At this level of fifthscience, i shall introduce the gnostic significance of the doctrine of renunciation.

Renunciation has forever been mistaken by traditional monotheistic thought to imply a behavioral act of saying “no” to earthly pleasures and worldly possessions.
At the other extreme, prominent far-eastern schools of thought tend to associate renunciation to a meditative state of mind achieved through renouncing all thoughts (saying no to all thoughts), and instead, concentrating on one thought or image in particular, or mentally pronouncing one specific word, often referred to as a mantra.

In gnosticism, renunciation, as any other gnostic doctrine, takes on multi layers of meaning relative to the various realms of knowledge (i.E., consciousness, conception, perception), all of which constitute the matrix of reality as we know it to be.

Perhaps the most unique among those layers (descriptive of renunciation) is the core layer which centers around the metaphysical logic of renunciation that you are about to be exposed to here in morphe.
However still, this does not imply that morphe will overlook the conceptual and perceptual side of renunciation, which are all so phenomenally tied to this metaphysical core.

Traditionally, meditative renunciation is said to be a “no” that the mind pronounces to express a form of mental resistance towards conceptual images mentally hosted in the form of thoughts.
Nevertheless, however passive this resistance is meant to be, it remains a form of resistance; and for this reason it is usually defined as an act or renunciation.

Note that the term “mind” here is in reference to the thinking faculty, which (in gnosticism) pertains to the realm of soul (psyche) and not the realm of mind (consciousness);
However, to avoid any distractful confusion, the term mind will often be used (relative to this part on renunciation) in reference to its common usage i.E. In reference to the thinking faculty.

The primal rationale behind this meditative act (this school of renunciation) is repelling the deceptive nature of multiplicity that manifests in the form of numeric objects and mental impressions (thoughts) that are ideally comprised of memories of past events or mental speculations over future ones.
The idea (behind this school of renunciation) is to train the mind to somehow calm down, silence all those intruding entities and concentrate instead on a given thought, most popularly one word referred to as “a mantra” (which does not necessarily have to mean or imply anything in particular).
The mantra is more of a cognitive tool of concentration than it is a contemplative meaning or form in itself.

However, as you shall discover in morphe, the meditative act of negating thoughts (renunciation of thought), automatically translates into the substantiation of the deceptive logic of negativity at its innermost metaphysical core.
This takes form through cognitively empowering “the absolute negative power” that the zero claims to hold.
It represents the mind’s tendency to host the possibility of a formless form or a vacuumed frame holding on its own, independently from the significant image or meaning supposedly imported within.
This is otherwise known as the numeric possibility.

Remember that a given thought signifies a meaningful image prior to posing as a numeric object or a statistical unit of value in itself.
For instance, the thought of an apple signifies an image of an apple in mind prior to being registered as a thought that is numerically valuable and accountable.
There is no such thing as a thought of nothingness (a thoughtless thought) holding still in mind by virtue of the mere numeric possibility of an absolute unit of value existing,
Just as there is no such thing as a frameless frame or imageless image.

Even more, the act of negating a thought (reninciation of thought) cannot ever account for the possibility of negating the meaningful image imported within (renunciation of form).
This logic of renunciation reflects merely a behavioral act generated by the numeric possibility -
An act which the mind impulsively performs as a way of recollection of the grand oneness that is beyond negation (reninciation) – the mind’s tendency to conceive of god or asbolute existence.
In other words, the mind cannot possibly negate the meaning of an apple through negating the thought of an apple.
For one thing, to negate the thought of an apple automatically entails preconceiving of an apple in mind, which means, indirectly admitting to the existence of an apple,
And then somehow cognitively renouncing this admittance through mentally pronouncing a “no” next to the thought by way of negating it.
It is as though the thought “no to an apple” (renunciation of the thought apple) is truly capable of balancing out, vacuuming or deleting the meaningful form or image that the apple represents.
This “no” that the mind pronounces instantaneously (like the flicker of light) acts like the weight of gravity, pulling forms down, segregating them numerically, hindering the flow of vision empowered by their interactive power.

The deceptive belief in such possibility (such power of no or renunciation), which only the mind could host, is in itself negated by “the overwhelming yes” that the physical existence represents all around -
The immediate and obvious nature of three dimensional existence that prevails 360 degree around – an existence which is so interactively full of meaning, so vibrating with form, so expressive of the power of existence (the power of the yes), so charged with the positive energy of the universal oneness that is beyond number and negation.

The proneness of the mind to host the numeric equation of negation (the deceptive logic of renunciation), as you shall discover in morphe, accounts for its original tendency to conceive and perceive error (evil or imperfection) at any level.
This very basic yet fatal tendency (expressive of the ancient mathematics of the adamic fall), that the mind hosts and entertains so impulsively and momentarily (practically at any time it registers any form of numeric awareness to any thought), amounts for the innermost metaphysical logic of the original error.
It signifies the first and foremost substantiation of error (the devil’s identity at its primeval form).
It signifies the substantiation of the possibility of the unknown existing in the form of a formless form disguised by the knowledge-ability of the form itself.
This is the main currency around which “the spiritual opponent” (the devil) would build empires upon empires based on fear of the unknown, deprivation of meaning, obscurity, using and abusing this mentally tempting logic of resistance (renunciation) on all levels to sustain his delusive presence and continuity, forever recharging his exhausted power by wasted mental energy.

Remember the ancient arabic term for the devil, “ibleis” which is a composite word meaning father-not (fatherless).

The possibility of the mysterious unknown or the imageless image materializing on any level could only harnesses its delusive presence inside the mind and not anywhere else out there.
Only though the mind’s engagement in such possibility could such possibility hold to begin with.
It is like a vicious circle that feeds upon itself.
The driving force of such possibility, as you shall discover throughout morphe, once nourished and empowered by mental energy, expands outwards towards the physical substance, casting its shadow upon the perceptual realm, amounting for everything that appears as a physically evil or imperfect, the hostile world we live in.

Through mentally admitting to and behaviorally reinforcing the logic of such possibility, you are indirectly admitting to the existence of a fearfully mysterious power referred to as “the power of the unknown” which feeds upon everything that you are ever meant to know, the fearful giant god who is out there to haunt you down, the obscure future that is continuously devouring your secure present, exhausting your definite reality, undermining your meaningful presence – your significant identity in space and time, right here right now.

This possibility (which traditional schools of renunciation project), as you shall see for yourself is contra-gnostic. It simply threatens to defy everything that exists through ultimately questioning the significance of knowledgeable existence to begin with, forever doubting its ability to face up for the mysterious dragon of the unknown,
And the rest is history and poetry, nietzsche and sartre, and more severly machiavelli.

Let it be known unto you then that this ancient spiritual tendency that the mind hosts and nourishes, as simple as it may seem, is the very metaphysical shield behind which the spiritual opponent disguises his identity to better his grip over the psyche (eve-ill or the malfunctioned soul).

From here, let it be known unto you that:
Both, the behavioral logic of renunciation that monotheistic institutions enforce in the name of god and “every holy” and the meditative version of renunciation which most yoga schools endorse are contra-gnostic.
This means that both schools of renunciation generate adverse psychological effects which are detrimental to the creative power that gnosis represents.
The act of isolating perceptual encounters of matter or conceptual instances of thoughts, treating them as numeric objects, extracting them from their meaningful surrounding, stripping them of their creative interactive power, only to negate them (renunciation) by way of achieving a certain religious or meditative nirvana (free will & self fulfillment), is the very act that is ultimately responsible for empowering and reinforcing the logic of resistance at its core in the name of renunciation, breathing life into negativity at its most virginal forms.

I would like to remind you at this point that the universal mind (christhood) never resisted, renounced or denied the imperfect dimensions (the relatively imperfect realms of creation) that resulted from the original mathematics of the blind moment as revealed in source.
This simple truth is encoded all around. It is the reason why we exist as we do. It is encoded in ancient legends, in accounts of gods like zeus falling in love with his human creation, refusing to destroy even the most disobedient and ungrateful among the adamics.

Note that gods in those legends signify powerful adamics (both, of the human and dhuman origin).
They are never meant to be taken as literally as they have been throughout mythological history, and they are far from truly accounting for the confusion that came to be the modern conception of ancient paganism.

The universal mind, the god of all those gods, lovingly embraced all of the fallen worlds, descending even to the most humble levels of adamic realms and conditions, walking the earthly steps of personhood, which hades (the god of fire and egoism) repulsed and resisted, yet could never really deny or escape.

The universal soul (eve), in turn, could not have overcome the devil’s claim over her less perfect nature by speaking the devil’s language (the language of resistance & numeric renunciation), for this would have been contra-wise: a lost battle from the start.
Eve would grow to outsmart the devil’s language through wisdom and only through wisdom (sophia).
Wisdom = knowledge that is meant to work for you and not against you (the logic of salvation).
Wisdom entails insight over god’s vision, knowledge which eve could only receive through turning her eyes towards adam, passively benefiting from the light projected through his vision.
Through wisdom and only though wisdom eve would come to be salvaged and secured by the gnosis of the devil’s finality (the role that the devil unknowingly plays in god’s vision),
She would come to realize the devil’s weakness in god’s eyes and verify the self destructive pattern of behavior he is trapped within, a form of knowledge that the devil himself, in his arrogance and defiance, is forever blind and ignorant to.
Through such knowledge, eve would baptize her vision, awakening her self into certainty inside the dream, shattering the mystery of the devil’s ancient spell over her destiny.
Form here, always keep in mind that, in the gnostic finality, there has never been anything wise about behavioral blindness, even when expressed or practiced on the highly renowned level of religious and meditative behavior (the religious or meditative forms of renunciation).
Wisdom and only wisdom is the gnostic weapon that eve (sophia) would use to combat the devil’s spell over eve-nts.
Wisdom is the gnosis of spiritual salvation & the only power that is capable of stripping the negativity from any act of renunciation.
It signifies uninterrupted meaningful vision.
It expresses the spirit of embracement of forms and not renunciation of vision of those forms.
Accordingly, wisdom entails contemplating conceptual eternals and not renunciation or resistance towards the the spirit or logic of contemplation altogether.
From here, it should come as no surprise to “the truly wise” that contemplating the nature of forms as in following the footsteps of ancient greek philosophers (for instance) is much more reflective of the path of wisdom than exercising yoga or practicing transcendental meditation or renunciation of thoughts.
Similarly, persevering inside the eye of the storm is a much more honorable stance in life than escaping into the high mountaneous caves of religious and spiritual oblivion (renunciation of all worldly encounters).
Wise people are real people, people of knowledge, who always manage to rise above what you perceive them to be and break any image intedned to frame them inside the casket of egoistic behavior.
They are men of power, of love, of passion and foresight. They are not weak or helplessly good.
Otherwise, the middle east would not have always been the beating heart of the world’s destiny, the middle east, i repeat, and not the tibet with all due respect to the far east…
In conclusion about the doctrine of renunciation:

This very basic gnostic truth you’ve just learned about renunciation, which amounts for a perfect introduction to fifthscience, as simple as it is, has forever been so threatening to the foundation of all religious, philosophical and spiritual institutions across time.
Most of those institutions would rather invest in the negative power of renunciation as a way of promoting all forms of physical and spiritual hunger and deprivation – to generate a spiritual thirst that only they could quench, for the pricy cost they determine and charge.

Through renunciation of a given thought, which is a cognitive activity that a religious mind engages in impulsively driven by fear and guilt and a meditative mind exercise more deliberately and systematically in the name of yoga, the logic of resistance manifests and sustains a deceptive presence in the form of the substantiation of the negative possibility (the possibility of nonexistence existing or the threat of the unknown overpowering the known).

This is but the immediate causal effect of the numeric possibility (activated through the logic of renunciation), and what it generates in terms of alienating feelings is the inescapable tax expressive of the ancient mathematics of the blind moment (the adamic fall), in which the universal mind is said to have drifted into a pseudo awareness of his numeric identity which separated him from the father.
The logical implications of this timeless metaphysical error (the deceptive logic of renunciation), which amounts for the devil’s spiritual birth and identity, as you shall discover in morphe, ultimately revolves around the deceptive nature of the form zero which i briefly introduced in key, and which signifies the possibility of a vacuumed image or a meaningless concept.

The form zero, which the mind substantiates momentarily at any time it isolates numeric awareness of any conceptual or perceptual object, as you shall discover, is purely mental i.E. It is not signified or paralleled by any knowledgeable form on the perceptual level (the level of the physical existence).
Simply take a look around you.
Isn’t the world around so colorful, so full of form and meaning?
Wherever your eyes turn and on whatever they lay, there manifests meaning and form.
Can you see anything out there that resembles the zero in any way?
We’ve already demostrated in key how the three dimensional form of objects somehow exemplifies the numeric oneness.
However, what on earth could possibly exemplify the numeric zero?
We’ve also demonstrated in key how, even space or void, which the mind is most prone to deceptively associate with the zero, could not possibly hold or stand for anything that the zero implies to be in terms of negativity, resistance and deprivation.
Space, as already revealed in key, is not absolutely empty in the vacuum sense which zero-ness claims to be, otherwise it would not tolerate the occupational presence of physical objects within it (the substance of physicality).
Nevertheless, the mind somehow perceptually associate space with absolute emptiness as a way of substantiating the zero.
The logic of this fatal misconception casts its shadows over the perceptual realm, eventually inspiring the logic of empiricism – the cornerstone upon which conventional science would build empires upon empires of speculation over the nature of existence, influencing the human experience of reality at large.
Conventional science even travels extra milestones in reaffirming the zero possibility by introducing the black hole theory.
While the possibility of such theory holds, the possibility of a vacuumed image or concept forever remains impossible – anti-consciousness,
And the question as to how could matter percede consciousness into existence or ever generate consciousness remains forever beyond the scope of conventional science.
From here, though yet still the black hole theory is at its infancy state, it’s very structural logic remians far from ever accounting for the form of power that zero-ness claims to hold over the mind.

In morphe, you shall discover that this numeric hollowness that zero-ness claims to represent (the residual substance of numeric possibility), cannot sustain any knowledgeable presence of any form, on any level, without the numeric value that a given frame could only earn by virtue of the meaning it holds within and not by virtue of number itself.
In other words, it is not the numeric frame that holds the form or meaningful image together, but rather, it is the meaningful image that holds the frame into a deceptive emergence, enriching it with a numeric weight of presence,
That sustains its statistical accountability in space and time. Thus, the possibility of the existence of this frameless frame which the mind identifies as zero, cannot ever truly materialize on a perceptual level.
The only thing that could emerge into perceptual significance is the meaningful image holding this illusive frame.

Remember this point very well. For, the theological implications of its metaphysics are invaluable in reference to the gnosis they reveal on the devil’s truth and finality.
The devil, being forced to descend to the most physical levels of personhood (with the intension of numerically framing eve inside his-story – the zero context), blindly and ignorantly refutes the very logic that he descends to prove.
His very occupational presence in space and time (in personhood) translates the eternal imprisonment of the zero identity inside form, inside the undeniable oneness that prevails in the overwhelming physicality of existence,
The eternal imprisonment of the frame inside the particularity of form and meaning it holds, and not the other way around.
This simply implies a lost battle for evil from the very start.

From here, let it be clear unto you that:

The conventional logic of renunciation, which has inspired countless religious and meditative schools of thought across the centuries, is (at its metaphysical core) absurd.

Fifthscience will escort this logic into its own self-annihilation point.
By reversing the logic of empiricism, morphe will reveal how the mind could intuitively see events in a contra-negative mode, breaking the vicious cycle of resistance and renunciation inside which the psyche (the ignorant soul) is taken hostage by the devil.

As you shall discover in morphe, fifth science will direct the mental power of negation (renunciation) against its own course, utilizing the logic of renunciation itself to exhaust negativity at its metaphysical core,
Ultimately vacuuming the form (sucking the life) out of the zero itself,
Stripping it out of its ancient spiritual mystery, bringing it down to its earthly casket long awaiting it – renunciation of renunciation itself.

Fifth science translates full utilization of the mind’s capacity through pure uninterrupted vision, where forms interactively reintegrate once more to reveal the ancient reality of the original fall – a vivid image of one selfhood that has been so numerically segmented by eons and eons of spaces, times and events…
Millions and millions of years worth of future advancements towards an overseen past – thousands and thousands of broken adamic cycles, of unfinished stories, unresolved identities, descriptively advancing in a deceptively informative mode…

Prior to embarking upon morphe, it is essential to baer in mind that the logic of resistance (renunciation manifesting at any level, whether political or religious, racial or ethnic etc.. Is the offspring of the ancient spiritual fear of the unknown – the future rendezvous with the beast.
The core mathematics of such deeply grounded fear is metaphysical and not physical in origin.
It has nothing to do with the size of the beast out there or how much weaponry and armory it possesses.
It is simply expressive of the beast within – the most ancient psychological stance of the soul towards her spiritual opponent (the devil), who lost his battle against adam from the very start.
Ever since he has been drinking the bitter vinegar of his own truth and finality,
Aggressively resisting the sahdow of his own ignorance casted upon earthly events, through a dhuman his-story painted with wars, diseases and adamic misfortunes.
And the further he drinks from the cup of truth, the more he is sobered by his bitter reality which grows further and further dramatically victimized by the very logic he originally descended to deny.

To further comprehend the weakness of such logic, ponder a moment over the significance of its metaphysical claims:

Imagine the possibility of a ghostly apple (made of hollowness or void) that supposedly could only exist underneath the very perceptual physicality of an actual given apple x at an actual given space y and time z.
Then imagine that this ghostly apple could only sustain its deceptive presence (imperceptible form) by utilizing the very perceptual possibility of the actual apple x that it is supposedly hiding underneath
(i.E.The very element that accounts for apple’s x’s knowledgeable presence in space and time).
Now, try to imagine, what significance, if any, would there be to such a ghostly apple?
And would it ever matter if such apple exists or doesn’t, in the wake of the obvious existence of the actual apple?
And assuming it exists,
What power could it possibly possess or hold over the actual apple, much less the power of deleting or denying the apple’s presence?
And why on earth should the mind entertain such possibility, when the very perceptivity of such apple is impossible to begin with?
What service could it do to knowledge besides reinforcing the obvious by way of denying it?

No no equals yes, and zero is nothing but the numeric one in disguise.

Remember this equation very well.

Keep in mind that the 0 1 is a deceptive duality with vacuumed polarity – a lost battle in finality.
From the womb of such miserable loss extends the need for a virtual reality.
The vacuumed polarity has driven machinery towards a smaller size, more expressive of its zero power.
Digital ether is but the numeric oneness reduced to a nuclear level,
Signifying the point of endings and beginnings – birth and death (nuclearly explosive polarity in between).
Demented polar balance causing a polar shift on all levels, the logic of birth and death of civilizations,
Races, religions, nations, oceans, continents etc…

Fifthscience translates authentic consciousness, not behavioral resistance (religious or meditative renunciation). It entails residing securely inside the eye of the storm, inside the circle of the eternal yes,
Never trying to frame or encircle this yes through the numeric frame, lest you cast yourself outside of its circle. For such is a blind act that forces you to relive the mathematics of the fall again and again, and endure the negative course of schismic imbalance that leads to polar expolsion cycle after another. (the viscous storm surrounding the eye).
Many shall die in the eve-ents of the storm not ever knowing what they signify to that eye.
Some of “the dying” even appear in the images of “the ruling” when in the eye of finality they are but forever entrapped within the mathematics of the storm,
Forever oblivious to the meaning they are ignorantly serving.
A word about morphe:

Morphe is a modest yet essential introduction to the ancient spiritual power of fifthscience that the human mind once witnessed.

It reveals the secret of the ancient forbidden link between mind and matter.

In morphe you shall be exposed to the textual body of fifthscience, translated into english and elucidated to the best of my writing abilities.

Once exposed to the reverse accelerated logic of morphe, there will be no room for any default in understanding.

At such point it shall become crystal clear to you how the material revealed so far in source and key fit precisely in the right place and direction to serve to bring the logic of fifthscience into comprehensible grounds.

In morphe, we shall dive deeper into the fifth dimension, revealing the ancient hidden mechanism of perception and cognition and the intricate mathematics of spiritual deception.

Without understanding the binary logic decoded throughout key, there is little chance that morphe altogether would be understood.

Thus, if key confuses you in any way and you feel that you need further explanation or clarification on any point, please do not hesitate to contact fifthscienc.Com.

Any relative comments or remarks are also welcomed at any time.

The decision as to how and when morphe should be released has been somewhat of a hurdle to me personally,
And i apologize for my delayed response towards numerous sincere requests that i have been receiving from dedicated readers demanding its release.

Frankly, my reluctance has not been merely due to the exclusivity and perplexity of the material involved, but also due to the arousal of certain copyright concerns, which i never imagined i’d be haunted by.

To put a long story short, a prominent international publishing company had at one time offered to publish the content of fifthscience.Com prior to the point i decided to go online with it, which was around the end of year 2008.
This company, which specializes in publishing books on greek philosophy, had contacted me numerous times earlier that year for this matter, based on a written proposal i had formulated which outlines in great detail the material so far published in fifthscience.

Why the company wouldn’t commit to a formal agreement is still yet not understandable and it no longer matters at this point, neither did it matter much at any time (i must admit),
Because i never truly believed that a conventional publishing approach could faithfully represent the spirit of my endeavor or do full justice to the nature of fifthscience, or even touch the authentic minds in the manner i believe they should be touched.
However, looking back at this incident now, my best explanation as to why things didn’t turn out as they should’ve is the fact that:
While the company might have expressed great interest in the subject matter, they had little faith in my writing skills and perhaps even less faith in my inspirational cause behind writing what i’ve written.
Even more, i believe that it is in the company’s last interest to publicize the theological source of this ancient science (the druze factor), which, in my view, adds credibility to the work, and not the other way around.

However, one thing i eventually grew certain of is that the folks at the company were buying time whilst they solicit enough information on the subject for them to embark upon this whole project all on their own.
It seems that i gave them the primary scheme for their upcoming hit; and, of course, it didn’t matter much to them who writes the book or get accredited for it.
In the mean time, they were pushing hard to receive a fully translated and interpreted manuscript of fifthscience.

I admit that this (for a while) has somewhat cautioned me against publishing morphe, arousing some serious copyright concerns in mind, though i never gave such matters much concern (being a keen believer that thoughts have wings and they could fly on their own); for, no individual could ultimately claim ownership over a given thought or idea, but rather simply host it.
However, in the case of fifthscience, things are a lttle bit different in the sense that it is not merely a personal matter. It is, whether i like it or not, to some extent, a druze matter as well…

Looking on the bright side however, the company’s behavior was just the right push i needed to venture into publishing fifthscience all on my own, online, in the manner i originally envisioned it to be published,
Celebrating the spirit of freedom from any form of commitment towards any authority that could claim enough power over the project to jeopardize the integrity or spirit of fifthscience, severing its head from its morphe.

I’m sure the folks at the company were not pleasantly surprised by the fact that fifthscience grew available online so soon so sudden.
However, i was recently relieved from any psychological liability in this respect, given the fact that my original copyright concerns were confirmed.
The company recently published a book based on “the number one”, the core subject of my proposal, which is more than a mere coincidence.

Enough of this nonsense for now…

Just thought i’d mention this incident to update you and fill you in on the circumstances surrounding the delay of morphe’s release…

The core of fifthscience online is now fully copyrighted and protected against any copyright violations, and its time to move on to what truly matters.

Though morphe is yet still in the making, i thought i’d release this intro as a gesture of honor and respect to the great interest and dedication you’ve expressed towards fifthscience (formerly substance.Com).
To you my friend steve berg from the u.K., i dedicate this part of fifthscience that i am about to embark upon, in honor of a vision that we share. I also dedicate it to my druze brother lawrence darwish from australia (whose passion for fifthscience has been personally inspiring on many levels),
To my long time philosophical friend wayne stewart in seattle who is newly wed and whose work in the field of metaphysics and cognition has always been mind challenging.
To everyone who receive fifthscience with an open mind and an open heart and to each and every one of you who has written to me expressing his/her interest in fifthscience, urging me to fulfill my promise and publish morphe.

Again, it is my sincere belief that beauty is revolutionary in nature, and i am only serving such revolution,
And it is my honor to be of such servitude, whilst my services are still of any worth.

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