FifthScience on the Art of Negation – No to No = big yes demonstrated in action rather than words…

Our minds are behaviorally trained to index or register events within a numerical context – to frame any instance of matter or motion it encounters as a “1″, and then add to it the following instance (another “1″), as a basic equation that supposedly leads to a meaningful result.

The logic embedded in this ancient mental tendency constitutes what is else renowned to be the core mathematics of empiricism, based on which conventional science is built.

However, not FifthScience. FifthScience is rather concerned with the mathematics of this behavioral tendency itself.

It considers this tendency to be descriptive of a higher meaning than the meaning it appears to mechanically serve to unveil – a meaning that, if revealed, exposes the secret of the mind itself and how it operates…

From here sprung forth the analogy of the mirror, and how the mirror can be used in two different ways, either mechanically as a medium of vision i.e. to view a given image, or objectively i.e. to be rather examined itself for its own quality of performance as a mirror, and whether it is truly fit to reflect a believable image, simply by virtue of standing as a mirror.

If matters were to stop at the mental employment of the basic addition equation of 1 + 1 = 2, things would’ve been simple to detect and remedy.

Nevertheless, the Mind (and I’d like to emphasize here that we’re actually referring to the Psyche and not the Mind in its ascended Gnostic definition), is not only behaviorally inclined to employ this method of addition (adding instances) in its constant chase after meaning; but rather, it is also prone to establish a causal connection between those units of instances i.e. to contrive a meaningful context, a scenario built upon the logic of causality, as though the instance that precedes is truly key or instrumental to the emergence or existence of the instance that follows after, when, in finality, both instances are dead projections (spinning into life like a wheel powered by momentum). Both instances are descriptive of a higher reality that is controlling both at once – a reality that is neutral or indifferent to the numerical order of their occurrence - in the same way as roundness and redness are equally descriptive of The Apple’s Reality, and they both come with it at once, even though vision may be driven to see the Redness before the Roundness and then maybe say: redness + roundness + ….. + …… = Apple; also in the same way as running is neutral to the steps of a runner, and which step precedes and which step follows, because all the steps combined silently and equally serve the meaning of running.

In other words, to the psychological mind, the equation does not stop at 1 + 1 = 2, but also, the mind is behaviorally inclined to see the 1 before as the cause of the 1 after, not by virtue of any substantial or meaningful matrix of causality between the two, but solely by virtue of their numeric context and timely order of occurrence which the mind behaviorally contrives into existence .

We can go on and on elaborating on this ancient mental tendency; however, things are prone to get more and more complex the more we entertain its cognitive aftermaths, and the residual build up of its illusive logic.

From here, it helps to understand for now that this mental tendency inspires the basic mathematics of empiricism that rules how one ultimately views the world and reality.

FifthScience invites you to reverse the logic of empiricism, to see things the other way around, upside down, or maybe upright.
It invites you to negate the No (The Negativity) that disguises itself behind this numeric context and destroy this frame that segregates the natural flow of meaning in an ongoing flux of “now”.

It introduces the art of Cognitive Renunciation or Negation. It doesn’t do so by endorsing a method of arbitrarily negating thoughts as would some Yoga schools teach; but rather, it reveals the core logic behind negation itself.

Common sense asserts that No to a No is one big YESdemonstrated in action rather than words;
And FifthScience teaches us how the path of no could lead into a yes, how negativity could blindly serve positivity, and how the YES is encoded in the No, no matter how strongly the no claims a negatory power over any yes.

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