, like waves they are broken on the rock-hard shores of history.

And Eve is lost in the wilderness of history like a space shuttle lost in the endless space.
She shall never rest until she turns her face back to the Sun (Adam) – that is, if she still
could trace a hint of Sun’s whereabouts.

Then and only then she’ll be able to view her past present and future unfold like a movie before her very eyes, and the pieces of her segmented ego shall emerge to tell a meaningful story. Only then, will she be able to trace her steps back to her ancient secure home inside Thy Father’s vision, undressing herself of all roles, abandoning all her segmented stories. She is now a Grand witness of the Story of all Stories – no more a judge… Here, she will rest secured – completely immune from the sharp edges and burning sensation of her blind entrapment inside the Matrix of her own judgments.

This is what defines being Adamic from being Dhuman Adamic; and no better human worded this than Hermes Trismegistus when he described the down fall Journey of The Psyche as that of living the life of a beast inside a human form, being always tossed and shoveled by events (rather Eve-Ends), shocked into moving along the path of behavior, beaten into habitual action, forced into judging this and that, until she ends up judging her own self brutally, proclaiming her own death, contriving the end of her own character inside the final story.

Human Adamics are rather conscious souls who are able learn from other people’s behavioral experiences; and you cannot learn until you silence the disturbing noise of your own judgments – until you learn that the most important role you can assume inside the Matrix is the witness role, and that consciously witnessing events is an action in itself – an action that has a unique power over events, beyond any action you perform on the behavioral level of intentionality.

The Creation of the Universe was initiated by a simple act of vision, not by tractors and bulldozers. There are men out there who travel
across events in their vision, foresee what it would be like to travel, and then choose to be no
where else than where they stand (right here right now). No nostalgic yearning for a better
yesterday or fear from a worse future.

To them, the past, present and future melt in one eternal now; They rest in heaven whilst they
perform their duties here on earth; no need to escalate a ladder or purchase a ticket to a
a seventh sky or raise hell here on earth in the name of an imaginary place they call “heaven”.

Just a few thoughts before I go to bed…

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