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My name is Chadi B.G. ! Æthero (was my name in a previous life i lead in ancient Greece – recollected).

My national identity is Lebanese. My religious identity is “Druze”.

The Authentic Identity: GNOSTIC.

I am deeply honored to be presenting Fifthscience to the best that my English rhetoric and writing skills can serve. I am but an ordinary person communicating a message. I am not (by any means) a writer.

My Credentials: BA Diploma in Communication Arts and film from SMU (Southern Methodist University) – Dallas/Texas. Three courses short of a Masters Degree in Philosophy from AUB (American University of Beirut).

Upon my return to my country of origin (Lebanon), my Greek Spiritual Orientation, in addition to my childhood admiration for The Ancient Greek mind, led me to pursue higher education in the field of Philosophy at AUB (American University of Beirut).

For more than three years, including six semesters crammed with philosophy courses, I came to realize that The Academic Field of Philosophy has long departed from its glorious Greek origins, and that it has somehow rebelliously evolved (through a sequential thread of whining and groaning) into something that is now more reflective of poetry than it is of philosophy.

With all due respect to The Field of Poetry (of which I am not a big fan), I was deeply disappointed by this fact. Although I was only two to three courses short of my Masters Degree, I decided to forsake my lengthy academic journey, and instead, privately undertake that which made me seek philosophy in the first place:

The Beauty of the Ancient Greek Mind

Although, my career interest in life has set me on a different path, I learnt along the way to keep an eye out for Beauty wherever it resides.

Ever since my early childhood, I’ve been raised to believe that I have a unique eye for beauty, and most of my free time has been spent sketching imagery onto paper with a BIG blue pen, only to end up tearing up or throwing away whatever I sketch. Rarely did I frame or collect my art work and I was always surprised to see it on some wall or inside a drawer that was not mine.

I never understood this urge within me to Let Go of whatever I do or own. However, this Let Go spirit has somehow enabled me to venture deeper and deeper into the Secrets of Beauty itself, without getting lost and confused by the frame of technicalities and formalities. Most importantly, it has helped me to recognize The Authentic Beauty upon encountering it, to learn how to appreciate its true worth, and to endeavor to express its logic into words, without letting my limited writing skills discourage me or get in the way. Last, but not least, it has taught me to aspire to be generous in spirit, and to pass on what I know unto others (today, before tomorrow), without expecting much in return or claiming authoritative ownership over thoughts and ideas.
For I believe that beauty as such, no matter how long it is kept exclusive, cannot but revolt at the very end, one way or another; and it is my honor and privilege to serve this revolution, whilst it still needs my humble services.

As any Druze growing up in a religious environment, I was raised to believe in the divinity of Ancient Gnostic Sages, including Hermes Trismegistus, Enoch and Seth and other Timeless Gnostic Minds. This especially included those who are known in The Druze Texts as incarnations of the Sacred Order of the Five Bounds and their Three Subsidiaries in Ancient Greek times, whose persons are verified in the following excerpt from The Gnostic Texts of The Druze:

“Blessed with the grace of Eternity is he who believed and thus was secured, and so he entered The City of Beauty and sat on the Divans of Pytha the Numerical, Socra the Village of the Aeons, Plo the light, Pla the shadow, Aris the cause, Parmen the Eternal, Democ The Secured, Empedoc The Overflow…”

After at least five years of studying the masterpieces of these timeless minds, one day I happened to come across an Ancient Gnostic Manuscript (present among The Gnostic Texts of the Druze) entitled The Exclusive Fifth Science. The rest, for me, is history.

For more than a decade now, I’ve been decoding the logic of this unique Spiritual Science (off and on) and what I have discovered (so far) is beyond amazing.

It was not until mid 2008 that my impressions of this science began to revolt on paper and in sketch form. Eventually, however, I began to organize and develop my notes on this science further and further until I felt that I could no longer keep this material to myself. Thus, I embarked upon a book project, written in the language with which I feel most comfortable– English – which was also especially appropriate due to its unmatched universality and its convenience when it comes to expressing notions that involve philosophical terminology.

I do admit that being born to Spiritually Enlightened Druze Parents is a plus when it comes to grasping the phenomenal dimensions of this ancient science, because it has meant believing in the divinity of The Ancient Greek Logic.

This is much more than simply going about it The Academic Way, for it has always prompted me to delve into the works of Timeless Greek Philosophers (the likes of The Master Minds Pythagoras, Plato , Aristotle, and Plotinus). much like a devoted Christian delving into the Biblical Books, or a devoted Moslem inquiring into The Quranic verses, with great faith that I shall one day arrive at a magical revelation. Ironically, this worked reversely, by helping me to obtain just enough philosophical insight to push the magic of Fifth Science towards more philosophically elaborate grounds.

I finally chose to go officially public with this Ancient Forbidden Science, in English. English is renowned for being a universal language, and the nature of Fifth Science, as you shall gradually discover, is undoubtedly: Universal.

In the beginning, I was somewhat hesitant about publishing Fifthscience online, because my experiences across the years (in the domain of publishing) have taught me that what comes easy, goes easy…; and that sometimes people need to pay for a book or publication, or at least to search hard enough for it, in order to appreciate its true worth.

However, considering the Enticing Uniqueness of Fifthscience and, in the wake of the spiritual bankruptcy that the world in general is experiencing I have opted for the online route. I also am responding to the spiritual deprivation currently suffered by The Druze Brethen (in particular), due to the monopolization of The Druze spiritual life by a few unworthy Counterfeits, who call themselves Guardians of the Truth when, in The Final Truth, they have done nothing for our Brotherhood but literally burying a set of valuable books in their rotten cabinets.

They’ve also apparently done a bad job at this as well, because those books seem to have leaked their way into print form beyond their control. Ever since, the sole mission of this group has been to viciously deny any connection they have with those books, whilst they endorse their own twisted demented religious do’s and don’ts instead, as a substitute.

In addition to facing up to this ignorant bunch, whom I believe are best described by the term Counterfeits, and the nature of the role they have always played in hiding and counteracting The Gnostic Spirit of our Authentic Brotherhood, we must also confront the great threats targeting our Spiritual Identity.

This is because, in the wake of the lack of authentic resources available on The Druze and the prevalence of false accounts instead, I found it imperative that I dedicate my efforts to presenting The Druze from an honest Druze perspective. I especially find it worthwhile to address the non-Arabic speaking Druze Brothers around the world, realizing how deprived they are of this knowledge and how potentially great of an impact the Spiritual Science could have on their lives and (of course) people’s lives in general, especially in the wake of the convenience and promptness that the domain of internet communication provides.

I have a strong belief that every Druze person has the full right to be introduced to his/her Spiritual Doctrines, at any time that he/she is mature enough to inquire into it, without any psychological obstacles and free from any religious complications.

This is (in fact) what our doctrines have always taught us. Gnosis (The Sacred Wisdom), after all, is not, according to our doctrines, owned by any party or authorized by any authority. True Gnosis is not acquired; it is only recollected into memory, with a minimum level of unobtrusive guidance along the way.

And in the wake of the amount of distorted material written on The Druze beliefs and practices online and in print-form, its very important that the Druze wakeup and speak for themselves. For, most accounts written so far, at their best, only tackle The Druze from a very narrow historical perspective, often depicting them as a group of heretics and witches, that historically deviated from Ismaelism. These accounts never truly acknowledge The Druze Autonomous Spiritual Identity and their Ancient Gnostic Heritage – an Identity that transcends the historicity of The Druze as a Sectarian Body, that serves only to host the final chapter of its timeless universal journey across space and time.

The Druze Gnostic Brotherhood has survived the test of time and The Dark Night of the Soul that characterizes The Gnostic history, which the authentic Gnostics wrote with blood ink across their countless incarnations on this earth, long before they were even known under the naming Druze.

Now, I believe, this forsaken Identity deserves to be celebrated and not hidden, respected
and honored and not humiliated, at least by The Authentics amongst us Druze. The Authentic Gnostic Spirit (which the surviving Gnostics among the Druze represent)deserves not to be silenced anymore and the Druze should not allow their Glorious Heritage to be buried any further by the hands of an ignorant few who claim monopoly over their spiritual destiny, whilst their sole purpose in life (on the other hand) is to please their political avatars.

Thus, ultimately, I thought it worthwhile to forge ahead and launch Fifthscience as a website rather than in print form.

Yes, I finally decided to go online with this very unique and exclusive material, dedicating it to you (any interested reader), as equally and impartially as I would to any Druze brother. Yes, I dedicate it to you, whoever you are, and to whatever culture, religion, race or country you belong, unconditionally and unexceptionally, for, this Spiritual Science is not a religious science, and it belongs not to me or you or even to The Druze themselves. It belongs to The Universal Mind: The Father of Humanity (at large) and The Eternal Sun of all Religions and Philosophies, that existed long before any religions.

From The Universal Mind, Gnosis sprung forth and to The Universal Mind it shall return, like dispersed sunrays, as it gathers itself in preparation for The Dawn of a new Sunrise…

I present to you the heart of my 10 yr. expedition, free of any charge, in honor of the Spirit of Brotherhood that I was raised to cherish.

What I ask of you in return is to bear with me while reading substance and excuse the complexity of some of the notions reflected through its pages at times, and the limitations of my writing skills, at others.

Unfortunately, I am not a professional writer with amazing writing skills. I am just an ordinary person who has promised myself, at one time, to survive in order to tell the great story I am telling you today, in my humble words.

Thus, I ask you to be patient in receiving Fifthscience, gradually allowing the life-transforming logic of Fifth Science to work its magic through you, as it has through me. Please, also, do not hesitate at any time to contact me through the e-mail address at the bottom of the page for aid on any point that you feel requires further elucidation.

Your questions, comments, suggestions, inquiries are welcomed at all times.

To every Authentic Brother and Sister on earth who has always sensed, deep in his/her heart, the uniqueness of Identity, and who has never lost faith in seeking insight over such uniqueness, I dedicate this work to you as well.
You might not hold a Druze ID, but I know, just as you do, that you are a cherished member of our Universal Authentic Brotherhood.

Finally, I dedicate my work to my beloved father, Samahat El-Sheikh Bahjat Ghaith, whom I am honored and blessed to be his son in this lifetime, and whose life journey has inspired me to venture into The Forbidden Zone freely, and to express myself under no traditional or religious pressure of any sort.
I shall never, as long as I live, forget my father’s intriguing childhood tales of Atlantis and Ancient Egypt, that kindled inside me the yearning to know more and seek knowledge at any price; it is he who passed on to me (since my early childhood) his deep and genuine passion for our Forsaken Identity. It was his courageous, uncompromising spirit of honor and freedom that marked his tough journey among The Druze Counterfeits, from Politicians and Mashaekh, who solicited his Generous Spirit of Brotherhood on every imaginable level, and who, when the time came for them to hear a word of Truth from him, stabbed him so blindly and ignorantly.

To the Politicians who stabbed him, I say: “with the very same knife you stabbed him, you are now being stabbed, for you were not opposing his personhood, but the Spirit that he represents…”
As to those stubborn religious wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing, who never have been equipped with enough spirit or vision to confront Their Own Selves in The Mirror of Truth-in-Finality, those who call themselves “brothers”, yet who betrayed and breached the very basic values and principles of Brotherhood, so maliciously and unjustifiably, I say unto you:
“You are to live with whom you are, and we are to die from whom we’re not; let us see who is heading towards a better destiny?”


Finally, I dedicate this material to my divinely endowed wife Tago (who belongs not to this world), and who has lit my life and my Spiritual Path in unimaginable ways saving me from my own self at times, in the darkest and most critical of moments.

I dedicate it also to my three little angels (my two very special daughters Nour and Salam and my beloved son Einarr.

One Last Word:

As you continue reading the material on this website, always keep in mind:

True, Fifth Science is an outcome of a unique individual effort.
However, it is anything but a personal interpretation of a religious text.
It is based on an existing Spiritual Science that holds a very clear and precise logic – an intricate logic that resembles mathematics in its technicalities, more than an average philosophical or theological perspective.

It is the product of years and years of seclusion, dedicated to decoding the logic of a few number of pages that I find worth the trade of a whole world of career opportunities.

Also, do keep in mind, at times, that I am, at my very best, an average skilled writer, with English as my second language, who is trying to express a very non average logic that is beyond regular esotericism.
Thus, please forgive my language skills at times, if they should fall short of expressing or communicating certain complex notions of this science in the manner you would expect as a reader.

I promise to keep working my best to make your experience in Fifthscience as smooth as possible. From here, I would wish for you to think of This Network as a Wax Statue that is always in the molding.
The aim is to sharpen and refine the mold of our awakening, as much as possible, so as to resemble the Promise of Beauty I have in mind for you and me.
On my part, I pledge to try to be as lucid and simple as I can in my choice of words.
You, in turn, shall discover the logical matrix of Fifth Science and its mathematical fiber, which will automatically ease away your attention from my modest grammar and vocabulary, and most importantly from who I am, where I come from and to what religion or culture I belong.

After all, I am just an ordinary person striking a chord. I am not (by any means) a professional composer…

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    How can I learn more about the druze religion. I grew up leading very little about being druze and I always had great respect for what I did know. I did marry someone that is not druze but believes in what I believe in and understands he can’t become druze. I don’t however believe that I’m no longer druze because I married out. Can you shed some light on the subject I respect what you have written and find it very interesting. I was sharing your info with my dad and she telling how wonderful your dad is and great man.

    Thank you

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