The Emergance of Injustice in Events

All what takes form right here right now around you emerges into awareness descriptively and not informatively.

In other words, events do not progress to reveal “the future”, but rather they are reflective of a past that preceded cognitively.
In the cognitive Realm, events are not linked in a timely consequential order, like the order of minutes or seconds for instance, but rather via a Matrix of Meaning ruled by a hierarchy of descriptive and meaningful Forms that translate each other in the same manner as redness translate the apple. Redness is virtually inseparable from the apple’s matrix; and from here, it cannot possibly precede or proceed the apple – almost like time seizes to exist between the apple and its redness, until I intentionally choose to see The Apple before I see its Redness or visa versa, depending on the illusive empirical logic that drives my vision…

For example, a given idea that might have occurred in your mind ten years ago, might just emerge back into your mind reality today like a riddle that has been suddenly solved.

How so?

This is not about “memory being triggered” in the traditional sense, it is about a re-cognizing the descriptive bond between this current thought or idea and that idea; it is about the strength of such bond that defies the rules of space and time…
Time has no significance to claim over such bondage, and suddenly, it is as though time has not passed at all…

In the light of this FifthScience Maxim, I’d like to reclaim the following reality:

Whatever “Evil” you see emerging in the world today (i.e. nations, cultures, races, religions, communities, societies, or individuals being subjected to one form of evil or another or subjecting others to evil), emerges for a reason beyond the apparent causal chain of reasons, which is projected all over the news all around – from political and economic conspiracies to wars and diseases and other human misfortunes.

If you view the world from atop, from the vantage point of FifthSciene, you cannot see injustice in the same manner you’re accustomed to see it.
Let it be known unto you then, that whomever wants you to see injustice or evil in this world, automatically demands your commitment to his vision of goodness or justice.

I see a scene, a very ancient scene being described through current events – a scene that defines who I am.

“Everything that ever emerges before my eyes from good or evil, justice or injustice is the
work of thy own self…”

I am like a compass point surrounded by a circle of events that comprise a descriptive matrix of my Finality – Who I AM – The Core Point of Compass that is Me.

If I see injustice, it is because I thought injustice, and if I think injustice it is because I’ve nourished it with elusive judgments from my own cognitive bank of images.

An event cannot hold on its own externally without being first hosted internally.
Everything that ever emerges before my eyes in event-form, from good or evil, justice or injustice, is predominantly and primarily the work of thy own self, and then secondary the work of thousands and thousands of reasons that I can contrive and conspire to view around me endlessly.


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